Monday, October 3, 2016

Kim Kardashian attacked by armed robbers in Paris – The Figaro

VIDEO Of “armed and masked men”, disguised as police, stormed on Sunday in his hotel room and held at gunpoint. Several million euros of jewels were stolen. The star, shocked but unharmed, has left France early Monday morning.

The american star of reality tv Kim Kardashian has been assaulted at gunpoint Sunday in a hotel in paris by assailants disguised as police officers, but it is free. “She is really knocked out, but, physically, she is unharmed,” said his spokesperson. She left France on Monday morning.

Kim Kardashian was in Paris for Fashion Week when the assault occurred. In the evening, the star of reality tv, 35 years old, was in the first row for the Balenciaga show. She attended also to the show Givenchy, who stood in the open air, in the Garden of Plants. She then went on in a mansion in the Eighth arrondissement, where she resided.

Attached and locked herself in the bathroom

“Two armed and masked men” broke into his hotel room and held in cheek, explained its spokesperson. Later, a source close to the investigation quoted by the Reuters news agency explained that the assailants were actually five in number.

The robbers were wearing “jackets of police”, according to a police source. They hindered the night watchman, and two of them are then entered in the apartment of the star of reality tv. Kim Kardashian has been “tied up”, explain to police, and “she was locked in the bathroom”. At least one of the assailants was armed. They could have fled to bike because of the bikes that were in the hall have been stolen, according to a police source.

A loot of at least 9 million euro

The assailants came away with jewelry whose total value is estimated at several million euros. “The total amount is still being assessed,” said the prefecture of police to the AFP. According to a source in court, the loot is estimated at this stage to a ring of a value of four million euros and a casket of jewels for a total of five million. “Both the phones have also been stolen,” according to a police source.

An investigation has been opened into the attack, which occurred in a discreet luxurious residence close to the Madeleine and department stores, in an upscale area of the capital. “Everything is implemented to solve this case and arrest the perpetrators. The brigade for the repression of banditry (BRB) of the judicial police in paris was seized of this investigation,” said the prefecture of police. Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, has left France “early Monday morning” after having been heard by the police.

Monday morning, before the heavy red door of the residence, the scene of the assault, which remained closed, a crowd of reporters and some curious people had formed. “All the stars in there,” said to AFP a server in a nearby cafe. “Kim Kardashian, she has been there for a week, I see them come and go.”

Kanye West stops his concert

At the time of the assault, in New York, the rapeur Kanye West, whom Kim Kardashian is a married woman, sang for an hour at the festival The Meadows when it was launched to the public: “Sorry, the concert is finished,” before leaving. A charge of the festival then explained that the singer was party due to a “family emergency”.

Kim Kardashian is primarily known for the reality show The Incredible Family Kardashian in which she takes the stage with his loved ones. In addition to its status as a heroine of reality television, the star is also a business woman and producer. Very active on social networks, she displays a lot of photos of them -including many shots of naked on Instagram and Snapchat.

At the beginning of his stay in paris, Kim Kardashian had already had another misadventure: “the perpetrator of the stars Vitalli Sediuk managed to play the security to come and kiss her posterior when she went to the restaurant.


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