Friday, April 17, 2015

Star Wars VII: Matthew McConaughey in tears in front of the trailer – BBC

VIDEO – The little film that artfully blends an emotional sequence derived from Interstellar with the new -Private band of Reveil Force is currently a misfortune on the web. The user oskararnarson may be rubbing their hands … Shivers guaranteed.

This is such an original idea preposterous. Yet the result is impressive: the emotion of Matthew Mcconaughey face the second Trailer Star Wars VII is impressive, but it is reminiscent of the great fans we are more earlier in the day

It must be said that the sequence is found. in one of the most moving sequences Interstellar , Cooper (Matthew McConaughey ) returned from a trip to a far away planet where time passes much more slowly. When he returns from his tour that lasted only a few hours, several decades of earthly time have passed. He discovered the videos his relatives, including his daughter, were sent to it. These have gradually lost faith in his return. The messages fade and leaves devastated Cooper. Emotion is at its peak.

It is this scene has chosen for the mashup , the user oskararnarson. By skillfully combining the second trailer of Star Wars VII , he obtained a video where the illusion is perfect.

The synchronization between the two scenes is such that at the end of the video mashup, while millions of fans found stainless Harrison Ford duo accompanied by Chewbacca stating: “Chewie, We’re home ! “, we understand that Matthew McConaughey he too wants one thing: to be home.


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