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The identity of Elena Ferrante, author of The Girlfriend prodigious finally established? – Le Figaro

According to journalist Claudio Gatti, the author of the tetralogy to success would be Anita Raja, translator roman aged 63 years. If the mystery is not removed, this thesis seems more plausible.

This is a question that arises in the world of letters transalpines for over 20 years. Who hides behind the pseudonym of the writer Elena Ferrante, author of The Girlfriend prodigious saga neapolitan to success? Claudio Gatti, an Italian journalist said today that it would be well to Anita Raja, translator roman 63-year-old whose name had been circulating for the past few years.

His method of investigation is anything but literary. It is based on the study of its revenues and those of the publishing house E/O, which publishes Ferrante as the man said to have pierced the mystery. Neither Anita Raja, or I/O have not however confirmed this hypothesis.

To explain the hype caused by this statement in Italy and beyond, it is necessary to return to the story of the formidable success that is The Girlfriend prodigious.

Published between 2011 and 2014 in Rome, tetralogy of Elena Ferrante, which tells the parallel story of two childhood friends in Italy after the war, is in course of translation in forty countries. In particular, it has been a huge success in the United Kingdom and the United States, a country considered difficult to access for foreign literature. In France, where the first two volumes are published at Gallimard (2014 and 2015), the public success is also part of the event.

real estate

stalking around Elena Ferrante, who has published his first book, l’amore molesto in 1992 ( published under the title The Love harassing (Gallimard) is amplified with this success. At the beginning of the year 2015, when his name circulated to be included on the list of the Strega prize, the Goncourt Italian, the question of his anonymity back in force. The name Anita Raja, translator roman who has been working since long for the home I/O is flowing more beautiful. It combines the same to that of her husband, the writer Domenico Starnone, who could bring his contribution to literature in the evocation of historical events that bookend the saga.

This time, the journalist Claudio Gatti has worked on the income of Anita Raja, noting that they have increased exponentially compared to those of the publishing house E/W Anita Roja is the only contributor of I/O to benefit from these very large impacts. To support its claim, the journalist also evokes the heritage real estate of the translator, and her husband, two apartments in Rome and a house in Tuscany, including the progressive acquisition began in the early 2000s after the success of The Love harassing, which was adapted for the cinema.

A thesis plausible

The financial aspect of it gives it may be right, but not the biographical data. Because what had been said by Elena Ferrante does not necessarily with the biography of Anita Raja. It is the only daughter of a teacher, a Polish born in Germany whose family emigrated to Italy. If the translator is born in Naples, she grew up in Rome, where she still resides. On the occasion of exchanges by email, the only ones she likes with the journalists and his readers, Elena Ferrante had, meanwhile, stated that it was a pure Neapolitan, the daughter of a seamstress, and that she grew up with three sisters. But hadn’t she also stressed: “I do not hate the lies, in life, I find them rather with healthy and time-to-time, I use it to protect myself from the outside.”

On the occasion of a survey conducted by the Figaro littéraire in February 2016, a journalist in milan who has known Anita Raja in the 80′s also provided for this hypothesis as very plausible. “It was a young and very beautiful woman, she had entrusted the log, but very shy, almost introverted. She has always fled from the notoriety.” According to her, the erotic nature of his first book, the would be driving to preserving anonymity, which has become over time a system will be profitable.

This new development will rise-t-he completely the mystery? For the time being, the publishing house E/O continues to ride the wave and returns to the book The Frantumaglia just released, from the exchanges that Ferrante has had with his fans. While Claudio Gatti plastronne, Elena Ferrante is silent, true to his statement, “the books once written have no need of their author”. In France, the readers eagerly await the release of the third volume in January 2017 at Gallimard. Only one thing is certain and it is essential to: know the identity of the author will not change anything to the pleasure of the discover.


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