Friday, October 14, 2016

Jean-Michel Mayor, a journey between vulgarity and sexism in “TPMP” – The Express

It’s a funny journey that Jean-Michel Mayor. First, crime reporter, then political, and war correspondent in Bosnia, he’s become synonymous with straight redneck and lustful since her arrival in Key not at my post, in April 2010.

In the night from Thursday to Friday, Jean-Michel Mayor has reached a level of rudeness is unprecedented, kissing the chest of a young woman without his consent. Toggling the status of entertainer bawdy to that of sexual aggressor.

The CSA, joined by The Express, said that 250 reports had already been made about the sequence.

kisses already forced earlier

Sometimes nicknamed “Forrest Dick”, or “master of the cock” team Hanouna and “fanzouzes”, Jean-Michel Mayor does not focus really on the elegance on C8, and surjoue often a libido overflowing.

beyond the discourse, Jean-Michel Mayor likes the physical contact and do not hesitate to the cause. In 2014, for example, the journalist kisses her by surprise Valérie Benaïm, which is in decline, falling from his chair in the process.

The same year, during a challenge with Isabelle Morini-Bosc, it is still Jean-Michel Mayor, who initiates a kiss unexpected (although predictable).

Become the reference of the issue in matters of sex and jokes smutty, it is qualitié by Jamel Debbouze, in 2013, to perverse sexual and ensures to have been “injured”. “I do want to say that I am obsessed with sex, I think of sex more than the average… I want to hear everything – but the perversion, it is still something very different”, she defends.

In 2015, he reveals himself to be embarrassed by the image that he gives of himself. “Sometimes, [my mother] was a little bit annoyed, she sends me little emails telling me to be careful, he says to Tv Entertainment. My daughter does not like when I’m in situations where his daddy is silly.”

Nabilla, “a body to die for”, Laetitia Milot is “good”

He might have some remorse, Jean-Michel Mayor does is prevents any note. Last march, when he speaks of Nabilla, on the plateau of a web-tv, he said that it is “when she wants, where she wants”. “It is not necessary to joke with it, she has a body to die for”, lance-t-il.

And when it does not comment on the physics of his colleagues, Jean-Michel Mayor is not against a small note on the Asian, primary targets of Key not at my post. “The yellow team, often, they are not good”, he says to Jean-Luc Lemoine, pointing out the origin vietnamese of the comedian.

last September, Jean-Michel Mayor speaks this time without the restraint of the actress Laetitia Milot. When the actress TF1 passes in front of him on the set of Key not at my post, he found that it was a “big calves”, but that it is “good”.

Laetitia Milot made mine railing on Twitter, and Jean-Michel Mayor tells him the story to reassure them that it is “the canon of the head-to-toe”. Phew.

Mayor don’t think being an obsessed sexual

In 2016, in Tv Entertainment, Mayor says this time he is not “obsessed with sex”. “I don’t think I be one. Now, it is said perverse or sadistic. When I heard it in the beginning, I was shocked,” he recalls.

On Twitter, the former reporter does not seek, however, not really to get rid of this reputation.

Since the sequence of this kiss surprise, in the night from Thursday to Friday, causing a huge public outcry, Jean-Michel Mayor preferred to keep silence. There are strong chances that the subject evening covered in Key not at my post, as soon as this Friday night. Cyril Hanouna will be more than 30 hours of air time.


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