Guillaume Canet, in full promotion of his film – Coudert/Sportsvision/SIPA

The “pigs” of Strasbourg, Guillaume Canet has a message for you. On tour in France with Marion Cotillard for the promotion of his film Rock’n’roll, director and French actor of the stage in the alsatian capital on Friday.

He immortalized his visit to Strasbourg in a small video posted on his account Facebook. But no images cliché of the cathedral or of the district of la Petite France : Guillaume Canet is primarily addressed to the “pigs” of the locals, while he was place du Temple Neuf.

>> The video posted by Guillaume Canet on his page Facebook

After a first plan on the shop’s famous deli Porcus, and its decoration full of little pigs, Guillaume Canet tackle the “little pigs” occurred not far from the shop… with the image several cups and empty bags of fast-food abandoned on the steps of the church of Temple Neuf. “A beautiful example of life and friendliness “, says he, before replying : “And I would like to say to these pigs that are really big pigs. “

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At the bottom, the actor is not wrong : the litter on the steps of the church within a metre of the bin, this is frankly not terrible…

The video was not slow to advertise itself on the network in strasbourg. Arriving to the eyes and ears of Paul Meyer, deputy mayor of Strasbourg, who responded to the release Facebook of Guillaume Canet.

The elected, thanking “the questioning citizen” and listing the efforts of the city in environmental matters, ensures that this post will be an additional support to educate and raise awareness of those who by contemptuous or sufficiency defile our environment and our public spaces “.

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