Friday, October 14, 2016

Pierre Assouline is leading the rebellion of writers against the Nobel for Dylan – The Figaro

The award Thursday to the highest distinction in literary american singer has caused amazement among the academician Goncourt. The choice of the Swedish jury would be for him an “arm of honor” is to literature. A reaction shared by many writers.

“what is literature?” asked Jean-Paul Sartre in an essay published in 1948. A question that Pierre Assouline has recently given a categorical answer. For the journalist, biographer and novelist, the literature, that is, except Bob Dylan. While the Swedish Academy announced on Thursday be awarded the highest distinction in literary performer and composer Blowin’ in the wind, the present head of the Literary Magazine, has made his contribution to the debate that rages between fans of the musician and his opponents, who, for many, howl at the scam.

In an article published on The Republic of books on the 13th of October last, Pierre Assouline calls “arm of honor” the gesture dared Nobel. “American literature and contemporary of its more famous representatives can go to see, and for a time,” says even the academician Goncourt. And mocking the sudden makeover of the juries of sweden in awarding the prize to the idol of their youth: “maybe they wanted to give a little bit transgressive to good account ; maybe it reminds them of their youth as me and mine ….”

For the record, the Academy has chosen to differentiate between the role played by the performer and composer of Like a Rolling stone in the creation of new poetic expressions”. Dylan, a poet? At best, a lyricist, affirms, however, Pierre Assouline, exasperated visibly the systematic comparison of the musician with Arthur Rimbaud.”If they really had wanted to distinguish an american poet, a story making the picnic to novelists, these are not great poets, who are missing across the Atlantic.”, he as well added. Before you qualify as a nice “jingle” to the work of Dylan.

But it is far from the only writer to suffer because of the bold bet of the Academy’s Nobel. The Scottish Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting, is obviously of the same opinion, and through an additional bearing in the irony. On his Twitter account, the novelist considers that the price assigned to Dylan, age 75, is the choice of “old hippies baragouinant to prostates rancid”.

Even the refrain to the side of the american writer Gary Shteyngart, who suspects the Academy of having sinned by excess of laziness.”I totally understand the committee of the Nobel. It is hard to read books”, he noted with humor.

others are much more tender with the new Nobel literature laureate. Shake up the language, to create bold images, this is also apparent in the literature, ‘ they protested. This is particularly the case of Alain Mabanckou, author of the recent Small Pepper, who says he is “pleased that the literature is also recognized in the Word, in the sense of the poetics of this term.”

The british writer Salman Rushdie, author of the best-selling book world The satanic verses, which was listed this year among the serious candidates for the Nobel prize, is of the same opinion. He felt that Bob Dylan was “an excellent choice”. “Orpheus with Faiz, song, and poetry have always been closely related. Dylan is the brilliant heir to the tradition of the bards”, he responded on Twitter, referring to the Greek hero and the poet of pakistan Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Philippe Margotin, specialist of Dylan and co-author of the book reference Bob Dylan, the total, published by editions du Chêne in 2015, remember to AFP that the singer has always nourished his work of literary references: “He read many French authors, Rimbaud in particular, but also on the other side of the Channel, the poet William Blake. It has of course been inspired by the poets of the Beat Generation”.


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