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Bob Dylan, the Nobel literature laureate that we did not expect – The Figaro

DECRYPT – Philip Roth, Don DeLillo, Joyce Carol Oates…. It was thought that an american author décrocherait this year the supreme award. But probably not this one, which has just been awarded for “having created new poetic expressions, in the great tradition of the song” .

We dreamed of the coronation of an American author. Since Toni Morrison, in 1993, the american letters were boudées without a valid reason by the jurors of Stockholm. It was hoped, logically, that a Philip Roth, even “retired from writing” for four years, as a brilliant Don DeLillo or Joyce Carol Oates at a keen eye on his country, would eventually triumph.

For a laugh, as if it was the improbable, cited the name of Bob Dylan, which is always present on the lists informal sites of paris online, but so far from the podium. We did not believe it so not really a singer, Nobel prize?) the jurors swedes are not renowned for their fancy or their risks.

They make us lie today in choosing the writer, composer, performer, musician, poet, the most famous of the second half of the Twentieth century. To 75 years, Robert Allen Zimmerman, the man who passes for decades, the bulk of his time on the scene, regularly releasing new studio albums, is rewarded “to have created new poetic expressions, in the great tradition of the american song”. “Bob Dylan has written a poetry for the ear” added the secretary general of the Academy before you talk about an “icon”…

as the writer itself, Dylan has published very little. He is a unique novel, to say the least, abstruse, Tarentula, written in 1966 (Fayard, 1993). The event has been the publication of the first volume of his Chronicles (in 2005 by Fayard), which has passionate critics and met a huge public success, with over 500,000 copies sold in the United States. A amazing book because no one could have imagined the taciturn little man, mutique, a musician turning his back to his audience, is to entrust ourselves to this point.

It was nice to know the talent of the lyricist, one could not imagine such a talented writer. Of the year 1961, when Dylan, at the age of twenty years, had just left his native Minnesota to land in New York, he then refers to the end of the sixties, the symbol of an era of doubt, of questions. The book finally arrived in 1987, a decisive year of his meeting with producer Daniel Lanois and the recording of Oh Mercy. Dylan ended this formidable autobiography by a return to the 1960s and the child.

700 songs in text

Each year, it is hoped that the singer will be found, between two concerts at the end of the world, the time to write the sequel.

This volume, it is obvious that the bulk of the work of Dylan will remain the approximately seven hundred songs text, mixes various influences, from classic folksongs american surrealist poetry, through literature. Together eight years ago by Fayard under the title Lyrics; songs 1962-2001, those texts do not cease to fascinate by their depth to see their hermetism. Who has ever managed to explain the words of The Changing of the Guards?

Released on the album Highway 61 Revisited in 1965, the song Like A Rolling Stone, has toured the world and was also named by the magazine Rolling Stone greatest song of all time“. In his acceptance speech for Dylan at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Bruce Springsteen is also known for the quality of his texts, will say: “The first time I heard Bob Dylan, I was listening to WMCA with my mother in the car, and suddenly there was this shot of a snare drum that sounded as if someone had given a big kick in the door giving on your mind.

Dylan wrote this song after a long poem. The journalist Jules Siegel, he told genesis: “The poem was long-ten pages. There was no title, just worms on a sheet of paper about my hatred relentless towards something specific, it was brutal. In the end, it was no longer hatred, it was telling people something which they knew nothing, teaching them that they had a lot of luck. One the other hand, more precisely. I didn’t do a song, until one day, I found myself sitting at my piano, singing to a very slow pace How does it feel? at the slowest pace possible.”

We looked forward to the text of the speech that Dylan, who has just released his 37th studio album, Fallen Angels, will deliver upon its reception in Stockholm next December. It is also curious to know what he is going to well be able to eight million crowns (822.000 euros) granted by the Swedish Academy.


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