Thursday, April 23, 2015

50 shades of Grey: the husband of EL James write on! – Staragora

EL James, author of “50 shades of Grey” will keep a check on the script for “50 shades darker” since it is her husband who write!

50 shades of Grey , a couple of case? Anyway EL James, author of the series 50 Shades Of Grey , is a woman fist! The writer has won his battle against Universal Studios gaining more control over the second film based on the saga. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal has agreed to call Niall Leonard for the screenplay of this second part. The writer is none other than … the husband of EL James! A way for the author to keep an eye on the scenario. It must be said that the preparation of the first component of 50 shades of Grey was not easy. US Weekly has published a news director Sam Taylor-Johnson March 25, 2015 announced that the latter did not want to re-engage for 50 darker shades . Rumors say that the strained relations between EL James and the director would be the cause of his departure …

Actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson would still be in talks to reprise their roles for a second film. Following the success of 50 Shades of Grey, the actors would have asked for a salary … 7 figures! The date of the start of filming has not yet been formalized



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