Friday, November 4, 2016

The Bataclan is going to reopen its doors with a concert of Sting – The Point

Almost a year to the day after the bombing that’s about 90 deaths during a concert on the 13th of November 2015, the Jazz will re-open on 12 November with Sting on stage before a ceremony scheduled that day anniversary in front of the hall, which will remain closed on this day.

The british singer, ex-leader of the band the Police, will be the first artist to perform in a Jazz closed since a year and which has been renovated to the same.

“This is a very good news to have an artist like Sting to show the world that the Bataclan advance and lives,” said Friday, Jérôme Langlet, head of the branch of Lagardere Unlimited Live Entertainment and president of the hall, at a press conference in Paris.

We need to “commemorate and honor those who lost their lives in the attack of last year, and to celebrate the music and life that represents this room to show that mythical”, written on his site Sting, which was in its infancy at the Bataclan.

The british singer has promised “to respect the memory of those who died”. “We shall not forget”, he said.

The recipe of the concert will be donated to the associations Life For Paris and 13 November: Brotherhood and Truth. Tickets for this concert-event will go on sale from Tuesday at 10: 00 a.m. on the site at the Bataclan.

in The aftermath of the concert for the reopening, the anniversary of the attacks on the 13 November 2015, a commemorative plaque will be affixed in front of the concert hall of paris, a-t-on learned from parallel to the city hall of Paris.

survivors of the attack and of the members of the group Eagles of Death Metal, who played on the stage on the evening of the killing, could attend the ceremony, according to BFMTV. These information were not confirmed by the management of the hall.

“This will be a time of reverence, we will not do anything. Each will as he wishes,” said Mr. Langlet, who was very moved in front of the press.

so far, the concert hall has announced his first evening for the 16 November with a concert –sold out– the enfant terrible of british rock, Pete Doherty.

- Roof and floor redone -

More than twenty concerts are coming up in the spring, Marianne Faithfull, Youssou Ndour, the group Tinariwen, Yael Naim, or FFF. “Music can heal the wounds, it is to this that sing at the Bataclan is a good thing”, said recently Marianne Faithfull to the AFP.

other artists have, however, declined the proposal to play at the Bataclan, such as Francis Cabrel. “One of the leaders of the Bataclan called me and I explained to him that it was too much emotion for me. I apologize but this is beyond my forces,” said the French singer in a recent interview in Paris.

The 13 November 2015, 90 spectators were killed by three jihadists during a lengthy hostage-taking, while the other two commandos were sowing death elsewhere in Paris and in the surroundings of the Stade de France. In total, 130 people had been killed in the bombings the deadliest ever committed in France.

The american band Eagles of Death Metal, has made his return on 16 February in Paris, on the stage of the Olympia, a concert placed under high security and full of emotion, in front of an audience made up partly of the survivors of the attack.

Closed for almost a year, the Bataclan has since been the subject of extensive renovations. “We decided to change everything to not change anything, from the roof to the flooring, paint, tile, everything has been redone to be the same,” said Mr. Langlet.

The concert hall, with a capacity of 1,500 seats, however, has already opened its doors any discretion to accommodate survivors who had need to return to the scene of the tragedy.

at the Beginning of march, nearly 130 people had participated in a first session, a second gathered 260 at the beginning of October. Some came from far away: Usa, netherlands, Scotland, Spain…

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