Richard Anthony in 2008
Richard Anthony in 2008 – POL EMILE / SIPA

20 Minutes with AFP

The funeral of singer Richard Anthony, who died earlier this week at the age of 77 years took place Friday in Cabris (Alpes-Maritimes), in the privacy

Only present were family members. – he had nine children – as well as relatives. In the small cemetery Cabris, provencal village, a few kilometers from Grasse, where the singer was buried, his sister sang “The shadow of your smile” Ella Fitzgerald.

“The public liked it because it looked like his listeners and those who bought (his) record, “said the journalist Bernard Persia, a close friend of the singer.

” I ‘ I said just now at the ceremony: he could both go shopping just in a supermarket and then dinner at the other end of the world. He was still himself, he was always in the right place. Lover of life, he used, maybe sometimes abused all the fun and I think that remains in the minds of people is a man who looked like them but also a great artist, “a-t -he added.

Richard Anthony, yéyé idol 60s, lived for several years in Pégomas, a village near Cabris