Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hermione: “It’s great as an adventure, it’s a boat … – Liberation

At noon, the weather is always covered. Installed next to Fort Vauban Fouras, Michael and Mary Magdalene were a little disappointed, because “” can not see the good “. It’s true that hard to distinguish the Hermione, off the island of Aix. In a few hours, it will pass in front of them. The elderly couple, originally from Saintes, brought binoculars. For now, they read the newspaper, sitting in their green camping chairs. They arrived at 9am, fearing with reason that later “roads [are] barred” . They wanted to be there for the start of the “grandiose” ship. “It has followed since its construction” says Michel.

Same story for José and his family, standing a little further. On holiday in La Palmyre (Charente-Maritime), the Vendée learned this morning “Antenne 2″ that Hermione was leaving today. They had already seen ten years ago in Rochefort, when there was “the shell” . On the other side of the fort, close to the stage where the show and speeches are planned, Michel has just arrived. He is about to have a picnic with friends. All come from the Dordogne, and are not there by chance. “We came to say goodbye, it’s our child goes!” says the sexagenarian. It is deputy mayor of Etouars (Dordogne), the city where were cast “scree [small guns, ed] the Hermione” . He is very proud. His friend Daniel also came for Symbol: “the boat represents freedom, openness, at a time when people have constraints. Taxes, everything … “

Joel Breton met nearby, sees the project as a ” proof that despite the pessimism, by uniting, we can achieve some something crazy “. Hermione, he saw at least ten times: “Each return from vacation, a hook was done by Rochefort” , he says eating a banana. Below, on the beach, small lunch groups. Children, almost all in sailor play. Most participating in the show organized with a thousand students from schools and colleges of Rochefort and surroundings, expected in early afternoon. After the show on the same stage, Hollande to push the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of the commander of the Hermione, Yann Cariou. It should be surrounded by Ségolène Royal, Minister of Ecology and former President of the Regional Council of Poitou-Charentes, and Jean-Yves Le Drian, Defence Minister.

Morgan, ten years, sitting in the sand. In a short time he will sing with his comrades “the Port of Tacoma” and the hymn to Hermione. Beside him, his grandfather, John, is here to History. “You could say that all this is useless, and it is true indeed, but it’ll still further. When my grandchildren will hear about Lafayette later they will remember this moment. This project is a page of history that was not necessarily needed, but now it is open, go after “, he says. His wife, Nicole, is that “kids on board are courageous” .

Crusaders on the sea front, Antoine and Nicolas would have liked to be. These two young men of 24 years working in the Navy. “It’s great as an adventure! It’s a pirate ship! “, is launching Nicolas, who ” seen the boat building growing “. It is satisfied with the “spotlight” that the region benefits thanks to Hermione. Meanwhile it passes, 16h, they will “drink a little Pineau terrace in the Charente!” . Traders are rubbing their hands, “as in summer” . On the terrace of a café, precisely, have met Eric, who just finished his beer, sunglasses on the nose. He’s happy to be here today to be part of the “gathering” . “There is a momentum” . It evokes “Charlie” , before recovering: “well, it has nothing to do but there is a gathering of envy as” LikeTweet

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