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The past embarrassing to the family of Ben Affleck – Europe1

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Europe 1

Five months after the hacking of Sony Pictures, the revelations are not finished. According to an email revealed by WikiLeaks, which released last week more than 30,000 documents and 170,000 e-mails, the American actor Ben Affleck, supporter of various causes, does not assume the past of his family. Indeed, it has asked the authors of a documentary about its origins not to mention the fact that one of his ancestors had been slaves.

A “dilemma”. In this email exchange, Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony, and his friend, Henry Louis Gates, a Harvard professor, discuss the request of Ben Affleck did not mention this slave ancestor in the show “Finding Your Roots” ., on PBS

Henry Louis Gates and their “dilemma”: “in confidence, for the first time, one of our guests asked to delete something about a these ancestors that he owned slaves (…) No one has ever attempted to censor what we found. It’s a megastar, what should we do? “asks the teacher which presents the show.

“An independent editorial choice.” Michael Lynton advised him to remove the information. What Henry Louis Gates meets fear that this “compromise our integrity.” Finally, the PBS program does not mention the embarrassing ancestor of Ben Affleck, supporting various causes and in particular co-founded the NGO “Eastern Congo Initiative.”

In a statement, PBS has responded to these embarrassing revelations, ensuring that Henry Louis Gates “and its directors [had] made an independent editorial decision to retain the most interesting story”

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