Valérie Damidot and her partner Christian Millette. – Zebulun / TF1

Then that Valérie Damidot is unanimous in Dancing With the Stars thanks to its good mood, it showed that his kindness had limits. In an interview with Closer, she spoke of his lack of comprehension compared to a skit about her weight made by Nicolas Canteloup in 2011.

Still in the kidding, Valérie Damidot had demonstrated a lot of self-deprecating humor by responding to the valve of Thierry Ardisson on the worn in DALS at the beginning of October. But she confided to our colleagues to have its limits : “I have no problem with humor on the big ones, except when there is malice. “

And it comes up on a sketch of Nicolas Canteloup in 2011 which is not really past. “The only time I’ve really been very angry, and where I have not made proof of self-deprecating, it is when Nicolas Canteloup had said on Europe 1 that I was dead falling off a ladder and that I was so big that you couldn’t put me in the incinerator,” recalls Valérie Damidot.

” My mother listened to the radio and, at the time, she had not understood that it was a valve. She was very afraid, ” continued the moderator. And then, this sketch was inspired by a story that happened to a real family. Why he’s using a true story ? Why it says that I’m dead ? I put myself in the place of the family, I put myself in the place of my mother and I found it disgusting. “Obviously, with Valérie Damidot, when that does not happen, it doesn’t work !

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