Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mozart in the Jungle: What is this series? – Screenrush

After the critical success of Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle is the new challenge Amazon to compete with Netflix. Discover the exciting world of classical music from that on Sunday, May 3rd OCS City.

What is it about?
Mozart in the Jungle chronicles the adventures of Rodrigo, early thirties prodigy who joined the prestigious orchestra New York. He replaces Thomas, the aging master, whose ego has grown steadily over the years and whose shelved appears to him as an injustice to his talent. The path crosses that of Rodrigo Hailey, an oboe player of twenty years who dreams to join his troupe. Novice in the middle, the young woman discovers a ruthless world …

Gael Garcia Bernal plays Rodrigo, the new head of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Sex, drugs and small classical music screen …
Immersed in the corridors of unknown world of classical music in New York, viewers follow – over the 10 episodes that make up the first season – the preparation of this exceptional orchestra. The series reveals accessible to all, that we love or not classical music. Worn by Gael Garcia Bernal (ovation for No), the show is based in part on its high color cast, Malcolm McDowell Bernadette Peters via Saffron Burrows. Behind this program is talented screenwriters Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman, already at work in the HBO dramedy Bored To Death. Inspired by the work of oboist Blair Tindall “Sex, Drugs and Classical Music” , this dramatic comedy modernizes the image of classical music with his tone happily crossed and at the same time very bohemian account Given the personality of Rodrigo. Amazon has struck hard with this new production lot of attention across the Atlantic and made the Mania series of closing night this year.

Mozart in the Jungle arrives on OCS City from this Sunday, May 3rd at 20:40!


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