Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kingsman: delirium Matthew Vaughn will be entitled to a suite! – Go Back

With $ 400 million in revenue worldwide box office, Kingsman should come back soon with a sequel, as just announced the little guys of The Wrap .

The public has responded very positively to the wacky espionage film by Matthew Vaughn and his setting swirling scene. And like him, we are delighted to learn that a sequel is already in preparation.

It should be said that even before the release of the film, the director does not hide his desire expand the universe he had created with Mark Millar. He referred at the opportunity to unveil a US branch of Kingsman , which could provide us a clash of civilizations with onions. Indeed, Matthew Vaughn has already proven with X-Men: First Class that he was comfortable with pop culture on both sides of the Atlantic <. /> p>

Finally, do not worry if some characters were killed in the first episode. Vaughn has already announced that it would cope for us bring them back to life. And considering his ability to make the public swallow the most enormous twists, all in good humor and with intelligence, it makes him quite confidence.

This suite of Kingsman is therefore excellent news, especially since it could prove to studios, although cautious in these times, there is room for public and most original creations and bold than average.

Highly Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Taron Egerton back for new adventures. And God Save the Queen.

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