Thursday, January 1, 2015

“A most violent year”, polar looted ambition, love and … – The Obs

Los Angeles (AFP) – “A most violent year”, polar panting and robbed in New York wild 1980s, with Jessica Chastain unscrupulous, is one of the most acclaimed independent films of the year the United States and one of the most scrutinized for the Oscars.

The film suspense that grew in strength and humor acid stages Abel Morales, an immigrant entrepreneur in the United States from nothing trying to build an oil empire with the help of his wife (Jessica Chastain), heir of a fallen tycoon black gold.

“I had long led the The idea of ​​a husband and wife working together, “told AFP the writer-director JC Chandor.

” I wanted the hero of the film is Hispanic because it ‘ is the most important recent wave of immigration to the United States. It is a story of ambition and that is what seeking immigrants, build something better than what they have left, “he will -he said.

“A most violent year”, released on December 31 in the United States and France, happens in 1981 when violence was such that New York police were completely overwhelmed .

Abel Morales finds himself faced with a series of brutal and anonymous attacks against his company and its employees and desperately trying to protect his property and his family.

The contractor is without moods and not afraid “that the failure” but wants to stay in the right way, while his wife and his lawyer (Albert Brooks) pushed him to take more drastic measures to stop the attacks

-. Surviving without losing its soul –

“Just when I was writing the film was held this horrible massacre Elementary School Sandy Hook” in during which twenty children were killed by a young unbalanced, Adam Lanza, “only a few miles from where I live,” says the filmmaker, who lives an hour from New York.

” It made me think about the escalation of violence, how one act affects all of society, “he added.

Abel Morales is played by Oscar Isaac –vu “Inside Llewyn Davis” (2013) and displays the next “Star Wars” – that evokes Al Pacino in “The Godfather”

“Abel Morales is a normal person. who runs a small business, and is found in the equivalent of a war zone, “argued the director.

” A most violent year “was unanimous with critics who grants it a 95% positive opinions after the site aggregator. Jessica Chastain was nominated for the Golden Globe for best actress in a dramatic film, and the film could reap new appointments at the upcoming Oscars.

This is the third feature film written and directed by JC Chandor, 41, after “Margin Call”, inspired by the financial crisis, “All is lost”. He triumphed in his first at AFI festival in Los Angeles in early November.

Each time Chandor places his characters in crisis, stress, with their survival or that of a multinational involved sometimes both.

The characters must decide or answer for acts contrary to morals committed in the name of survival, while others are desperately trying to save ethics, not to lose their soul to events that raged

His next film with Mark Wahlberg, return to one of the worst crises in the United States. “Deepwater Horizon” in the explosion and sinking of the eponymous oil rig operated by BP, originally from what is considered the worst oil spill in the country

“This is our tragic relationship with oil. we all need, we use it all, and it becomes more difficult to find. Someone has to do it and we are more guilty than those who work “in this industry, he concluded.


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