Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jack Nicholson announces his grand return to film in a remake of “Toni Erdmann” – The Huffington Post

the CINEMA – Then that he had made his farewell to the cinema in September 2013, Jack Nicholson is preparing to return to screens in a remake of the film in the German “Toni Erdmann” alongside Kristen Wiig.

Seven years that we had not seen this legendary actor in film, since his last film “How do you know” with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson. Nicholson had announced his retirement forced by disorders of the memory. It was, according to relatives, “unable” to remember the lines of a script. An irrevocable decision, at least that’s what we thought.

According to the information given to Variety, Nicholson, who is approaching 80 years old, is a big fan of “Toni Erdmann” of the German Maren Ade. Thus it would have contacted Paramount Pictures to make the idea of an american remake. As of this announcement, Brad Grey, the boss of the studios, has immediately assured the reproduction rights.

Poster of the film “Toni Edermann” Maren Ade

This news has apparently convinced Maren Ade, which was pronounced a few months before, in the columns of The observer, against the whole idea of adaptation of his film to Hollywood. “I have a good situation in Europe and I garlic the chance to be my own producer. I have so many freedoms that I think it would be really hard for me to leave rights for a remake. And why would I?”. It would seem that the actor with three Oscars in a excellent.

“Toni Erdmann”: a successful German

Nominated for the Golden Globes 2017 in the category of Best foreign film, won finally by “It” by Paul Verhoeven, nominated for an Oscar, the comedy German is acclaimed by the critics. Maren Ade offers in “Toni Erdmann” a beautiful duality between a father (Peter Simonischek), a little too obtrusive, and his daughter (Sandra Hüller), excessively serious. The story follows the joke of a father who tries to reconnect with his working-girl girl, creating an outrageous alter ego, presented as a life coach: Toni Erdmann.

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