Monday, January 2, 2017

VIDEO. Julien Doré takes over the Javanese in japanese and mini-shorts ! – The Parisian

Julien Doré was unveiled, by surprise, a japanese version of “la Javanaise” on its social networks. The clip in which the artist wanders in mini-shorts made already a cardboard box.

Les artists compete ingenuity to wish a happy new year to their fans on social networks. And our Julien (a)Golden has set the bar very high in terms of originality ! The artist, who proved a massive hit with his excellent last CD, ” & “, which has sold 200,000 copies and is double platinum, has put online a cover of “la Javanaise” in japanese, was renamed the “nippon cover “.

And Julien Doré records already close to 268 000 views in less than 24 hours. “Before my departure to Japan in a few days to talk about “&” out in the country of the Rising Sun,here’s the exclusive video clip of my cover in japanese Javanese … Kisses japanese. 明けまして おめでとう. Julien, “explains the singer revealed in the” New star ” in 2007.

In this new clip, fans of the quirky spirit that will be for their account ! Directed by Brice VDH, Julien Doré, out of a small cabin in the countryside in over-interpreting the twelfth degree the legendary song of Serge Gainsbourg. His look, which is molded in a mini-jean shorts is irresistible. A swagg that Julien Doré compares it with humor in a tweet to the lead singer of the heavy rock band ” Motörhead “.

Already legendary, its sitting on the swing, legs spread, is hilarious. At the end, he goes on his mini-solex that was already in the clip of his hit ” The lake “, a mop of blond wedged under his helmet to glitter.

If Julien Doré was a great start to the year 2017 promises to be good. The height of its popularity, it began at 34 years old in February a tour of the Highest, throughout France and in Paris from 9 to 11 may.

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