Sunday, January 1, 2017

Léonore Baulac, a young star at the Paris Opera – The Express

Some dancers stars receive the supreme title later in their career, in the thirties. Léonore Baulac has more of a chance. It stalled at 26 years of age, with the future in front of her.

Named Saturday night, principal dancer of the ballet of the Paris Opera after a performance of swan Lake, where she performed the main role of the feminine, the dual character of the white Odette and the black Odile, she goes “we tell a lot of stories,” says the site, specialized in Ballet and Cie.

Spotted by Benjamin Millepied

The young woman entered the School of Dance of the Opera in 2005. In 2008, at age 18, it is engaged in the corps de ballet to the rank of “quadrille.” Spotted in 2013 by Benjamin Millepied, director of dance, she goes “Figures” and then “About” in 2015 and “First dancer” in 2016.

Aurélie Dupont, director of the dance after the resignation of Benjamin Millepied in February, made him take the final walk. “This promotion is a little lie the rule that seemed to apply to the final choice of Aurélie Dupont, namely to privilege of great technicians over the traditional artistic personality yet erased”, provides Ballet and Cie.

She knows how to put her partners in the value

Léonore Baulac has interpreted many classics of the repertory such as the role of Juliet in the Romeo and Juliet but also a lot of creations such as Clear, Loud Bright, Forward by Benjamin Millepied, or entries to the repertoire of the Opera as a Goldberg variations Jerome Robbins. It has been noted for his qualities of interpretation and its ability to bring value to its partners, according to Ballet et Cie.

This is the second appointment of Aurélie Dupont. Wednesday, Germain Louvet, 23 years old, is past star dancer at the conclusion of the representation of the Swan Lake, where he danced the role of prince Siegfried.

The Ballet of the Paris Opera house now has 20 stars, including 9 boys and 11 girls.


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