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Avengers 2, of the ideological divide of the civil war – Marianne

In 2008, the publishing house of American comics Marvel produced his first film Iron Man . The story told how a playboy billionaire, self-centered and cynical but brilliant inventor, heir to a multinational who made his fortune in military engineering, was turning into superheroes after his capture by the Taliban. Doped with an armor of his own, we saw the “man of steel” knock Afghan bearded to blow missiles and other flamethrower. Face the Barbarians in rags, the increased human justice to the “values” of the United States of his time frenzied individualism, techno-bliss, “coolness” foolproof and art to mock any subject as a is not serious to better avoid substantive discussion.

Faced with Iron Man arrived three years later anachronistic Captain America , super- frozen soldier during the Second World War, which is reflected in our time revived through technology Tony Stark. Behind the suit to the Stars and Stripes hides Steve Rogers, a former idealist whippersnapper who had always been denied the right to serve his country. Until the day when the army offered him to participate in an experimental project, which had the effect of transforming it into a kind of American football that would have traded his ball against a shield. Captain America had little to appeal to the public: a ridiculous name, kitsch costumes and values ​​of another time: loyalty, respect for authority, politeness, self-sacrifice … However, film after film, he emerged as the ideal counterweight Iron Man and was able to glean enough greenbacks at the box office for not ashamed to face his antagonist.

Iron Man and Captain America team up with a handful of other heroes in the film chorale The Avengers in 2012, an epic crescendo that size third place at the box office of all time. A deserved success for a fun movie and more successful than the other Marvel film production company that has since been bought by the Disney entertainment empire. The credit goes to director Joss Whedon, whose experience on the small screen (the father of Buffy , it is he) is reflected in the writing of this big machine bringing together heads of displays have so far made justice solo. Where Avengers is as unique as it is so far the only film Marvel where the leg of a director is visible despite the heavy specifications imposed by the studio.

The disappointment with the vision of Avengers 2 is therefore up to the expectation of the film. Both legitimate expectation, since the first was a good movie, and artificial, communication surrounding the super-heroic blockbusters being greater each year to blow shooting photos, teaser posters and teasers of trailers and excerpts … The marketing campaigns that swallow a big portion of the huge budgets allocated to these films, which are all amputees dollars on the screen.

Avengers 2 is not a bad film in itself. But this time, we feel that Joss Whedon has capitulated to pressure from the studio, which explains his statements regarding filming it deemed “nightmare” and the fact that no signs up to the position of director for Avengers 3 . Everything in this room is in constant opposition for the better when it comes to desired choice and for worse, when they are incurred. He first story there, struggling to exist as such, but which must also prepare the ground for future films. The scenario is as such an astounding simplicity traumatized by his trip into space at the end of the first Avengers, Tony Stark creates a sense artificial intelligence protect the Earth from a possible extraterrestrial threat. Except that it takes its mission pacifying a little too much to heart and decided to serve humanity, to recreate a world where humans have evolved and would finally be able to live in peace with his peers. The Avengers, so to end the threat that they themselves have created

The pace is different from the first game. Where it rode while crescendo, Avengers 2 alternates between furious action scenes and quieter moments conducive to introspection of each. In each of these phases, ideologies worn by Iron Man and Captain America crashing against each other. The follower of transhumanism advocates anticipating threats, even create a passage where the star hero sees the role of a soldier is confined to defend the population when it is in danger. The first, frightened, takes on terrorism by all means when the second seeks to retain the concept of morality in conflict, even perceive the world in a more naive and Manichean way. Comics fans know that this ideological divide is preparing the civil war that break up in the next film Captain America , the superhero population into two camps. One led by Iron Man advocate a militarization of heroes, led by the US government and therefore subject to the Pentagon when the second, led by Captain America, ironically, become refuse outside-the-law as to comply with the orders of the first.

To return to Avengers 2 , opposites are not always the services of the film. Witness this romance between the green giant Hulk (still poorly modeled, despite inflation of the budget) with a spy without power. No feeling emerges of this artificial encounter, which logically leads to a failure … Faced with hordes of robots that attack continuously heroes, there is also the will to explore the psyche of these. Unfortunately, these sub-plots fall flat and there again, the public will struggle to move their personal dramas. The heart of the film, literally and figuratively, is to be found in the haven that is home to Hawk-Eye, a simple archer member of this team of demigods. It is through the eyes of a man driven by modest stakes do his job – even if it is to save the world – and go play at home with his kids that a bridge is taking shape with the spectator. While the other protagonists appear Commes beings truly “extraordinary”, that is to say, deeply eroded and only by their neuroses.

Interestingly, the equilibrium point is reached with the introduction of Maximoff twins, new recruits of the band, but a last minute guest to synthesize between man and machine, both visually and in the theme of the film. Compassionate, he recalled that the human failures are “benevolent” . A way for Whedon, lucid, to recognize the weakness of a film still worn by good intentions?


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