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Mozart in the Jungle: What is this series? – Screenrush

After the critical success of Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle is the new challenge Amazon to compete with Netflix. Discover the exciting world of classical music from that on Sunday, May 3rd OCS City.

What is it about?
Mozart in the Jungle chronicles the adventures of Rodrigo, early thirties prodigy who joined the prestigious orchestra New York. He replaces Thomas, the aging master, whose ego has grown steadily over the years and whose shelved appears to him as an injustice to his talent. The path crosses that of Rodrigo Hailey, an oboe player of twenty years who dreams to join his troupe. Novice in the middle, the young woman discovers a ruthless world …

Gael Garcia Bernal plays Rodrigo, the new head of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Sex, drugs and small classical music screen …
Immersed in the corridors of unknown world of classical music in New York, viewers follow – over the 10 episodes that make up the first season – the preparation of this exceptional orchestra. The series reveals accessible to all, that we love or not classical music. Worn by Gael Garcia Bernal (ovation for No), the show is based in part on its high color cast, Malcolm McDowell Bernadette Peters via Saffron Burrows. Behind this program is talented screenwriters Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman, already at work in the HBO dramedy Bored To Death. Inspired by the work of oboist Blair Tindall “Sex, Drugs and Classical Music” , this dramatic comedy modernizes the image of classical music with his tone happily crossed and at the same time very bohemian account Given the personality of Rodrigo. Amazon has struck hard with this new production lot of attention across the Atlantic and made the Mania series of closing night this year.

Mozart in the Jungle arrives on OCS City from this Sunday, May 3rd at 20:40!


Flammarion: Teresa Cremisi left the leadership – The Point

The editor Teresa Cremisi, whose first novel to be published on 6 May, announced his departure from the direction of Flammarion early June, in an interview with Books Weekly . “This is the end of a slice of life that lasted 10 years, a slice of life full, exciting and compact,” he told this great figure of publishing the weekly to be published Friday. She will step down as head of the presidency of Flammarion after the general meeting of June 2, the source said. It will however continue to its authors, as Christine Angot or Franz-Olivier Giesbert, his publisher Flammarion work.


IMAGES. Franck Dubosc, Sylvie Testud … the cast of … – Le Parisien

April 30, 2015, 17:23 | Updated: April 30, 2015, 18:49

Co-produced by Gaumont and TF1 Production Ouch, “The Visitors 3 – The Terror” is filmed in Belgium (Brussels and Namur) and Czech Republic (Prague)

In this new section written by Christian Clavier and Jean. -Marie Poiré, Godefroy de Montmirail and his faithful servant find themselves in the heart of the French Revolution, specifically during the Terror. “The descendants of the Jacquouille Fripouille revolutionary convinced the castle and confiscated all the property of Montmirail, arrogant aristocrats fleeing and whose life hangs by a thread,” the film’s screenplay.

Full cast list was unveiled. Franck Dubosc (Gonzague de Montmirail), Karin Viard (Adelaide Montmirail), Sylvie Testud (Charlotte Robespierre) join Jean Reno and Christian Clavier. Marie-Anne Chazel is also part of the adventure. We will discover, among others, in this third installment Nicolas Vaude, Frederique Bel, Christian Hecq, ary abittan and Alex Lutz.

Released in 1993, the first section of “Visitors” in theaters attracted nearly 13 8 million viewers. In 1998, some 8 million spectators have seen in the cinema “The Visitors 2 – Corridors of Time”

VIDEO Christian Clavier unveils the third installment of “.. Visitors’

VIDEO. Franck Dubosc announces participation

VIDEO. Alex Lutz, cynical and noble for “the Visitors 3″

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Video – Woody Allen reveals Irrational Man – Gala

The trailer of the new film by Woody Allen, The irrational man, has been unveiled. First tantalizing images …

Woody Allen is back, the top of its 79 years. A year after the release of Magic in the Moonlight , two years after that of Blue Jasmine , three years after Midnight in Paris , short, Mr. carbide film per year (or two) since the early 80s and always seems to lose its breath.

Joaquin Phoenix and one that seems to be his new muse, Emma Stone, director returns with The man Irrational a feature that seems to be mid-mid-comedy thriller. The trailer has just been unveiled does not tell us much, just enough to make us the mouth water. Abe (Joaquin Phoenix) is a professor of philosophy at the university. Depressive, focused on drinking, he joined two relationships. There his colleague Rita (Parker Posey) beautiful woman of fifty years and looking for adventures after his failed marriage. He then falls in love with the refreshing Jill (Emma Stone), one of his best pupils, lively and cheerful. Until then, nothing more complicated than a banal love triangle

But in view of these first extracts, we understand that something happens that will change Abe:. A conversation. We know neither its subject nor its protagonists revealed but according to images, it will transform. From the dark and musty man he will become a pleasant and jovial character (to the chagrin of Jill).

A cryptic trailer, which announced that Woody Allen is likely to impose once again king of the plot, with this 46th film. The irrational man will premiere in Cannes (out of competition), and we will wait until October 14 to see the movies.


Marion Cotillard and Léa Seydoux in the next Dolan! – Stars News

Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux, Nathalie Baye, Vincent Cassel and Gaspard Ulliel together on one display? A dream cast, and finally for some anyway, which soon realized under the leadership of Canadian director Xavier Dolan.

And this is the company’s production and distribution MK2 just make the ad. If no release date has been announced yet the shooting of this film, “Just the end of the world” should begin in a few weeks, at the latest at the end of May.

 Credits: PR Photos

Credit: PR Photos

Very enthusiastic director of “Mommy” said “I’m excited” Just the end of the world. ” The prospect of working with these actors enchants me (…) Gather all stakeholders in the same room was a Chinese puzzle Olympic qualifying, but all the sacrifices seem futile when I think that I will find myself in the same artistic space that these five individuals so extraordinary, so creative. “

The film’s story is anything but trivial: a writer returns to her hometown to tell his family his imminent death …



A little, a lot, blindly: a sparkling comedy by … – Screenrush

They can not be … they will have to agree! Clovis Cornillac goes behind the camera with “A little, a lot, blindly,” real feel-good movie of spring. Meeting.

Two Parisian apartments. A partition (too) fine. Two tenants forced to live together without seeing. This is the original frame A little, a lot, blindly, the first realization of Clovis Cornillac expected May 6 next on screen .

He who practically lives on the trays location and boards for 30 years, the actor (and hard worker) therefore took the leap and slips behind the camera (supported by his girlfriend Lilou Fogli, screenwriter and sparkling second role) with the commitment to offer a popular comedy , funny and charming, driven by a real cinematic ambition.

When the actor “craftsman” becomes director “architect” ‘s film “where we have fun but serves up film” action!

“A lot of places, this is a cynical anti-film.”

Clovis Cornillac Interview

“I love the idea of ​​talking about things secretly inside of a kind.”

Clovis Cornillac Interview

“The comedy in France is often abused a cinematic point of view.”

Clovis Cornillac Interview

“I do not want to make a movie while apologizing for it that people will see. “

Clovis Cornillac Interview

” All aspects of the production of a film fascinate me! “

Clovis Cornillac Interview

A little Many blindly Output May 6, 2015
By and with Clovis Cornillac – With Mélanie Bernier, Lilou Fogli, Philippe Duquesne …
Him puzzles inventor. Invested heart and soul into his work, he can not concentrate in silence. She is an accomplished pianist and can not live without music. It must prepare a competition that could change his life. They will have to live together without being …

Did you know? The film was originally titled “ Machin Machine” as the nicknames of the two main characters whose name is never revealed. See other shooting secrets

A little, a lot, blindly Video sample


Kingsman: delirium Matthew Vaughn will be entitled to a suite! – Go Back

With $ 400 million in revenue worldwide box office, Kingsman should come back soon with a sequel, as just announced the little guys of The Wrap .

The public has responded very positively to the wacky espionage film by Matthew Vaughn and his setting swirling scene. And like him, we are delighted to learn that a sequel is already in preparation.

It should be said that even before the release of the film, the director does not hide his desire expand the universe he had created with Mark Millar. He referred at the opportunity to unveil a US branch of Kingsman , which could provide us a clash of civilizations with onions. Indeed, Matthew Vaughn has already proven with X-Men: First Class that he was comfortable with pop culture on both sides of the Atlantic <. /> p>

Finally, do not worry if some characters were killed in the first episode. Vaughn has already announced that it would cope for us bring them back to life. And considering his ability to make the public swallow the most enormous twists, all in good humor and with intelligence, it makes him quite confidence.

This suite of Kingsman is therefore excellent news, especially since it could prove to studios, although cautious in these times, there is room for public and most original creations and bold than average.

Highly Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Taron Egerton back for new adventures. And God Save the Queen.

Image 693 692


Franck Dubosc and Sylvie Testud join the cast of Visitors 3 – BBC

Official distribution of the further adventures of Jacquouille and Godefroy de Montmirail, was unveiled. New recruits such as Alex Lutz and interpreter star Camping will play alongside Christian Clavier.

The list the participating actors to the film is finally complete and both say it is explosive. Franck Dubosc and Sylvie Testud join veterans Jean Reno, Marie-Anne Chazel and Christian Clavier in the comedy The Visitors for the third installment in preparation.

In this sequel, Godfrey Montmirail and his faithful servant find themselves in the heart of the French Revolution, specifically during the Terror. “The descendants of the Jacquouille Fripouille revolutionary convinced the castle and confiscated all the property of Montmirail, arrogant aristocrats fleeing and whose life hangs by a thread,” the film’s screenplay.

The iconic performer of the film Camping will don the clothes of noble interpreting Gonzague de Montmirail, Member of the Convention. At his side, Alex Lutz, his brother idle, Frédérique Bel, his mistress and ary abittan who pitched the Marquis of Cheneviette. They will also be joined by Sylvie Testud, who will perform the companion of Jacquouille and Karin Viard, Countess fled after the events of 1789.

Released in 1993, the first part of the Visitors drew in theaters nearly 13.8 million viewers. In 1998, some 8 million spectators have seen in the cinema The Visitors 2 – Corridors of Time . This sequel to the saga, always signed Jean-Marie Poiré, was long overdue. The first two episodes have accumulated more than 21 million tickets at the box office and remain cult references tricolor cinema.

For this third part, Christian Clavier who co-wrote the screenplay, written from London, where he settled in late 2012. The film will be shot in Belgium (Brussels and Namur) and Czech Republic (Prague). The theatrical release is scheduled on April 6, 2016.


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Star Wars in mourning the death of Jean Lescot, the voice of Yoda – Stars News

A sad news came at the end of April. Jean Lescot, well known for being the voice of the French mythical character Yoda in “Star Wars,” died Wednesday at the age of 76 years.

Jean Lescot died as a battle against cancer, as announced by his agent told AFP.

 © Lucas Film Ltd.

© Lucas Film Ltd.

He was a stage actor, cinema, . but also on television

Human dubbing, he lent his voice to Yoda from “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace,” released in theaters in 1999

. had also doubled the character of Argus Filch in the films of the franchise “Harry Potter” or the role of Morty Flickman in the television series “Desperate Housewives”.


Bitch, princess of hearts: a beautiful bullshit – Le Figaro

CRITIQUE – Trip undrinkable an egocentric character, adapting the Canal + program does not keep its promises. The short minute which was devoted to him every night Before amused viewers. Alas, Camille Cottin had eighty to keep …

We would love to hate. At least that was the selling point of this short program broadcast last year on Canal +. Since we saw the adaptation of “bitch” in the cinema, it understands the slogan. It should be noted however that, as our colleagues in the World , we were not allowed to attend press screenings. The story is a big word, is very understandable. Even for a bitch. Paris until the nail of the little toe, this thirty “who says out loud what everyone thinks everything down” (another slogan Canal +), superficial girl who hardly supports impatience or frustration tender leaves his capital French to go about the streets of London, hoping to marry Prince Harry to free itself from its “normal” life and “all rotten”. Understanding: a job, both feet in the middle-class, ordinary salary and no picture of her in the tabloids. Difficult as thin with a scenario to build a feature film around this character? Especially since it accumulates clichés and false good ideas like the fathers of a royal necklace.

Sketches hidden camera

In addition to the format, which passes here the (very) short to long, the film is based on exactly the same principle that TV pellet. Front as behind the camera, we find the same team: Camille Cottin in the role of the irreverent plague and the tandem of directors Eloise Lang and Noémie Saglio ( Very first ). Except that, transposed to the big screen, the minx Canal + hardly finds its rhythm, a problem that did not arise in the mini-series of the small screen. A Balancing attempt is still putting up with the voiceover of Camille Cottin, supposedly give life to the story. For an hour and twenty minutes, yet the viewer has no chance to breathe, caught by all-out skits sewn white thread, coarse valves and appropriate comical situations. The all staged with hidden cameras that give dizzy. From the air, please .

And I, and I, and I

Camille Cottin. Nothing for others. It is an understatement to say that the supporting cast were ignored in this narcissistic oaf trip. Often the interlocutors of the bitch are blurred. To a question of law to the likely image. Can not enter their reaction so. Valves in the void that waste this film much of its comic potential. If selfishness is the drug lasts bitch, princess of hearts , unbearable is crossed to the overdose.

Welcome to England

After the Parisians, it is therefore the British that the bitch tortures. One detail that, once again, could have been better exploited. The legendary British phlegm outweighs hysteria of our heroine. With a few raised eyebrows or discomfort politely made invisible thanks to good manners of our best enemies, almost nobody reacts when bitch rides his pants in stores or treats a taxi driver as his servant, all in a Franglais more irritating.

Courage flee

bitch knew distracted. But that was before? On a minute and forty seconds. In her beautician or a yoga session. Ok, Cottin, noticed in several films (very good chieuse in The Gazelles or Any First fios ) took courage. The one to go after this poor adventure. According to one of the directors, the actress “has no right to approach a place linked to the royal family in London” because of scenes filmed with a hidden camera like the ceremony of Horse- guards to which it embeds. Duffer, bitch and rebellious at once! All for it. In short, this film, we prefer a thousand times a blooper film presented at the end credits – probably the funniest part of the feature film. Opportunity to discover that the film crew took a perverse pleasure in realizing bitch, princess of hearts . That’s the only one.


Star Wars: Yoda died … well, his voice – Le Point

The actor Jean Lescot, supporting actor in theater and cinema, but also large French dubbing voices including that of Yoda Star Wars – Star Wars , died Tuesday afternoon in Paris at the age of 76 years died of cancer, his agent said Wednesday. Father David Lescot, director and playwright, and actor Micha Lescot, Jean Lescot, born Jean Wajbrot, began his theater career in the late 1950s In film, he turned in the direction of Claude Lelouch La Femme show with Jean Yanne, before The ungrateful Age Gilles Grangier with Jean Gabin and Fernandel. Jean Lescot was directed by the greatest filmmakers, including Michel Deville ( The Bear and the Doll ), Costa-Gavras ( The Confession ), Yves Robert ( An elephant that greatly mistaken ), Alain Resnais ( Uncle of America ), but also Robert Enrico, Alain Guiraudie and Christophe Barratier.

2011, he was showing of Announcement feature film Julie Henry. In the theater, Jean Lescot played many classical and contemporary pieces, including The Seagull Chekhov and The Workshop Jean-Claude Grumberg. On television, Jean Lescot was a regular actor of Latest Five Minutes .

His funeral will be held on May 5 at 14 h 30, the cemetery of Bagneux (Hauts de-Seine).


“Charlie Hebdo” Luz no longer draw Muhammad – Le Point

Luz, author of a controversial of Charlie Hebdo number published after the shooting in January says he no longer draw the character of Mohammed in an interview to the magazine Les Inrockuptibles , released Wednesday. “I will draw you the character of Muhammad, it no longer interested. I’m tired me me, like that of Sarkozy. I will not spend my life draw,” he said in response to a question about this coverage “became world famous.”

Then we asked about a statement by Philippe Val, the former boss of Charlie Hebdo which estimated soon after the attack that the terrorists had won he retorted: “I jumped at the ceiling at that.” “It’s so crazy. He is no longer himself, this boy, and he speaks only in its name. It is not Charlie is not Charlie . It’s just part of the story Charlie . He is in denial of what it was to this newspaper, “he adds. “The terrorists have not won. They have won if all France continues to be afraid,” he concludes by saying it is the “spring of the FN.”

The number “survivor” in January, with a caricature of Muhammad on the cover holding a sign “I’m Charlie,” and the strapline “All is forgiven,” sparked sometimes violent protests in several Muslim countries. Released a week after the massacre perpetrated by two jihadists, January 7, which had left 12 dead, he had been distributed to 8 million copies, a record for the French press.


Teens, sex and fear in movies: the “teen movie” found its specialist – Télé

He has compiled film extracts with teens to make “Beyond clueless,” a stimulating experience for the viewer. Charlie Lyne plays with “teen movies”, but not only.

They have seen them all. She’s All (1999), Boys and Girls (2000) and of course American Pie (1999), but also the pleasant Mean Girls (2004), the méconu Sex Trip (2004) and the classic Clueless (1995). “The world of teen movies was as real to me as my own adolescence” , says Charlie Lyne, who collected his fabulous knowledge of the subject in a curious film editing, only made extracts movie with teenagers, Beyond clueless .

As the title suggests, this is the question of digging the poor kind, apparently, and to see beyond appearances. Still young but film critic (he has a column in The Guardian ), Charlie Lyne fun images that convey teen teen movies while analyzing. The exercise made her film an exciting viewing experience. But deserves some questions.

You have found signs of intelligence in the dumbest movie genres?

In a way … One of the things the most significant in the teen movies is that they all repeat the same formula and thus seem stupid. This means that when a movie comes out a little this formula, something very strange happens. Simply, in my eyes, a small subversion so we’re suddenly in a very curious film. There are many more movies coming out of the rails that we can imagine.

Making a film of this kind is necessarily know the rules, know with what we play and have sometimes want to do some departures from the rules. There there a kind of intelligence. This is of course a form of subtle intelligence, Discreet! But I find it unfortunate that the critical point of view on these films is to say, in principle, they have no value.

Any criticism that does not take into account the emotional strength of these films misses them. To understand, we must recognize their power, especially on their main target: teenagers who find it fairly represented. It must feel these movies as teenagers do to be able to judge the good and bad aspects.

But does that mean, however, that these films show a truth of the adolescence, as you suggest?

This is not to find an absolute truth. Because unless you have a lot of luck, you can not pass his teens in high schools where everyone is beautiful, as in these films. But much talk and reach adolescents. It is true that the public is most impressionable, the most influenced. Which is a bit scary!

Sex and fear are, according to your movie, favorite topics of teen movies …

Both ingredients are in all teenagers movies. This is what explains the popularity of horror films with young people. The horror genre is a great language to tell those moments when one is confused and frightened by life, by the evolution of our body.

Some movies I watch excerpts, as Idle Hands (1999) or Jeepers Creepers (2001) speak of adolescence in an extreme way. But when we see them at 15, it does not seem so eccentric. It’s just a good way to show what you feel, even if it passes bloody scenes. The best teen movies reflect this awakening in puberty in fear, while showing a light at the end of the tunnel!

But the whole emotional life, emotional or sexual, is not First a cliché, a convention in this kind of movies?

That’s why The Girl Next Door (2004), I show extracts, is one of the teen movies that make me hate this kind. I liked this film when I was 14 because it is tailor-made to appeal to a boy of that age who discovers sexuality, waiting for the girl of his dreams come save him from his solitude. But now I find it shocking and embarrassing to have responded to that.

By recreating the world of teen movies through all sorts of extracts, I also wanted to criticize this interior universe by somehow. There we are faced with very conservative attitudes. The best films of teenagers manage to circumvent that, but there are still many prejudices anyway. Like the fact that this world is so white. I think this kind still evolves in interesting ways.

22 Jump Street (2012), for example, when the two cops stash arrive at school, they s’ expect it to look like what they experienced ten years earlier and they discover that everything has changed, the way of living in groups is not at all the same. Adolescents have the right to evolve, I found it refreshing.

Your film does reflect a way of loving the movies, play with them at your own generation ?

This reflects my generation simply because it is technically possible. There are fifteen or twenty years, who could do this kind of film? Godard. And he had to go to him all the film libraries to achieve his Histoire (s) du cinéma . Today, we can do that at home with DVDs.

If it has not yet become a phenomenon, it is because the people realize what kind of arrangements do not consider that c Eastern cinema. They consist of sets of extracts as long as Clueless , but put them on the Internet. I think that is the cinema. But it is only a matter of context, not quality. There has mounting film excerpts we see on the internet and you could have discovered at Sundance. Right now, this type explodes.


The northerner filmmaker René Féret died – FranceTV info

Director, producer, actor, René Féret is the author of 18 feature films. He had just released a film “Anton Chekhov in 1890,” the great Russian writer.
Filmmaker of the intimate, René Féret has built a very personal work from his family history (“History of Paul” “The Holy Communion”, “The place of the other” “Children of the country”). Born in The Bassée in 1945 in a modest family of small traders of the North , he had been deeply marked by the figure of a dead brother before his birth, to 4 years old, and he was named René. “ A still image has haunted my childhood ,” wrote René Féret, “ is photography in black and white of a child of four years which my mother made me look like and which I carry the first name “. “ Renée Féret knew aptly evoke the great figures of art and world literature (…) He had the gift to make with amazing accuracy, with as much force as finesse, internal struggles these fragile souls who, against all odds, chose to fight and live “responded in a statement the Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin .

For its part Frédérique Bredin, president of the National Film Centre, welcomed memory “ a director extraordinary ” and “ one of the most honest craftsmen of France . “

René Féret who also adapted Doris Lessing, Gladys Huntington and Michel Foucault, is also the author of a novel,” Baptism, “released at Robert
Laffont in 1990 and published in Paperback collection. Film producer (“I, Pierre Rivière …” René Allio, “Last Summer” by Robert Guédiguian), he distributed his films and was an actor on occasion (“The Prodigal Daughter” by Jacques Doillon, or ” East-West “Regis Wargnier particular).


Roy Andersson: “I try to show how the human being … – Télé

Hailed by the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival with “A pigeon perched on a branch philosophized about the existence”, the Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson stood out for its originality. It deciphers for us his particular signs.

A pigeon perched on a branch philosophized about the existence Roy Andersson finished his trilogy of living in beauty, praised by the Golden Lion from the Venice Film Festival last. Too often considered a UFO, the Swedish filmmaker sees through this award recognized his uniqueness as an asset. At 72, he’s encouraged to cultivate his particular signs. We have chosen a few of them, among the most decisive, and we have offered to comment on them.

Trailer” A pigeon perched on a branch that philosophizing about the existence ”

Filmmaker but first artist

Faced with a film by Roy Andersson, was regularly seem to see the work of a designer, who would have crunched stylized characters with a great graphic talent or photographer, reportedly composed of carefully illuminated images and staged. The filmmaking is for him a way to make other simultaneously and to express an artistic temperament overflowing.

 A pigeon perch XE9 & #; on a branch philosophized on & # x2019; existence, Roy Andersson.<br /> “Title =” & # xA9; Neue Visionen Filmverleih “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M217393.jpg”/><figcaption readability =

A pigeon perched on a branch philosophized about the existence , Roy Andersson.

© Neue Visionen Filmverleih

“Before making the film, I wanted to be a writer. I loved Camus, I could recite by heart the start The Stranger I wish I could write a book like this. But from the late 50s and throughout the 60s, cinema was crossed by a great wave of revival: it started with the Russians and the Poles, the Czechs and the French New Wave s’ are also set, of course! It was a very exciting time. So I’ve changed my mind, I decided to abandon my writing projects and make movies. But I have not forgotten Camus: a scene from my film just The Stranger . This is where we see a man at the window, smoking a cigarette. A woman joins him. In the novel, the woman left but the man feels his presence while he watches the city. This is a fantastic description. Having chosen to make films, I still had to find my way to do. It took me years. I think my style is very close to painting. The most important paintings in the history of painting are overviews. There are very few big shots among the chefs-d’Oé piece. Sometimes found a close-up, the most famous is of course Mona Lisa . But the wide shots are more interesting and that’s what I do at the movies. My director’s philosophy is that space where a character says more about the character than his face. The environment, an apartment furnishings are revealing. Bergman thought his face said everything about the human being. I prefer to look at his room. “

filmmaker and comedian

If the title A pigeon perched on a branch philosophized about the existence smile, the film often laugh frankly. But never as a comedy. More internalized, more thoughtful, this laugh-out is a little one that can cause a drawing Sempé. It does not arise from a gag, but a look at the world, about life.

A & # XE9 perch pigeon on a branch philosophized on & # x2019; existence, Roy Andersson.<br /> “Title =” & # xA9; Neue Visionen Filmverleih “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M217396.jpg”/><figcaption readability =

A pigeon perched on a branch philosophized about the existence , Roy Andersson.

© Neue Visionen Filmverleih

“Humor helps us to survive” . But since it is not a process, it is not easy to describe for the filmmaker. Just accept it he said that in addition to a personal disposition that drives him to the humor, he retained, in this field, the lessons of the films of the Czech New Wave, including Milos Forman and particularly Loves of a Blonde (1965). It is also a great admirer of Tati, but not however cite spontaneously. Finally laughter is not the strongest of the three films he designates as his main source of inspiration: The Bicycle Thief (1948) by Vittorio De Sica: c ‘ is the most humanistic film in cinema history. Viridiana (1961), Buñuel: the smartest film of the history of cinema. Hiroshima my love (1959) by Alain Resnais: it is the most poetic film in cinema history. “

Filmmaker of the human condition

Born in a working environment, in Gothenburg in 1943, Andersson puts his camera in front of the characters that tell ordinary life, in buildings of the Swedish HLM genre, in offices or cafes. What interests him is what brings people together, the common lot: boredom, difficulty to live, to find work in his latest film, and also the joy of living in what she has simpler, the pleasure of singing, drinking, exchange. In the company and its landmarks, its organization, sometimes absurd rules, he seeks the human and worries about his fate. A broad topic that he knows identified through very eloquent scenes, often funny but sometimes very dark too.

A pigeon perch XE9 & #; on a branch philosophized on & # x2019; existence, Roy Andersson.<br /> “Title =” & # xA9; Neue Visionen Filmverleih “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M217398.jpg”/><figcaption readability =

A pigeon perched on a branch philosophized about the existence , Roy Andersson.

© Neue Visionen Filmverleih

“I was young when, in the wake of the revival cinema, the people have expressed their desire for change, as the French in May 68. I also wanted to be on the barricades and fight against injustice in society. I looked for a new way of being a committed filmmaker left. I try to show through the characters of my films how the human being is vulnerable. It is vulnerable when he suffers and also when it hurts. It is vulnerable because it is weak and vulnerable because it believes strong and can be cruel. This is something sad but hopefully I describe humans with warmth. I felt all my life feel guilty thinking about the past, World War II, the Holocaust. I have not experienced this war but I feel the need of forgiveness, of reconciliation of man with himself. This is what is most important to me and that’s one of the things that I express in my new film. I’ll shoot another very quickly. It will talk about the world today, the chaos in our heads! People are struggling, they are not happy, but they are moving, watch is tragic and funny. This film speaks of infinity: life is inexhaustible, it is made infinitely many things, and in this infinite, people have problems! “.

Filmmaker and advertising

Even before the end of his film studies at the Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm, Andersson had turned a commercial for a deodorant: the beginning of a successful career in the creative world of advertising, where his eye, his graphic talent, very visual, made fly (for example to sell an insecticide, brilliantly!). Advertising, which seems another way of being close to people’s lives, has made him a very popular director in Sweden. Moreover, this aspect of his work is less known, although it has, on occasion, worked for French, such as Air France and Citroën.

“I do not make difference between my work in the field of advertising and cinema. If I had had at the outset the means to finance my films and ride my production company, I probably would not turn as many commercials, but I liked doing that anyway. This helped me develop my style. The ads are usually 30 seconds I realized it was not very interesting to make cuts in such a short time. That is how I have come to turn advertising into a single plan. And I used this idea to the movies. I turned roughly 300 commercials and I regret maybe 3. “

Filmmaker patience

It will took fifteen years to Roy Andersson to complete his trilogy of living, started with Songs from the second floor (2000) that followed We live (2007). Time does not seem to pass for him as for other filmmakers and viewers of his films can be experienced: his plans-tables require a completely contemplative slowness. The way the design plays an important role: each table is a complete creation. Streets, buildings and sky included: everything is made in studio. Filmmaker fixed level, the count, the Swede is also a man of great works, building sites that install in time.

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A pigeon perched on a branch philosophized about the existence , Roy Andersson.

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“My new film is made of 39 sets and 39 planes . He averaged takes me a month to complete each level: we built everything, we repeat, turn and then rebuild all destroyed a new setting, another plane. Each time, the shooting time is short: it is often only one day. But everything else is long, rehearsals are essential and therefore arrive at this one-month period of work a plan. So it took me four years to make this film. It’s long! My duty is to have confidence in my project and realize my film as I imagined, not losing patience. This is what it takes when you make films, patience! The filmmakers say they are short of money, time, and it’s true. But with patience, you always get what you want! “