Monday, November 7, 2016

Requirements crazy Mariah Carey in his contract of marriage –

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Mariah Carey and her boyfriend James Packer got engaged in January 2016

It has without a doubt been frightened by the train of life of his dear and tender and the requirements that it had entered into the marriage contract. After nine months of engagement, we learned that James Parker had broken up with Mariah Carey, only a few months before their wedding. The u.s. site TMZ has just revealed the maximum demands of the diva in his contract of marriage. The interpreter Without You in particular asked that any gift of a value greater than $ 250,000 and offered on another occasion as her birthday or the anniversary of their wedding is considered a gift, unless it is accompanied by a word from her husband that says, explicitly, “This is a gift for you”.

The australian billionaire had a number imposed of clothing to offer him (not to mention his scenes required) and had to provide a credit card to use for his personal expenses or those of his team. As for the private jet of a businessman, it should be available at any time for Mariah Carey, his children and their nannies.

If the marriage should fail, James Packer also had to commit to paying $ 6 million per year of life whole, up to a limit of $ 30 million. But the two lovers do not reach agreement on this point, since Mariah Carey demanded $ 50 million. The singer would claim to this amount to repair the moral damage of which she says she is the victim after the separation.

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