Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why the series “Iced” of M6 is to see (even if you’ve read the book) – The Huffington Post

– SERIES Of the dark mountains and snow-covered, a hydro electric plant perched at over 2000 meters of altitude, a cable car and a corpse of a horse beheaded… If you have read “Iced”, the best-selling novel by Bernard Minier, then this image should remind you of the memories. For the uninitiated, you will have the opportunity to see it on your screens from January 10 to 21 hours on the M6.

The sixth channel has decided to adapt the famous novel to the 450,000 sales on the small screen in a series of 6 episodes of 52 minutes. It has already won the Prize for Best series at the Festival of the Fiction TV of La Rochelle in 2016.

Directed by Laurent Herbiet (“Malaterra”, “Manipulations”), this thriller plunges you into the gloomy and oppressive atmosphere of a police investigation in the hollow of a mountain valley in the Pyrenees, in the middle of winter.

“the side of a mountain, at the top of a cable car is discovered the corpse of a horse decapitated, hooked up to 2 000 metres altitude. The captains Servaz (Charles Berling) and Ziegler (Julia Piaton) are assigned to this investigation, which turns out to be much more complex than it seems. A few miles away, in a prison of high security, the young psychiatrist, Diane Berg (Nina Meurisse) begins psychotherapy sessions with Julian Hirtmann (Pascal Greggory), a dangerous serial killer arrested years ago by the captain Servaz. And if this man imprisoned was involved in this case of death?”

HuffPost was able to see a preview of the first two episodes of the series. If the first moments of the series set the tone and seem to stick to the novel, it quickly becomes apparent that Laurent Herbiet has allowed a few liberties and not the least.

“you should expect to see an outcome different in the series, there have been changes,” said Bernard Mining in front of the press.

“A betrayal of the letter”

Actually, some of the details away from the novel. The secondary characters are important, others no longer have the same history or exactly the same role in the story. Relations non-existent in the novel also take to life on the screen.

“The adaptation of a book series is always a betrayal of the letter, but as long as we keep the spirit and atmosphere of the writing, this is the most important. Things in here have been modified but the essence of my book has been preserved. I was amazed by the result,” said the author of the HuffPost.

he also admitted that he would not have been able to adapt himself to his best-selling book because as an author it would have been too tempted to transpose into the scenario. “A series that sticks too much to the original story is rarely good in the end”, he says.

“Frozen” has took its own path, sticking better to the format and pace of a tv series. The story retains fully the effect of surprise, even for the readers of the novel.

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