Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Extinct: a very popular series – BBC

2 France meets Alix Poisson and François-Xavier Demaison in the new cliffhanger.

Gone could be a simple cop show, but it’s much more than that. Lea, 17, left with his cousin Chris to the Music Festival. The next morning, she still has not returned … “It’s a thriller about the blast that can cause a loss in the family” says Catherine Touzet, one of the authors.

During these eight episodes, clever flashbacks construction will come to unveil the complex personality of the disappeared. All with a firm resolve: never fall into pathos. Alix Poisson (Florence Morel, the mother of the girl) acquits himself admirably. The actress – this Parents: user manual – also quotes a professor of the Conservatory: “In life, it is a thousand times more exciting to see someone keep from crying by all means rather than see him cry bitterly. ” She continues: “I think this character is never where you expect it. The exploration of the pain and the struggle for life resumes top is extremely well done. ”

The revelation demaison

To reconstruct the puzzle surrounding the disappearance of Leah, Commissioner Molina conducting the investigation in a family where no one really seems inclined to say any the truth. With this taciturn character, François-Xavier Demaison joined for the first time the cast of a TV series. “I liked the cop side and the echo that the investigation into his personal life. He seeks this lost but also the affection of his daughter. “Before filming, he plunged into Custody , with Lino Ventura, especially for scenes interrogation. Subscribe to comic roles, he observes: “It’s a good shift that is timely. I have more things to convey today than it was a decade. ” The credits include Pierre-François Martin-Laval ( Les Profs ) or Alice Pol ( Supercondriaque ).


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