Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mike Brant: the five most beautiful love songs – BBC

VIDEOS – Israeli singer idol of young girls from the early 70s, died there 40 years ago, April 25, 1975

How ironic fate as that of Mike Brant. This charming singer who often told desperate love stories in his songs has committed suicide by falling from the 6th floor of its building in Paris. It was April 25, 1975. Mike Brant was only 28 years old.

A complete biography titled Mike Brant, Unforgettable *, signed Pierre Pernez and prefaced by the family of the singer just released by Editions City. The author returns to the dark side of this idol of teenage girls from the early 70s

Zvi Brant his brother, Corinne Weill Brant his sister, his niece Yona Brant, opened their archives and shared their memories Peter Pernez. This book provides through these stories to better understand the wounds of the singer.

Mike Brant career was meteoric unfortunately. In France, only five from 1970 to 1975 a dozen of his songs reach the heights of the charts. We have chosen for this anthology, videos of his five greatest hits.

* Mike Brant, unforgettable Peter Pernez, published by City € 18.5

Mr. Imperium (1970)

Who will know? (1972)

It is my prayer (1972)

There is a tear (1973)

This is how I love you ( 1974)


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