Thursday, April 30, 2015

Video – Woody Allen reveals Irrational Man – Gala

The trailer of the new film by Woody Allen, The irrational man, has been unveiled. First tantalizing images …

Woody Allen is back, the top of its 79 years. A year after the release of Magic in the Moonlight , two years after that of Blue Jasmine , three years after Midnight in Paris , short, Mr. carbide film per year (or two) since the early 80s and always seems to lose its breath.

Joaquin Phoenix and one that seems to be his new muse, Emma Stone, director returns with The man Irrational a feature that seems to be mid-mid-comedy thriller. The trailer has just been unveiled does not tell us much, just enough to make us the mouth water. Abe (Joaquin Phoenix) is a professor of philosophy at the university. Depressive, focused on drinking, he joined two relationships. There his colleague Rita (Parker Posey) beautiful woman of fifty years and looking for adventures after his failed marriage. He then falls in love with the refreshing Jill (Emma Stone), one of his best pupils, lively and cheerful. Until then, nothing more complicated than a banal love triangle

But in view of these first extracts, we understand that something happens that will change Abe:. A conversation. We know neither its subject nor its protagonists revealed but according to images, it will transform. From the dark and musty man he will become a pleasant and jovial character (to the chagrin of Jill).

A cryptic trailer, which announced that Woody Allen is likely to impose once again king of the plot, with this 46th film. The irrational man will premiere in Cannes (out of competition), and we will wait until October 14 to see the movies.


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