Saturday, February 11, 2017

Winners of the Victoires de la musique 2017 : Jain and Renaud artists of the year, Vianney, rewarded – OZAP

The singer Jain was awarded with two yesterday evening at the Zénith of Paris.

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last night, the Zenith of Paris hosted the traditional annual ceremony of the Victoires de la musique. An evening hosted by Thomas Thouroude and Bruno Guillon and broadcast live on France 2 and France Inter. This thirty-second edition of the ceremony, placed under the sign of “the spirit of openness and creation” has been marked by a tribute to Prince and George Michael, who died last year, and by positions taken noticed on the case Theo.

competition Side, the ceremony has seen the triumph of the young singer Jain, the only artist nominated in three different categories, taking two Victories : that of the female artist and the clip of the year for “Zanaka”. A doubled, which is not without recalling the one made by Christine and the Queens in 2015. Without surprise, her male counterpart is none other than the very popular Renaud who won the second Victory of the music of his career.

In other categories, Benjamin Biolay, beaten by Renaud in the category “male artist” win the Victory of the album of songs for “Palermo Hollywood”. On the other hand, Amir and Claudio Capéo are both inclined in the face of Radio Elvis in the running for album revelation of the year. The rock album of the year goes to Louise Attack while the rapper Jul imposes itself on the side of urban music. To note finally the coronation of Vianney in the category “original Song of the year”, a year after having won the Victory of the male artist of the year.

male Artist
Benjamin Biolay
Vincent Delerm
Winner : Renaud

female Artist
Winner : Jain
Véronique Sanson

Album revelation
“The heart of me”, Amir
“Claudio Capéo”, Claudio Capéo
Winner : “Conquests”, Radio Elvis

Revelation scene
Broken Back
Winner : LEJ

Album songs
“&”, Julien Doré
“catch a dream”, Christophe Maé
Winner : “Palermo Hollywood”, Benjamin Biolay

rock Album
Winner : “Anomaly,” Louise Attack
“Mystery”, The Woman
“Sebolavy”, Mickey 3D

urban music Album
“Hera”, Georgio
Winner : “My World”, Jul
“On the razor’s edge”, Kool Shen

Album of world music
Winner : “Far From Home”, Calypso Rose
“Music of France”, Acid Arab
“Does so”, Rokia Traore

Album of electronic music or dance
“Electronica 2 : The Heart of Noise”, Jean-Michel Jarre
Winner : “Layers”, Kungs
“Woman”, Justice

best original Song
“kele nta”, MHD
“And I still call”, Véronique Sanson
“I searched for” Amir
Winner : “I’m going”, Vianney

musical Show/Tour/Concert
Winner : Ibrahim Maalouf

“Coward”, Yael Naim
Winner : “Makeba”, Jain
“The Missing”, Cassius