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“Thank you for this time” will be made into a film – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – “Thank you for the moment,” the book in which Valerie Trierweiler recounts his love affair with Francois Hollande until failure, will be made into a film, announced Monday at the Gala magazine the actress and producer Saida Jawad, ensuring “not to prepare a controversial film.”

“With thanks for this moment, Valerie embodies the struggle of a woman who shouts his truth (…) Rosemary movies my production company, in agreement with Valerie, is developing the film adaptation of the bestseller and is considering co-productions with French and international companies, “said Dr. Jawad.

” Thank you for this moment ” , a major bestseller in 2014, also published abroad, was shot at more than 730,000 copies. On Monday, the book was still in the top three best sellers of testing.

“It will be fictionalized biopic and I would like the main character tells his story to a confidante, to better understand this . political universe, and the woman I guarantee that one will discover new things, “promises Saida Jawad

Valerie Trierweiler will have a say in the film adaptation.” I sincerely believe that it can bring me a lot, “added the producer who recently separated from her partner for eleven years, the actor Gérard Jugnot.

” I did not prepare a controversial film, I just want telling the struggle of a woman in love, even if the story is exceptional because the beloved man is president. The theme itself remains universal, “insists Saida Jawad.

” We met (Note: Valérie Trierweiler), there are three years during the primary campaign I then supported Hollande during the presidential campaign.. Since indeed with Valerie, we are inseparable (…) I love women. His sincerity, integrity, strength and sensitivity, “said Ms. Jawad otherwise.


Natalie Portman gun in photographs of western Jane Got A Gun – Screenrush

Natalie Portman gun the pictures on the western Jane Got A Gun

By Maximilian Pierrette ▪ Monday, January 5, 2015 – There is 1 hour and 21 minutes

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Having long been talking to his problems and casting director, the western “Jane Got A Gun” is finally revealed through the first photos that we find particularly Natalie Portman .

To say that Jane Got A Gun has had a turbulent generation is almost an understatement between March and May 2013, Western will indeed been at the heart of the news for the wrong reasons. First when the original director, Lynn Ramsay, has not presented on the plate first day of shooting ; Then, in the aftermath, when the cast took waltz-like Michael Fassbender, left just before the filmmaker, who in turn was replaced by Jude Law and Bradley Cooper, who just as quickly withdrew.

It is ultimately directed by Gavin O’Connor (Warrior) and Ewan McGregor as the feature led by Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton has finally become a reality. And pending its release, scheduled for September 2015 in the United States, thanks to a first set of pictures that unfolds and presents his heroin flingueuse determined to avenge the death of her husband with the with his former love. It remains to hope that a trailer falls soon, and that the end result will not carry the stigma of her complicated pregnancy.


Raspberry death, faces Muscle (Club Dorothée) – Screenrush

The French musician Claude Chamboisier the Raspberry of Muscle troupe which made the happiness of the years Club Dorothée, died this January 4 pancreatic cancer.

The Muscles are grieving. French musician Claude Chamboisier aka Raspberry, died this Sunday, January 4th from pancreatic cancer at the age of 64 years. The announcement of his death was made by his accomplice Bernard Minet on the page Facebook and confirmed by Bernard Azoulay, the boss of AB Productions.

Claude Chamboisier was the solo voice of the band of Muscular, which made the happiness of the years Club Dorothée in the 80 and 90. With four acolytes, he performed on stage company hosts of the show, made many albums and is illustrated in series like the Hi Muscle and The Cruise foll’amour.

accomplished musician, Claude Chamboisier was also a producer, collaborations with Fleetwood Mac, and Matmatah Touré Kunda. His death comes nearly five years after that of Rene Morizur aka René , another member of the merry band

The credits of the series.” Hi the Muscle “:


Last night on TV: Sherlock Holmes 2: you liked? On you … – Screenrush

In addition to the films broadcast on television, writing Allociné helps you complete your cinephile by recommending three other films. This week, “Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows” by Guy Ritchie.

Last night was broadcast on TF1 Sherlock Holmes 2: Guy Ritchie A Game of Shadows. Did you like? Then discover without further delay our three recommendations of films that should please you as much

The first episode. Sherlock Holmes . “It’s not really a conspiracy to thwart that counts, not the general finally agreed pretty nasty. Not what makes the charm of this Conan Doyle adaptation by Guy Ritchie, are the comic jousting sympathetic duo formed by Robert Downey Jr. and Judd Law. And then there is Rachel McAdams, very fatal Irene Adler. “ Nicolas Journet

Another film uninhibited Guy Ritchie: Snatch. “Zany, dynamic, very inventive in the staging, Snatch is for me the best film of Guy Ritchie. In the role of a boxing prodigy who has some speech problems, Brad Pitt Book a benefit ! hilarious “ Lawrence Schenck

Another modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock. “The British series Sherlock goes beyond the modern adaptation of the famous novels since the action is these days. However, intrigues scrupulously respect the works of Conan Doyle and offered to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman of roles that have allowed them to gain a worldwide reputation. Not to be missed under any circumstances! “ Clement CUSSEAU


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Death of anticolonial committed filmmaker René Vautier – The Obs

Rennes (AFP) – The director René Vautier, died Sunday at age 86 in Britain, was a leading figure of the committed cinema, denouncing torture, colonialism and the war in Algeria, a conflict in the heart of the movie most famously, “To Be Twenty in the Aures.”

Born January 15, 1928 in Camaret-sur-Mer (Finistère), the eternal rebel in sparkling eyes and shock of white hair, is claimed as “the French filmmaker’s most censored” its disturbing films often been banned.

“René Vautier was a committed filmmaker ever there was a time when censorship was watching. It was a right, “he told AFP Gilles Jacob, former president of the Cannes Film Festival.

The Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin paid tribute to a” filmmaker without concessions against the current and often censored “. “Always at the forefront of social struggles, he scored all his work in the fight against racism and injustice,” she said.

This man image for eventful life, which saw the leak, imprisonment, hunger strikes, threats and condemnations, has directed dozens of films and documentaries on the war in Algeria.

Among them “Nation of Algeria” (1954), which led to his being charged with “undermining the internal security of the state” because there stated that “Algeria will be independent of any” and “in Algeria flames “(1958), shot in the bush. It will then form the first generation of Algerian filmmakers.

But his most famous work on the subject is “To Be Twenty in the Aures,” an anti-colonialist load tracing the route known as Breton in the Algerian quagmire . Based on the hearings 600 conscripts, he will be rewarded at Cannes in 1972 by the International Critics Award.

The film “went around the world, but I was ashamed not being able to meet people who ask me ‘how is it that French filmmakers were not able make a film about the war in Algeria? “, told René Vautier in January 2001, in an interview to the newspaper Humanity

-. “the reign of vultures” –

He was also the director of “Africa 50″, a short film made at age 20, became the first anticolonial film French cinema when it was at the start of a command to promote the educational mission of the French in the colonies. The firebrand who denounces the lack of teachers and the crimes committed by the French army, was censored for forty years and earned its author sentenced to one year in prison.

“Friends, colonization c is the reign of vultures, “it starts in an angry voice René Vautier, who then hid in the Dogon country to save the reels of film censorship before being imprisoned.

In 1997, the Foreign Ministry officially confiscated handed him a copy of “Africa 50″ now projected abroad, had he told AFP. On French television, the film was released in 2008.

In January 1973, the filmmaker conducted a hunger strike a month to protest against “the judgment on the content political films supported by the censor board “, after the ban of the film” October in Paris “by Jacques Panijel on the bloody repression, October 17, 1961, a demonstration for independence Algerians in Paris.

René Vautier, a graduate of the Institute for Advanced Film Studies in 1946, also focused his gaze on the workers’ struggles, focusing particularly in 1973, “Transmission of working experience” of the workers made redundant forges of Hennebont (Morbihan).

The political commitment of René Vautier, who lived in Cancale (Ille-et-Vilaine), dates back to his participation, at 15, to the Resistance in Finistere . Need to use a grenade, I told myself that I will never serve me a weapon, “he told AFP in 2008.


Death of René Vautier, fighting filmmaker – The World

Le Monde | • Updated | By

René Vautier (here in February 2008) was awarded the international critics at Cannes in 1972 for the film & quot; Being 20 in the Aures & quot ;.

The general public has become aware of its existence in 1972 when To Be Twenty in the Aures was presented in Cannes, the Week criticism. The film told the desertion of a French soldier in Algeria who refused the summary execution of an Algerian prisoner. But this is not the story of René Vautier. He spent the Algerian conflict on the other side, its route having worn long in the camp of the colonized.

Born January 15, 1928 in Camaret in Brittany, this worker son joined the Resistance in 1943. After the war, he attended the IDHEC and joined the Communist Party. In 1950, the League of Education load make a film about French education in sub-Saharan Africa. Vautier away the order and evokes a little-known fact: forced labor, the violence of the colonial authorities against the population between Côte d’Ivoire and Mali. The film he relates what was then called the AOF, Africa 50, is not only censored (it will remain forty years), but worth its author sentenced to one year in prison, executed in prisons military.


At the outbreak of the Algerian conflict, René Vautier left for North Africa , first in Tunisia, where two shorts before winning Algeria, to scrub the sides of the FLN. He shot two documentaries, A nation, Algeria , now lost, and Algeria in flames . This collaboration led to it being pursued by the French authorities and René Vautier remains in exile until 1966.

Shortly after his return to France, he joined in 1967 in Besançon Medvedkine group formed around Chris Marker. This cooperative designed to give a cinematic image of workers’ struggles inspired René Vautier who finally settled in Brittany where he founded the film production unit Britain.

It is in this context that it produces his two feature films To Be Twenty in the Aures and The Madwoman of Toujane (1973). To be twenty years, Louis Marcorelles say in these columns it is the “movie freer, less conformist we saw in France a long time” . The filmmaker also turns documentaries about workers’ struggles when you said Valery (1975) or When Women took anger (1976) co-directed with Soazig Chappedelaine.

In 1972, René Vautier comes into hunger strike after the refusal of a visa for operating the film October in Paris , directed by Jacques Panijel after the massacre of Algerian demonstrators in Paris on 17 October 1961. Vautier would finally release the film through his distribution company, and continues his hunger strike after receiving the minister of culture of the time, Jacques Duhamel, ensures that the political criteria not be taken into account in the decisions of the film board.

In 1981, the firm UPCB lack of funding, but René Vautier do not thereby cease to turn, films on nuclear testing in the Pacific, on immigration, on the Resistance. In 1985, at the trial that pits Le Canard chained Jean-Marie Le Pen about torture by the latter during the war in Algeria, the weekly produced the testimony of a victim Lieutenant Le Pen, Ali Rouchaï the filmmaker turned in Algiers. René Vautier is also the author of several books including Citizens camera – Memory, published in 1988

Read our interview with René Vautier from 2007. ” I film what I see, what I know, what is true “


Madonna dares compare to Nelson Mandela … and apologizes – BBC

To launch his new album, Rebel Heart, the singer of 56 years has orchestrated a provocative marketing campaign where she puts on the same footing as large figures International historical. The controversy was ignited immediately on the Net, and the diva had to make amends.

Where does it stop? In a series of photomontages published on his Instagram account Madonna did not hesitate to compare with Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, Lady Di and Marilyn Monroe or Jesus.

The controversy gained momentum when users discovered on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Star faces embezzlement, ranging from anti-apartheid hero of the struggle for civil rights icon the United States, through the English princess who died tragically, etc. These faces appeared strung with small black strings in exactly the same way as that of Madonna on the cover of his next album.

Soon the star was accused on social networks to dare to compare these iconic figures solely to promote his upcoming album, Rebel Heart (in French “rebel heart”). “It falls lower and lower on the scale of bad taste,” said a netizen. “You have nothing to do with Mandela, you’re an artist, but you’re not Mandela,” said another. Given the importance of the critics, the interpreter of Like a Virgin finally meet on Facebook: “I’m sorry, I do not compare myself to anyone. (…) I admire rebel hearts. It is neither a crime nor an insult or racism “

Then she also added.” I also did with Michael Jackson and Frida Kahlo and Marilyn Monroe. Am I saying that I take myself to them. I DONT NO. I say they are also rebellious hearts “, was still defended Madonna, referring to the title of his album.

At the age of 56, the Material Girl n ‘ceases to be controversial and chain polemics. Last December, the singer lamented the flight of a half-dozen songs on the Internet, which turned out to be “working copies” of his new album, Rebel Heart, even causing fever rising after stating that the hackers were “terrorists”.

After releasing six new songs, well before the release date of Rebel Heart, in March, pop diva seems to have wanted to take advantage orchestrating a deliberately provocative marketing campaign. The expected impact has exceeded acceptable limits, it seems. Madonna could she tripped over the black cords by wanting to showcase his heart rocker?


Jean-Jacques Goldman darling of French – Le Point

The singer Jean-Jacques Goldman is the favorite personality in front of the French actor and comedian Omar Sy and actor producer Jean Dujardin, according to the bi-annual survey of the Journal Sunday . In the following rankings are in the order Simone Veil, Sophie Marceau, Jean Reno, Dany Boon, Renaud, Mimie Mathy and Florence Foresti.


Of politicians, Nicolas Sarkozy, who topped, but in the 42nd when he was 29th in the latest ranking of July 2014. The mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, ranked 47th (+2) before the President of the Republic, François Hollande (unchanged) and Ségolène Royal (unchanged), with the second lowest.

The owner of the operator Free, Xavier Niel, closes the pack, as in the latest ranking.

In sports, it is Sebastien Loeb, nine times champion World Rally that best class, in this case in 14th place (+16), followed by Yannick Noah (18th – 1)) and Zidane (20th, + 4)

Renaud. among supporters left

Jean-Jacques Goldman was ranked first by women and the right of those surveyed. And men aged 15 to 24 have overwhelmingly voted for Omar Sy. Seniors over 65 years elected Simone Veil and left of respondents, the singer Renaud.

Jean-Jacques Goldman had already been elected favorite personality of the French in the last three surveys in July and December 2013 and July 2014



Zoe Saldana finally revealed the names of her twins – She

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A Muslim power in 2022? Houellebecq is explained – Europe1

Europe 1

Michel Houellebecq. © AFP
Europe 1

Neither a satire or provocative. Michel Houellebecq has long said Saturday its new controversial novel, “Submission” in which he imagines a France led by the head of a Muslim party. According to the writer, this “is a likely evolution,” he said in an interview with the journalist from France Culture Sylvain Bourmeau, published Saturday in English in the American literary magazine Paris Review, online in the German newspaper Die Welt and French on the blog of journalist hosted by Mediapart

& gt;. & gt; ALSO – Michel Houellebecq makes political fiction in his new novel

“Things not fundamentally false” . “Submission” begins at the end of the second term of Francois Hollande in France in 2022. In a fractured political system, the Muslim Brotherhood (the author invented party) beat Le Pen in the second round of presidential elections as a front Republican. The new head of state, Mohammed Ben Abbes, appoint Bayrou prime minister. It is a political implosion without revolution, apparently accepted by the majority. But which derives a radical change of manners. Patriarchy, polygamy, veiling, the women return home

“I conduct an acceleration of history but, no, I can not say that it is a provocation to the extent that I do not say things that I think fundamentally false, just to piss. I condense an evolution in my opinion likely, “says the writer about his 6th novel, to be published Wednesday by Flammarion and fired 150,000 copies. “I tried to put myself in the place of a Muslim, and I realized that they were actually in a completely schizophrenic situation. What could be a Muslim who wants to vote? It is not represented at all. It would be wrong to say that it is a religion that has no political consequences (…). So, in my opinion a Muslim party is an idea that is required, “he said.

“The Qur’an is better than I thought” . The writer, who said in 2001 “the most stupid religion is still Islam” ?, however, seems to have revised his judgment. “The Koran is better than I thought, now that I read it,” says Houellebecq, concluding that “the jihadists are bad Muslims.” The writer, who sees his book as “fiction”, a bit like a “thriller”, denies having wanted to publish a try. But “I do not believe that a company can hold no religion,” he says anyway. In this framework, and imagine a society in France Catholics and Muslims could reach agreement. Even see him die a philosophy of the Enlightenment, he now outdated.

“There is a destruction of the outcome philosophy of the Enlightenment, which has no meaning for anyone, or very few people. Catholicism he is doing quite well. I maintain quite positively that an agreement between Catholics and Muslims is possible, it has already seen. This can happen again, “he said in the interview .

A book that divides . For weeks, literary critics and intellectuals questioned the new French writer’s book and its final goal. New provocation? Ironic fable? First or second degree? Prediction which would threaten France? For the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, Houellebecq “his eyes open and do not be intimidated by political correctness.” Point of view is not shared by everyone. This novel “will remain as a landmark in the history of ideas, which will mark the emergence -or the Return- theses of the extreme right in the high literature” it “knights ideas of the FN, or those of Eric Zemmour, in the heart of the intellectual elite, “wrote Saturday as the director of Libération, Laurent Joffrin.

The book is meant to appear Jan. 7 in bookstores. But it is already available in illegal downloading on the Internet.


By imagining a France led by a Muslim party, Michel … – South West


022, France elects new president. This is Mohammed Ben Abbes, leader of a Muslim party that unites the majority of votes. That is the starting point of “Submission”, the latest novel by Michel Houellebecq, released Wednesday in bookstores. A controversial book which the author denies any provocation.

For weeks, literary critics and intellectuals questioned the sixth novel by French writer alive the better known abroad. The same who, in 2001, said in 2001 “the most stupid religion is still Islam.”

For the first time, Michel Houellebecq who spoke in a long interview with a journalist from France Culture Sylvain Bourmeau, published Saturday in English in the American literary magazine Paris Review, online in the German newspaper Die Welt and French on the blog of journalist hosted by Mediapart.

“I conduct an acceleration of history but not I can not say that it is a provocation to the extent that I do not say things I think fundamentally false, just to piss. I condense an evolution in my opinion likely, “says the writer about his sixth novel, to be published Wednesday by Flammarion and fired at 150 000.

Prix ​​Goncourt in 2010 also recognizes “use the fact of fear.” “We do not know well what we are afraid, if identity or Muslims. Everything remains in the shadows.”

“Submission” starts at end of the second term of François Hollande, 2022 . In France the political system cracked, the Muslim Brotherhood (the author invented party) beat Le Pen in the second round of presidential elections with a Republican front. The new head of state, Mohammed Ben Abbes, appoint Bayrou prime minister. This is a political implosion without revolution, apparently accepted by the majority.

Assuming that “Muslims were able to agree among themselves (…), it certainly would take decades “so that they come to power in France, concedes the author.

” I tried to put myself in the place of a Muslim, and I’ve realized that they were actually in a completely schizophrenic situation. “

” What could be a Muslim who wants to vote? It is not represented at all. It would be wrong to say that it is a religion that has no political consequences (…). So, in my opinion a Muslim party is an idea that is required, “he Assen .

Having long lived in Ireland, Houellebecq said he was struck “huge changes” in France and West. “It’s one of the reasons that led me to write” this book. But above all, “I had the impression of being an atheist and there I really do not know.”

At first, he says, “the title was Conversion “. The narrator, a specialist university teacher Huysmans who converts to Islam to keep his job and the erotic appeal of polygamy, “was converted to Catholicism.”

” The Qur’an is better than I thought, now that I read “ adds Houellebecq, concluding that ” jihadists are bad Muslims. “

“I’m not an intellectual. I’m not taking sides. I am not defending any regime,” he said again, saying that “Islamophobia is not a kind of racism.”

In the novel, President Ben Abbes is presented as a moderate Muslim “who defends values.” It will be in the book, patriarchy, polygamy, veiling, the women return home, the end of freedom of conscience and conversion to Islam …


Houellebecq disclaims any provocation or satire in submission – BBC

The writer is expressed for the first time in the literary magazine Paris Review about his sixth novel Submit 7 January appearing in Flammarion. He denies any “satire”, while the book portrays a France led by a Muslim party.

Michel Houellebecq is still there where it is least expected. While his sixth novel Submission appears in bookstores on January 7 (but is already available on the Net), the writer out of the wood with an interview with Sylvain Bourmeau published in the literary journal in English Paris Review .

The author admits to “use the fact of fear” in his novel Submit , but will defend any “provocation” or “satire” in this political fiction where the leader of a Muslim party took power in France: it is an “acceleration of history,” he says. “I conduct an acceleration of history but, no, I can not say that it is a provocation to the extent that I do not say things that I think fundamentally false, just to annoy. I condense an evolution in my opinion likely, “says Houellebecq in this long interview conducted by journalist CultureSylvain Bourmeau France, published Saturday in English in the US quarterly literary journal.

This is the first interview granted by the author about submission, his sixth novel to be published Wednesday by Flammarion. Assuming that “Muslims were able to agree among themselves (…), it would certainly take decades” for they come to power in France, the author concedes. Having long lived in Ireland, Houellebecq said he was struck “huge changes” recorded in France and the West. “It’s one of the reasons that led me to write” this book, he explains further.

This book is a satire? I Do Not. Partially, it is a satire of political journalists at most, a little bit of politicians also really. The main characters, no. “But Houellebecq acknowledges play on fear. “I use the fact of fear. In fact, we do not know well what we are afraid, if identity or Muslims. Everything remains in the shadows. “

” I tried to put myself in the place of a Muslim, and I realized that they were actually in a totally schizophrenic position ” Houellebecq continues. “What could be a Muslim who wants to vote? It is not represented at all. It would be wrong to say that it is a religion that has no political consequences (…). So, in my opinion a Muslim party is an idea that is needed, “he says.

In 2001, with the release of his novel Platform is remembered interrogates the magazine Read , Houellebecq had said: “The religion most con is still Islam. When you read the Quran, it collapsed … collapsed! “The controversy was so inflamed. Le Figaro , the author reiterated his words: “Reading the Quran is a disgusting thing. When Islam was born, it is distinguished by its desire to submit the world. His nature is to be submitted. It is a warlike religion, intolerant, which makes people unhappy. “

Fourteen years later, the word submission has become the title of the new novel by Michel Houellebecq, who as usual been much ink even before its release.


Angelina Jolie she will enter politics? – She

“By dint of traveling, I realized that I could make only limited assistance and to honor my responsibilities, I would have become a public figure and make statements.” Angelina Jolie would it be about to engage in politics? In any case it was suggested in the latest issue of “Paris Match”.

“I threw myself into humanitarian long ago because I was hoping to help the world significantly, “explains first special envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

“Today, I know, to cause real change, especially for everything related to women’s rights, we need to pass laws, launch initiatives and therefore take into account the political “Then she admits. “So I learn by doing. I matured. I draw the necessary conclusions and I adjust my behavior accordingly. But I really do not know yet where this will take me, “says the director currently in full promotion of his second film” Invincible, “which will be released in France on 7 January.

In early November, Angelina Jolie evoked already the possibility of entry into politics by ensuring be “open to the idea.” “When you make humanitarian, you are aware that you should consider doing politics. Because if you want to change things radically, we must take responsibility, “she stated.


Sam Raimi Spider-Man 3 Review! – Stars News







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It sounds quite incredible, and yet … Sam Raimi has personally criticized the “Spider-Man 3,” the last film he made for the franchise and endorsed at the time by virulent criticism. In the Nerdist podcast this week, Sam Raimi is explained on the film and claims to have “totally messed up.”

“I completely messed up the third Spider-Man. “Said Sam Raimi.


” This is a film that does not work very well. I tried to make it work, but I do not really believe in all the characters, “said the director. “People hated me for it for years. They still hate me “

” Each of these Spider-Man movies was damn difficult. (…) If a director does not like a story, it’s wrong of her to the stage when so many people appreciate. “

” I think just trying to raise the stakes after Spider-Man 2 was a mistake, and I think that’s what condemned us, “he continued. “I will focus on the characters and their changing relationships”

Released in theaters in 2007 with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in the lead roles, “Spider-Man 3″ has still made more than $ 890 million in revenue worldwide, including 336 million in the United States.

In the podcast, Sam Raimi also talks of his other films, including the franchise “Evil Dead”.

And since evokes Spider-Man, back on information that in 2014 marked the new adventures of Spiderman, the franchise “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Spider-Man in “Captain America 3″? It is not!

Spider-Man 3 in Captain America? It’s not … well for now anyway. At the beginning of October the website Hit Fix revealed that Sony and Marvel had committed serious discussions to Spider-Man integrate into the world of Marvel heroes of the team “The Avengers.” Information that in December was more or less confirmed via the very serious Wall Street Journal.

Following the hacking that Sony was victim mails deemed to be confidential eventually be made public. They revealed that fairly serious discussions between Sony and Marvel Studios have taken place on it.

On the Marvel side proposed the production of a new trilogy leaving Sony a “creative control, marketing and distribution. ” The agreement, if he had been concluded, included the introduction of the man spider in “Captain America 3: Civil War”. Except that Sony has for the time being preferred to decline the invitation.

The doors are not closed as far as according to the site CinemaBlend, a summit on the “Spider-Man” folder is to already scheduled in early 2015

. “The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ pushed back to 2018

In the month of June the site “Aint it Cool News” reported that the release of the 3rd component of spider man adventure was going to be pushed back to 2017.

If the site had not specify the reason for the delay, he made a number of explanations: a busy year for blockbusters but also the disappointing results of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″

Unfortunately for fans. free “Aint it Cool News” had not seen far enough. In the summer of Sony studios announced that “The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ was not pushed back in 2017 but in 2018 !!

The flop of” The Amazing Spider-Man 2 “: Andrew Garfield knows why

Released last spring,” The Amazing Spider-Man 2 “was not as successful as hoped. Disappointment at the box office, the film has certainly not been immune to criticism.

It is partly for these reasons that Sony Pictures has decided to postpone the release of “The Amazing Spider-Man 3 “. Scheduled for 2016, this series was the first time pushed back to 2017, then a second in 2018!

Asked early September by “The Daily Beast” Andrew Garfield tried to explain the failure of the film .

According to the cuts that have been decided by the studios – from the original script he loved – have altered the course of history making the whole incoherent

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The economist Thomas Piketty refused the Legion of Honour – Le Parisien

01 Jan 2015, 3:15 p.m. |. Update: 01 Jan 2015, 7:56 p.m.

. On the same subject

The author of the book “Capital in the XXI century” took the opportunity to address a challenge to the government: “They would do well to focus on reviving growth in France and in Europe, “Thomas Piketty, a close time of the Socialist Party, regularly criticizes the policies of President François Hollande he had yet sustained in 2012

Our question:.. Do you understand that we can refuse the Legion of Honour?

A book sold 1.5 million copies

He regrets, among others, that latter has buried his promise of a deep tax reform campaign in the direction of greater progressivity of the tax, a project he strongly defends.

His book, translated into 32 languages and sold 1.5 million copies, will demonstrate the spontaneous tendency to ever greater concentration of wealth in a few hands. “Capital in the XXI century” in particular is a publishing phenomenon in the United States, where Thomas Piketty was received by advisers to President Barack Obama. In France, despite very strong sales, the reception was warmer, especially from the government.

691 decorated, including Jean Tirole Jack Lang and Mimi Mathy

Civil promoting January 1 has 691 decorated with 571 knights, 95 officers, 19 commanders, five great officers. And only one Grand Cross, resistant and historian Jean-Louis Cremieux said Cremieux-Brilhac. Among the decorated voluntary French nurse Doctors Without Borders, 29, infected with Ebola during a mission in Liberia and repatriated on September 19 in France and cured early October. But Patrick Modiano, 2014 Nobel literature promoted to officer, as Jean Tirole, 2014 Nobel Laureate in Economics Artur Avila, winner of the 2014 Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics. The businessman Pierre Berge, was elevated to the rank of Grand Officer. The director Nina Campaneez, journalist and writer Robert Namias psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva commanders are promoted. Jack Lang and Bernard Murat, theater director Edward VII become officers. The actress Mimie Mathy is named knight, like the Christopher singer, guitarist Chico Bouchikhin founder of the Gipsy Kings gro up director Tony Gatlif. Among political, Dominique Bertinotti, former Minister for Family Ayrault government is appointed knight.

 In 2014, 1,926 people were distinguished as civilians and 965 military division. Since 2007, civilian promotions apply the gender parity

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Legion of Honor: Piketty criticizes the action “catastrophic” this … – Le Parisien

02 Jan 2015, 7:04 p.m. |. Update: 02 Jan 2015, 7:37 p.m.

. Thomas Piketty assures: whether with this government he criticizes or another, he would have refused the same way to receive the Legion of Honour. The French economist agreed to clarify the World motivations.

On the same subject

“I have always found this story Legion of honor was completely outdated. This way of deciding which is the small group of honorable citizens whose signal merits should be recognized, it is a conception of the role of the state, the government, which seems totally outdated, “said the author of the best -seller “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.”

On Thursday, he told AFP that “not thought to be the role of government to decide who is honorable.” “It’s a shame they have not contacted me before, it would have avoided all pataquès,” he told Le Monde. “They seem not to be happy that I react on January 1,” he noted, adding, “I think it’s inflated by this government did not even ask me before, so that they can legitimately doubt that I did not particularly want to be decorated by them. “

” No need for a Legion of Honour to say or write “

The Secretary of State for State reform and simplification Thierry Mandon has estimated Friday on BFM TV and RMC that this action was not motivated by “humility” while Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for the Digital regretted on France Inter “the way.” The Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, spokesman of the government, he distinguished the researcher, “who is in his office, which makes calculations, which has the responsibility an intellectual approach” and the officials responsible for “policy, which is facing the reality.”

Still, the economist, whose book to the huge international impact is to demonstrate that without political intervention through taxation, growth rather hollow it smoothes the inequalities of wealth is almost from the beginning very critical vis-à-vis the executive, he reminded the evening daily.

“The action (government) in the last two years has been catastrophic, and I did not need a Legion of Honour to say or to write, “he said. Thomas Piketty, who had called for a vote for Francois Hollande, particularly regrets that the president buried major tax reform projects largely inspired by his ideas. He also criticized the “hypocrisy” on the European stage.

VIDEO. Refusal of the Legion of Honour Piketty: “A political act” for Christian Paul

VIDEO. The Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honour expressed regret about Piketty

VIDEO. According Mandon, Piketty has not refused the Legion of Honour by humility

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The Legion of Honour in 5 questions – The World

Le Monde | • Updated | By

Thomas Piketty, economist at the National Assembly, on 13 March.

The economist Thomas Piketty broke Thursday 1 st January the routine of traditional promotion beginning of the year the Legion of Honour by refusing his appointment as a knight, saying not “The role of a government to decide who is honorable” .

A refusal by no means new, has again placed the institution Bicentennial under the spotlight … and questions

Read the summary. Modiano, and Tirole Mimie Mathy in promoting the Legion of Honor

No, as already explained Rue89 in 2009: it is impossible to be a candidate for a degree of the Legion of Honour. This is a third party who must provide your name.

  • Or a minister, which usually receives proposals prefects, elected or associations (this is the case for Thomas Piketty, whose name was proposed by Geneviève Fioraso, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research)

  • Either 50 citizens, through the citizens’ initiative procedure introduced in 2008

Through these procedures, nearly 4000 cases are made each year and then reviewed by the Council of the Order of the Legion of Honour, which then selects some 3000 winners before the final approval of the president, who signed the decrees of his hand.

Join the discussion: Should we necessarily accept the Legion of Honor

2 . Can we refuse?

Yes. In general, to avoid a diplomatic incident, decorated potentials are notified in advance. This was not the case for Thomas Piketty, which has not been notified, as indicated by the rue de Grenelle. Its name therefore appears in the decrees published the 1 st January Official Journal

Read also our decryption. Therefore, the Piketty book is a success in the US

It is not so far awarded against his will. To enter officially in the order of the Legion of Honour, it must indeed be physically hand decoration. – A ceremony in which the economist should refuse to participate

View portfolio: As Thomas Piketty, they refused the Legion of Honor

Play Slideshow Go to the portfolio

3 . By what criteria can we get it?

The Order of the Legion says in its code that the reward decoration “eminent merits acquired in service of the nation either civil basis or under arms “, recognizing that there is no strict definition or exhaustive list of such merits. “This is the Bar Council’s mission to judge, from career elements given to him by law and jurisprudence” , says the institution.

To be decorated, it is better in any case have French nationality (foreigners can be distinguished if they have rendered service to France or hold important positions, but are not full members of the institution), accumulate at least twenty years of activity (except in exceptional cases, such as sports or military exploit), have a clean criminal record and “good moral character” (an investigation is being conducted on this plan before each assignment).

Contrary to popular belief, there is less of Legionnaires before. Created by Napoleon in 1802, the Order has seen the number of its members explode with the great military conflicts of the XX th century. It has experienced up to 300 000 members in 1962. As told the magazine in 2012 Charles de Gaulle then decided to take action to prevent the decoration is hackneyed. A quota of 125 000 live legionnaires is then fixed and a new design (the National Order of Merit) is created as a consolation prize.

The number of legionnaires life is nearly stable for ten years: it now is around 92,000

4 .. What advantages does it give?

First, one can of course be decorating the red ribbon in his buttonhole, like 92,000 other decorated and reveal his rank after signing in official papers.

Then you can join the company of the members of the Legion of Honour, a network of 55 000 members that provides mission is “to contribute prestige of the National Order of the Legion of Honour and contribute to the promotion of the values ​​and culture of France in the country and abroad “.

Unlike some rumors, the Legion of Honour does not make money, instead. As Francetvinfo recalls decorated must pay since 2003 Chancery Rights (20.28 euros for a simple knight to 101.38 euros for the Grand Cross) for the shipment of their degree. They must also buy their decoration from a specialist jeweler or coin Paris (75 euros for the reduced model, 180 euros for the standard design and up to 990 euros for the Grand Cross of plate).

Catalogue of decorations Monnaie de Paris.

What quickly engulf the lean treatment offered by the institution to its members. The “History symbolic heritage sum” – from 6.10 euros a year for the knights and 36.59 euros for the Grand Cross – is often not even claimed by the embellished ( or donated to support the company of members of the Legion of Honour, to help the legionaries in need, says Express ).

Enter the family the Legion of Honour also opens right to your female descendants (to the rear granddaughters) of APPLY in prestigious educational institution houses: Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines) for college and Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) for high school and post-bac (BTS and preparatory classes). But acceptance is not automatic: in 2011, only 55 seats were available at the high school in Saint-Denis, nearly 400 applications, as reported in The

But. it is strictly forbidden to members of your entourage to display your five-pointed star: the illegal port decoration is punishable by one year imprisonment and 15,000 euros fine

Yes.. A legionnaire can be stripped of his decoration in case of a criminal conviction, forfeiture of French nationality or if “committed acts contrary to honor or likely to harm the interests of France” .

This is what happened to Maurice Papon, deposed in 1999 of the Commander Order of the Legion of Honour after his final conviction for a crime against humanity, because of his involvement in the deportation of Jews under the Vichy regime. Despite protests, the former minister, however, continued to wear the decoration in his button down to his last home, as he was buried with his Legion of Honour.

Maurice Papon during his trial for & quot; complicity in crimes against humanity & quot; in Bordeaux, February 2, 1998.

This type of measurement is extremely rare. The last date of January 2013, when François Hollande has decided to exclude the order Jean-François Collin, a former member of the Organization of the Secret Army (OAS), decorated with two years earlier as a disabled war veteran in Algeria.


Controversy after the Piketty economist refused the Legion … – Les Echos

+ VIDEO The decision of the economist to refuse the Legion of Honour continues to generate critical reactions in government. This is the form of his refusal more than his decision that goes wrong


Article (s) associated (s)

In announcing he refused the Legion of Honour, for which his appointment as Knight had been proposed by the Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Geneviève Fioraso, Thomas Piketty is now causing a controversy stirred government.

On France Info Stépahne Le Foll, spokesman of the government, tried to deny the controversy by saying that “it’s her choice. He tries to give some advice, that’s part of the debate. I’ll leave it at that, “


This does not have prevent scratching economist emphasizing the difference between a scientist “who has interesting ideas but a researcher who is in his office, making calculations, which has a responsibility and an intellectual approach and the policy that is confronted with the reality. ”

A thinly veiled reference to what Thomas Piketty, which, for its refusal felt that it was not a government “to decide who is honorable” and above said “they would do well to focus on reviving growth in France and Europe.

A refusal is not motivated by humility for Thierry Mandon

For its part, on BFM TV, the Secretary of State for State Reform and Simplification, Thierry Mandon, regretted the refusal of Thomas Piketty and criticized the economist on these ideas, particularly in terms of tax reform.

“This reform is so complicated, it is so comprehensive, it has such effects redistribution between the French that if we did, there would be a widespread protest,” said -t he said


“The Legion of Honour distinguished national merit, that is to say, those of you who have contributed their civilian or military action at the national merit (…) It is the role of government and the Republic of deciding those deserving, “said Thierry mandon.

Before estimating that in the end this refusal was not motivated by humility. “There are two reasons for refusal two generally”, analyzed Thierry Mandon “humility, because we consider that others have earned more” or “a political reason.” “Thomas Piketty, I do not think that’s the first reason,” he slipped.

“You can refuse without necessarily saying in a dispatch “

As for the Secretary of State for the Digital Axelle Lemaire criticized the decision on the shape of Thomas Piketty” The decision is his. Following is the way to do it. We may refuse without necessarily saying in an AFP dispatch a January 1, “she said on France Inter.

” Maybe it confuses the fact that a Legion of Honour is a reward for merit which is recognized by the nation and not a membership to an economic policy of a government. “

A” poor “decision, Elie Cohen

Outside the government, critics are also needed . And certainly the most virulent from another economist. On Europe 1, Elie Cohen who initially felt that his colleague had “earned this Legion of honor outstanding contributions to academic work and world famous so he shines the French colors around the world. This imposes special responsibilities “.

He then slammed the way the decoration was denied. “He could have refused on principle, but denied making a critique of government action, I found it mediocre.”


Versailles: Vandalism at the castle –

By Vincent Spartianus published on | modified the

These acts are extremely rare but a strong importance, informed the management. The news was unveiled today at the AFP, but on Tuesday, the famous Versailles filed a complaint after the discovery of two bases of broken marble busts in the park Grand Trianon. According to a police source, we strongly suspect a malicious act.

The vandalism allegedly perpetrated on pedestals supporting “two marble busts of ancient inspiration, an unknown sculptor, and dated of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, “said a spokesman of Versailles, adding that these busts were under the covers to protect them from the cold. The busts in question were not damaged but “have nevertheless been transferred to our restoration workshops for further examination,” he added.

A very rare incident

With 10 million visitors a year, acts of vandalism are extremely rare in the Château de Versailles. Yet this is the track that is favored by investigators for damages of this magnitude. The investigation was turned over to the police of Versailles. Listed as a World Heritage Site, the area includes the Castle of Versailles, the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon and gardens. The castle alone attracted 7.5 million tourists in 2013.

Vandalism liable to a heavy fine

Facts that are liable to a heavy fine or even months in prison and one year after arriving degradation painting by Eugène Delacroix “Liberty Leading the People” where a woman had written “AE911″. The inscription had been removed, but the young woman aged 28 had been in a mental hospital.

In Ireland, a man was sentenced to five years in prison for giving a shot fist in a Monet painting

  Photos: © Pixabay / Public Domain


Thursday, January 1, 2015

The French economist Thomas Piketty refused the Legion of Honour –

REWARD I refuse this appointment because I do not think it is the role of government to decide who Hon, “said he said …

The XE9 & #; & # XE7 economist fran; ais Thomas Piketty, author of xab & #; & # Xab; Capital if the twenty-first XE8 & #; & # key Xbb;
Economist French Thomas Piketty, author of ” Capital in the Twenty-First Century “- F.DUFOUR / AFP

20 Minutes with AFP

The French economist Thomas Piketty , whose book The Capital in the XXI century was a huge international impact, said “deny (their) appointment” for the Legion of Honour, made official Thursday.

” I just learned that I was proposed for the Legion of Honour. I refuse this appointment because I do not think it is the role of government to decide who is honorable, “said Thomas Piketty, adding,” They would do well to focus on reviving growth in France and Europe . “

His book, a publishing phenomenon in the United States

The Economist appears in the” promotion from January 1 “of the Legion of Honor, published in the Journal Official named knighted alongside another economist, Nobel Prize Jean Tirole, which made him an officer. Refusal to Thomas Piketty comes as his book, which aims to demonstrate the spontaneous tendency to ever greater concentration of wealth in a few hands, has sold 1.5 million copies.

translated into several languages, the book is especially a publishing phenomenon in the United States, where Thomas Piketty was received by advisers to President Barack Obama.

Regular criticism against Francois policy Holland

The reception of the book was warmer in France, especially from the government, despite very strong sales.

Thomas Piketty, a close time of the Socialist Party , regularly criticizes the policies of President Francois Hollande. Regrets, among others, the latter has buried his promise of a deep tax reform campaign in the direction of greater progressivity of the tax, a strongly supported by the Economist project.

The two French Nobel in 2014, the writer Patrick Modiano and economist Jean Tirole, the MSF nurse who contracted Ebola and Mimie Mathy included in the promotion of New Year’s Legion of Honour.


As Thomas Piketty, they refused the Legion of Honor – The World

The composer Hector Berlioz, celebrated here by Russian artists in 1953 in Moscow at the 150 th anniversary of his birth, refused the Legion of Honor in 1864. He which the penniless state meant paying a Requiem Mass with the red ribbon instead of paying him the promised 3000 francs had then prevailed: “I do not care about your cross. Give me my money! “


Legion of Honor: Piketty did not know he was going to be promoted – Liberation

“I refuse” to the tune of “J’accuse”. On Thursday, the French economist Thomas Piketty, columnist for release , whose The Capital twenty-first century has sold 1.5 million copies, winning in many countries as a reference book on the growing inequality process – that our Minister of Public Accounts was finally read during the winter break – has told AFP “refuse [his] appointment” as a knight in the last class of the Legion of Honour, unveiled a few hours earlier.

“I do not think it is the role of government to decide who is honorable “, denounced Piketty, paraphrasing Edmond Maire, before inviting the executive to ” devote himself to reviving growth in France and Europe. “ Way to ridicule key Old Regime this vintage gratification which mingles annually legitimacy and incongruity, all at the discretion of a republican monarchy notabilisée. Contact by release , the person said to us from abroad that he knew nothing of the project of decorating the “Otherwise I would have said no right away!”

Before him, Marcel Ayme, Jacques Tardi …

In 1949, Marcel Ayme, sensed, had said in advance otherwise the President Vincent Auriol, famous reply: ” em> “In order not to have to come back, never to find myself in the case of having to refuse as adorable favors, which necessarily causes me great pain, I would ask that they voulussent well their Legion of Honour is the carrer in the train as well as their Elysian pleasures. “ Last year, the author of comic Jacques Tardi had also, past turn, on behalf of the “fierce attachment” to his “freedom of thought and creation” . Under Nicolas Sarkozy, former Minister Pierre Messmer, Henri Torre, had even refused indignantly that the proposal was made to him: “When you see that [Ziad] Takkiedine company and got it, I sorry but this is not my world. “

The Piketty refusal to let the powers that be hold a rosette in his buttonhole is not so surprising. The near-time socialist spheres, especially during the last presidential election, the economist, already recognized but not yet star, had argued for a tax reform with more progressive tax. But under the rule of the then budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac and without Hollande are finding fault, only a mini adjusting capital taxation on the labor painfully emerged. Far from the ambition of a few months earlier stands in TV shows by the candidate to the rose.

Therefore, the unofficial adviser, who also criticized the imbalance of supply policy initiated and too little demand support, became uncompromising prosecutor small sacrifices and major economic cowardice of the Dutch five years.

Among the 690 other personalities promoted, 570 knights, 95 officers, 19 Commanders, officers and five great grand cross. former resistant Jean-Louis Cremieux-Brilhac

A (re) read: [inquiry] “Piketty, the superstar States “

Jonathan Bouchet-Petersen