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Los Angeles – Star Wars: George Lucas apologizes after dealing Disney “of slavery” – L’Express

In an interview with journalist Charlie Rose –dont featured excerpts were broadcast in November but has been fully unveiled these jours–, Lucas said: “ The characters of Star Wars + + are my children . I love them, I made them, I am very intimately related to them “.

And you sold them ” observes the journalist.

I sold to white slave traders who take these things “, says the filmmaker.

Thursday issued a statement for “ clarify what I said on the show Charlie Rose “, an interview “ before the film’s premiere “.

I have spoken ill and have used an analogy very awkward and I apologize ,” he adds.

I work with Disney for 40 years and I chose to take care of the inheritance + Star Wars + because of my respect for the company and its leader Bob Iger “.

I am delighted that Disney owns the rights to the saga and takes him in one direction so exciting, both in the cinema, on television and in amusement parks , “he adds.

I am most of all impressed by the success at the box office of the new movie and am very proud of JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy “, respectively director of “ Revival of force “and president of Lucasfilm, he concludes.

The new “ Star Wars ” became the film at supersonic speed to highest grossing Disney history in North America.

With $ 629 million in counter in North America, “ + The Rise of force + became the Disney movie with stronger historical recipes in theaters in North America “at Disney said in a statement Thursday.

The film goes beyond “ 13 days only 623.4 million dollars accumulated ” by superheroes of “ Avengers ” in 2012, which previously held the record, he adds.

Han Solo, Princess Leia, and new heroes of the galactic saga Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron, however, not yet beaten the dinosaur “ Jurassic World ” biggest film in North America in 2015 with 652.3 million dollars.

At the global level, “ The awakening of force ” first “ Star Wars ” in ten years, has already accumulated 1.29 billion dollars.

Within Disney, he is ahead “ The Snow Queen ” (1.27 billion) to the more lively –dessin grossing histoire– but does yet eclipsed “ Avengers ” ($ 1.5 billion).

The road is still long to supplant the two largest historic commercial success in Hollywood to date, two feature films by James Cameron: “ Avatar ” (2010 and 2 , $ 79 billion in revenue), and “ Titanic ” (2.2 billion in 1997). The latest installment “ Star Wars ” is currently eighth.


Obama moved to tears by Aretha Franklin – The Point

Barack Obama is a sensitive boy. Visitors will have to again realized on seeing him, moved to tears, listening to Aretha Franklin sing “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” at the annual gala of Kennedy Center, broadcast on CBS on December 29.

On the occasion of this ceremony during which were honored composer and singer Carole King, but also the filmmaker George Lucas (as actresses Rita Moreno and Cicely Tyson and the conductor Seiji Ozawa) the singer of 73 years appeared in “guest star” to the surprise. Dressed in a heavy fur coat, she sang the song he had written in 1967 Carole King and Gerry Goffin her husband at the request of Gerald Wexler.

From the first bars, conquered the audience capsized. Are these words evoke the resurrection of a melancholy woman watching the rain fall and taking hope in favor of a romantic encounter? While Michelle Obama chaloupait in his chair and the camera lingered on the expressive face of Carole King, shocked to see her friend Aretha is at the piano … the president of the United States seems to crush a tear listening this tube.

Spectators booked exceptional “standing ovation” at the singer who, like a diva, threw his heavy coat completing his divine service.


“Star Wars” George Lucas did not he just spit in the soup? – MetroNews

This is the story of a visionary genius who sold his life’s work to a multinational with long teeth … and white. And wonders if he has not made a big mistake by greed. By discovering the interview with George Lucas to the moderator Charlie Rose, some people had to swallow their coffee through. Starting with the direction of Disney, which bought Lucasfilm, the company’s director, to the tune of $ 4 billion in 2012. But as Kathleen Kennedy, producer who has taken the reins of his empire after long worked at his side including the adventures of Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford.

The father of the saga Star Wars , 71, begins by explaining why he did not take part, near or far, the design of the episode 7. “They looked at the stories I had written (for suites – ed.). And they have decided not to use them They told me ‘ we want to do something for the fans. “They decided to do their own thing. Anyway they did not really want that I get involved. If I had, I would cause them trouble. Because they were not going to do what I expect of them. And as I no longer had control, I was going to screw up. So I said ‘ok, I’m going my side and I let go of them. “

” I sold my children to white slavery “

Later, George Lucas launches into a long metaphor, comparing his decision to love and / or family breakdown. “When we separate from someone, the first rule is that you do not phone. The second rule is not to enter the car in front of his house to check on her. The third c ‘ is that you do not point you to the coffee shop where she habits, “he explains. “I speak from experience.. Every time you violated one of these rules, it reopens the wound (…) These films, these are my children, I love them I sold these white slavers who and take things .. “. Perhaps realizing the enormity of the comparison, it does not finish his sentence and laughed.

During the interview, scale, hollow, about 7 episode, written by JJ Abrams but Lawrence Kasdan, who had co-signed The empire against attack and The Return of the Jedi . “They wanted to do a retro film. I do not like it,” he loose. “On each of my films, I work very hard to make them completely different, with different planets, different vessels, I want it to have fresh air.” The opportunity in passing to tackle those who tried to imitate Star Wars after the success of the first trilogy. “Everyone started to make films with spaceships and they were all horrible and they all lost tons of money,” sighs the filmmaker, which now return to a more experimental film in the vein THX 1138 , in 1971.

& gt; & gt; The return of the Star Wars saga to the cinema in seven key dates
& gt; & gt; Star Wars 7 already crossed the billion dollar revenue


“Star Wars VII”: the regrets of George Lucas – The Point

In 2012, George Lucas sold Star Wars Walt Disney for a whopping $ 4 billion. Following this, the studios have completely seized control of the seventh installment of the saga. As a father who was stripped of custody of her children, the filmmaker has not had its say. Last November, the CBS, the director expressed his dismay.

In view of freshly unveiled new extracts, he explains how he loves the films he created and made. The reporter, George Lucas loose: “I sold to white slave traders who take these things and …” but the director does not finish his sentence, as if he realized the enormity. It concludes with a simple laugh.

“They wanted to do a retro film. I do not like it. “

He who strived to make each original episode was totally against the idea of ​​a film” retro “. “They wanted to do a retro film. I do not like it. I made my films in completely different ways: different planets, different vessels, making them new. “It is true that the plot of the episode VII looks terribly that of Episode IV, A New Hope , released in 1977 …

Finally, it explains that before the deal with Disney, he thought not be completely stripped of its creation, but to write and direct the result of his first trilogy. But the company did not hear it that way. “They were not very motivated to me to include in the project. If I had been, I would have simply created problems because they would not have done what I wanted them to do. I would have screwed up. “In fact, Disney does not make a mistake because Lucas does not recognize her baby

Lucid, he compares this to a breakup.” When you break up with someone The first rule is not to call; the second is that you do not go home to see what she does. Because if you do that, you revive old wounds. And that makes it even more difficult to live. “Lucas should not have to go see The Force Alarm clock.


Johnny Hallyday on stage in January in Paris to commemorate the attacks – Le Parisien

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 ILLUSTRATION. Johnny Hallyday will be performing Republic Square on January 10 to commemorate the attacks in Paris
ILLUSTRATION. Johnny Hallyday will be performing Republic Square on January 10 to commemorate the attacks in Paris (Le Parisien / Frédéric Dugit)

Affected and combative, Johnny Hallyday will be on stage on January 10 instead of the republic (Paris) for the commemoration ceremony organized by the city of Paris, reveals Europe 1. In his latest work, the artist has released a song called “one Sunday in January” to pay tribute to the victims and the great march on 11 January after the attacks of Charlie Hebdo and Hyper hide.

According to Europe 1, a French rocker contacted in mid-December accepted the proposal for this concert where we can also hear the choirs of the French army.

While the singer performs a tour called “stay alive”, Johnny Hallyday, who had decided to play anyway after the attacks of Bataclan and the Stade de France on November 13, had stated in our columns need to “show everyone that these criminals do not fear them. They will not prevent us from living. If I was not a singer, I would take a gun and I would fight them. What they did was disgusting, despicable … How can we kill innocent people like this? It’s incomprehensible. They are crazy, it must be said. “

VIDEO. One Sunday in January by Johnny Hallyday

In addition, to these ceremonies from next Tuesday, four commemorative plaques will be unveiled. One outside the offices of Charlie Hebdo, another Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, where the policeman Ahmed Merabet was murdered by Kouachi brothers. The last will be affixed to the Hyper Hide the gate of Vincennes, where Amedy Coulibaly had perpetrated a hostage. Finally, another plaque will be unveiled in Montrouge, where municipal police Clarissa Jean-Philippe had been shot. François Hollande should be present at the commemorations.

In addition, the promotion of the Legion of Honor 1 January should decorate the heroes of Thalys, the US military Spencer Stone and his friends, who had disarmed a man preparing to shoot the passengers on the train but Michel Catalano, the printer of Dammartin-en-Goële, and his employee Lepère Lilian, who had been hiding for more than eight hours under a sink while printing Kouachi that the brothers were holed up in the building.

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attacks in Paris

Johnny Hallyday on stage in January in Paris to commemorate


Affected and combative, Johnny Hallyday will be on stage on January 10 on the place of the republic (Paris) for the ceremony of commemorations organized by the city of Paris, reveals Europe 1. In his latest work, the artist has released …

2015-12-31 11:19:00

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Star Wars overwrites the “box office” French in 2015 –

The seventh installment of the saga created by George Lucas has achieved 6.8 million admissions in only 15 days …

( ) – Released in very end of the film, the seventh episode of the Star Wars saga successful performance to rank ahead of the “box office” French in 2015 … “The Awakening of force,” in theaters dark since December 16, has indeed gathered 6.8 million viewers, according to figures released by CBO box office. It therefore already ahead of the animated film “The Minions”, which was released in July, with 6.4 million tickets …

Performance battered

latest installment of the saga created by George Lucas in 1977 so steals record after record, since surpassed last weekend the billion dollar businesses in the world, after twelve days of operation only … He cleared the way the performance of “Jurassic World”, since it took thirteen days to film produced by Universal Pictures, a subsidiary of Comcast Corp group, to reach this year a billion dollars in revenue.

Record Revenues

According to observers, the revenues generated by the new Star Wars, produced by Disney Studios, could total $ 9.6 billion worldwide, including sales of products (toys , video games, T-shirts etc.) that could reach alone $ 5 billion …

  – © 2015


“Star Wars” topped the box office in 2015 France with 6.8 million entries – Le Point

“Star Wars: the Force Awakening” took the head of the box office in France in 2015, gathering 6.8 million viewers just two weeks after its release, according to figures released Wednesday by CBO box office.

The seventh installment in the galactic saga created by George Lucas, in theaters since December 16, achieved total 6,803,351 entries since its release, slightly higher than the previous record this year, held by the animated film “The Minions” (6,401,791 entries).

The third place was occupied in 2015 by the US blockbuster “Jurassic World”, with 5,123,699 entries.

In the past week alone, from December 23 to 29, ” Star Wars: the Force Wake “attracted 3,002,116 spectators

Disney announced that again.” Star Wars “had crossed the Sunday billion bar (916 million euros) recipes in the world, in less than two weeks on the screens.

He said that revenues were divided equally between North America ($ 545 million) and the rest of the world (546 million dollars).

In France for its first week, the 7th episode of the Star Wars saga had taken over first place in the French box office unsurprisingly, with 3,801,235 spectators gathered in 1093 rooms.

The film of JJAbrams had won several passing records, including that of the best first week in 2015 to James Bond “007 Spectre” (2,203,549 entries on 902 screens).

“The Force Wake” had achieved the third best score for a first week in France behind the invincible “Welcome to the Sticks” (4,458,837 to 793 rooms) and “Les Bronzes 3: Friends Forever” (3906 .694 in 950 rooms).

For the past week, the sophomoric comedy “Babysitting 2″ came in second behind “Star Wars” and its three million new viewers. She was seen by 550,113 additional viewers for its fourth week of release, exceeding a total of 2.3 million tickets.

The social comedy “Le Grand sharing” with Valerie Bonneton and Karin Viard rises on the third step with 474,661 spectators in its first week in theaters.

The family film “Belle and Sebastian” by Christian Duguay, new installment of the adventures of little Sebastien and his dog in snow coat has met his new side 450,808 spectators during the week school holidays. It now exceeds 1.2 million tickets sold in total.

In the fifth, “Le Voyage Arlo” attracted more than 400,000 persons, more than 2 million viewers.

1. “Star Wars: Episode VII, The Force Wake”: 3,002,116 entries (cumulative 2nd week: 6,803,351) – Copies: 1093

2. “Babystting 2″: 550 113 entries (cumulative 4th week: 2,349,746) – Copies: 553

3. “Le Grand sharing”: 474 661 (new) – Copies: 441

4. “Belle and Sebastian, the adventure continues”: 450 808 entries (cumulative 3rd week: 1,215,548) – Copies: 685

5. “The Journey of Arlo”: 404 149 entries (cumulative 5th week: 2,190,040) – Copies: 883

CBO Box Office Survey for the week of 23 to 29 December 2015

12/30/2015 7:42:25 p.m. – Paris (AFP) – AFP © 2015


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Brussels: the New Year festivities canceled due to risk of attacks – Le Parisien

A New Year without fireworks or festivities for Brussels. Wednesday evening, the mayor of the Belgian capital has announced the cancellation of TV events planned in the city center. To justify this decision, Yvan Mayeur invoked risk of attacks. “We are forced to cancel given the risk analysis made by the crisis center,” he said live on RTBF public broadcaster.

“It was a decision I measure good, delicate, difficult to take to the mayor,” observed Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, also invited to the RTBF, who called the decision “just”. This is not the first time that New Year’s fireworks in Brussels was canceled. This had already happened in 2007, also in connection with a terrorist threat. Last year, approximately 100,000 people who attended the transition to the new year on the Place de Brouckere in central Brussels.

Two people arrested Tuesday for Brussels

“It is better not to take the risk,” said Yvan Mayeur, while the situation does not allow to “ensure that we have controlled everyone who comes to the event” . Since late November, Belgium including Brussels, home to the European institutions and NATO, the “terror alert level 3″ is one notch below the maximum level, which corresponds to a “possible and credible threat “. Following the attacks of 13 November in Paris, the Belgian capital even lived for almost six days at 4.

Several investigations are currently underway on issues related to terrorism, including that related to attacks from Paris. In this case, nine people have been charged and detained in Belgium. A search related to the case has yet occurred Wednesday in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels commune where originates a leading fugitive suspects, Salah Abdeslam, and which served as home port several members of jihadist cells. According to RTBF, at least one person was arrested during the police operation.

On Tuesday, the federal prosecutor announced the arrest of two people suspected of planning attacks in the capital for celebrations end of the year. Citing threats “serious”, the prosecutor said that “several emblematic places of Brussels” were targeted. “Investigations are still ongoing, the Brussels prosecutor, the federal prosecutor, still working on that threat,” said Yvan Mayeur still warranted.


“Star Wars” topped the box office in 2015 France – Le Point

With 6.8 million viewers just two weeks after its release, Star Wars: The Force Wake Up is leading the box office in France in 2015, according to figures released Wednesday by CBO box office. The seventh installment in the galactic saga created by George Lucas, indoors since December 16, achieved total 6,803,351 admissions since its release, slightly higher than the previous record this year, held by the animated film The Minions (6,401,791 entries). In the past week alone, from December 23 to 29, he gathered 3,002,116 spectators. Disney announced that the new Star Wars had crossed Sunday the billion dollars in revenue worldwide in less than two weeks on the screens.

The 3rd best score in France

He said that revenues were divided equally between North America ($ 545 million) and the rest of the world (546 million dollars). In France, for its first week, the 7th episode of the Star Wars saga had taken over first place in the French box office unsurprisingly, with 3,801,235 spectators gathered in 1093 theaters. The film had won JJAbrams passing several records, including the best first week in 2015 to James Bond 007 Spectre (2,203,549 entries on 902 screens). The Force Wake had achieved the third best score for a first week in France behind the invincible Welcome to the Sticks (4458837 to 793 rooms) and Les Bronzes 3: Friends Forever (3,906,694 in 950 theaters)



Box office France: Star Wars is the biggest hit of 2015 – Screenrush

By attracting 6,803,351 in just two weeks, Star Wars The Force Reveil becomes the biggest hit of 2015 in France, exceeding the Minions.

Box Office France from 23 to 29 December 2015: Top 5

The success of Star Wars The Force Awakens (original version) is undeniable! With 3.8 million viewers its first operating (the third best performance of all time), are added 3 million fans. Peaking at 6.8 million viewers in just two weeks, JJ Abrams’s film is already the second biggest hit of 2015, before the Minions (6,401,791 viewers). Considering its stride, the 7th installment of the saga of George Lucas can dream the peaks … and already ranks in 3rd place of the greatest successes of the saga in France, behind Revenge of the Sith and 7,247,809 entries .

Star Wars The Force Wake is the biggest hit of 2015!

Behind the behemoth Star Wars there are 3 French films! Babysitting 2 did better than resist drawing in 4th week of 500,000 new converts. Better: this second component will record more entries than the 1st (2,358,733 in 2014). Is that given the success the duo Nicolas Benamou / Philippe Lacheau will leave for a third number?

Babysitting 2 will exceed the score of the first part …

From side of the Great Divide, given the influence of Star Wars on the box office, we can be welcomed 400,000 spectators attracted for its first week. The film Alexandra Leclere should reach the symbolic million medium-term inflows, a course that has just crossed Belle and Sebastian 2 in 3 weeks. Finally Arlo The complete travel of the top 5. The Disney production rose 2 million entries on the occasion of the holiday season. Globally, The Good Dinosaur (original version) has raised more than $ 215 million …

Do you know the episode 4 and a half of “Star Wars “?

George Lucas Reportage


Trintignant, Huppert and meeting Haneke film – Gala

The last time Michael Haneke, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Isabelle Huppert were gathered for a feature film, a Golden Palm has come to reward their work. The magic trio decided to do it again next year, in Calais.

The most French of Austrian filmmakers is back in France. La Voix du Nord assures Michael Haneke is indeed decided to shoot his next film in the hexagon in Calais to be precise. According to the newspaper, the director of White Ribbon will rotate in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais a feature film entitled Happy End . There will tell the story of a “bourgeois family faces the problem of migrants”. The support structure for audiovisual production Pictanovo however, indicates that the daily migration issue is not the subject of the film, even if it is “discussed and integrated.”

This project marks before the meeting on a movie set and the director of the Austrian duo of actors whom he had trusted to Love in 2012: Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Louis Trintignant. Their first collaboration was collected a Golden Palm in Cannes. If the set of Happy End will not start until spring 2016 , AFP provides already that Michael Haneke has visited the Calais area, in person, in order to perform its first trails. Good news for the local economy, especially as another feature film will be shot in June, not far away, in Dunkirk. This will be the new film by Christopher Nolan, in which most likely will play the excellent Tom Hardy. The Nord-Pas-de-Calais new boutique asset of France for foreign filmmakers? Who would have thought



The entry into the public domain of the “Diary of Anne Frank” is debated – Le Parisien

The Amsterdam court ruled that the original texts of the “Diary of Anne Frank” could be copied for purposes of scientific research by the Anne Frank House and the Dutch Academy of Sciences, are we learned this Wednesday. The judgment does however not concern the duration of copyright in which the issue is being debated.

The “Diary of Anne Frank,” written by the Jewish teenager 13 years between June 1942 and August 1944 while she was hiding with her family in Amsterdam, was published for the first time Dutch by his father, Otto Frank, in 1947. It has been translated in over 70 languages.

The legislation provides a work falls into the public domain on January 1 following the seventy years since the death of the author “or the last surviving author.” Anne Frank had died in 1945 at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp (Germany), the text should become duty free in 2016. But the Anne Frank Fund, located in Basel, founded in 1963, is not of this opinion.

Why it gets stuck

The copyright holder believes that the text is a “posthumous work”, published long after the death of the girl. Before the publication of the text, the father of Anne Frank has eliminated passages considered too personal for the Swiss foundation thus became co-author which would fall “The Diary of a Young Girl” in the public domain only in 2051 .

Olivier Ertzscheid, Lecturer in Information Science, was moved early October on his blog that the Journal is not within the public domain. He also released the full text, which is illegal. An initiative followed by other personalities, but that the Fund did not miss, putting his lawyers instantly. The lecturer maintains its position and underlines that while the symbol that represents “Mein Kampf” into the public domain on January 1.

Does exchange Judgment things?

“The Fund and the Foundation agreed before the trial,” said one of the members of the Board, Yves Kugelmann: “Some text has been published in the Netherlands for the first time in 1986, so they are protected until 1 January 2037 or 50 years after publication initial, as provided by the Dutch legislation. “

The Anne Frank Fund asked the court to prevent the Anne Frank Foundation, which runs the museum in Amsterdam in particular, publish the texts in the context of a Scientific Research. “In its decision, the court took into account two fundamental rights: the interests of the Fund for the maintenance of intellectual property rights and freedom of scientific research”, explained the judges in their decision, taken several days before publication on the Internet.

The foundation and the Dutch Academy of Sciences, they are “happy that the Copyright Act could be used to thwart scientific research”.


Lemmy, Motörhead founder, enthusiast playing hard and fast – The World

Le Monde | • Updated | By

In the summer of 2013, the announcement of the postponement of a Motörhead tour due to health problems of his bassist and singer Lemmy had left stunned fans British heavy metal trio founded in 1975. Lemmy, as his fans were accustomed to call, sick and forced to rest, it seemed impossible for anyone who saw him as an indestructible despite daily life accumulating since decades a strong alcohol consumption – especially whiskey – and the most various drugs, LSD, amphetamines and cocaine, but “never heroin,” he insisted .

On stages around the world, Lemmy had at heart, night after night, to lead to further the power of his group. Suffering from cancer, had been announced to him Saturday, December 26, two days after the anniversary of 70 years, Lemmy died Monday, December 28, at his home in Los Angeles, announced a short message broadcast on Tuesday 29 the group’s Facebook page, without elaborating on the nature of this withering cancer. The best way to honor him, the statement added, will be to listen to music from “Motorhead blaring, blaring of Hawkwind, Lemmy FULL VOLUME. And a few drinks. “

From group to group

Born December 24, 1945 in Stoke-on-Trent, England, Ian Fraser Kilmister was the son of a chaplain of the Royal Air Force, left shortly after his birth. He was raised by his grandmother and his mother, who remarried later. The family settled in Wales. Set board, there he is nicknamed Lemmy. At 17, he began working, hand in Stockport, just south of Manchester, played guitar in various bands in the early 1960s Party live in London in 1967, it will be a while roadie (for materiel musicians on tour) for The Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Move. He moves from group to group, whose psychedelic rock formations Sam Gopal’s Dream, and Opal Butterfly, which include plays Simon King drummer.

In autumn 1971 he joined, soon followed by Simon King, the British group Hawkwind space-rock, led by guitarist and saxophonist Dave Brock Nik Turner, whose recently released album In Search of Space . The training blends with psychedelic hard rock elements and begins to be noticed for visual effects and long improvised parts at his concerts. With Hawkwind, Lemmy starts bass. Rather, it plays like a rhythm guitarist, with tone controls that highlight a serious sound, very present, the volume pushed to the maximum amplification. He is also the singer on some compositions training, hoarse, growling voice. All of which will be developed within Motörhead.

  • Video clip of “Silver Machine” (1972) by Hawkwind, with Lemmy on bass and vocals.

Drug abuse

Hawkwind Lemmy will stay with until the summer of 1975 during a period often as age Group of gold, with the albums Doremi Fasol Latido (1972), The Hall of Mountain Grill (1974) and Warrior on The Edge of Time (1975) and the famous hallucinated concerts including account make the disks The Space Ritual Alive in Liverpool and London (1973) and The 1999 Party (recorded in 1974, published in 1997). Within the group born of tensions on issues of artistic direction, the exhaustion of touring and drug abuse. Arrested in early summer 1975 for possession of amphetamines at a border crossing between Canada and the United States, Lemmy is left behind by the group, which would have taken this pretext to give her leave.

Back in London, Lemmy is determined to become the leader of his group “person who can fire me” , he said steadily. Constituted very quickly with guitarist Larry Wallis and drummer Lucas Fox, it takes the name Motörhead, title of a song recorded with Hawkwind, facing a B-45 laps published in March 1975. The trio began recording and already the scene where they live. But success is not forthcoming. Fox goes away, replaced by drummer Phil Taylor (1954-2015). With the arrival of Eddie Clarke on guitar, instead of Wallis is made, until the early 1980s, the historical formation Motörhead. One that will know, after periods of doubts and failures, the consecration with the album Overkill (March 1979), her second studio, Bomber (October 1979) and Ace of Spades (November 1980).

  • Video clip of “Ace of Spades” (1980) by Motörhead.

Play hard and fast, with the concern that it retains a non-mechanical aspect, relaxed, this is the will of Motörhead with Lemmy. Lovers meet there the most effective rock, punk as those of hard rock. The leather jackets, long hair and sideburns imposing Lemmy attract attention, like his way of singing, looking up at a microphone perched high. He also willingly bears the military insignia of the Second World War, of which he is a collector. Interest “aesthetic” for uniforms and not for Nazi ideology as it was explained in his autobiography White Line Fever: The Autobiography ( The Fever of the white line, French translation in 2004, ed. White Truck).

From notorious tantrums

Concert Man, Lemmy knew play with his frightful image and nasty, exaggerated on purpose, which itself in the private, according to his family, showed careful politeness and good manners. This did not stop when Motörhead does not work as he wishes, poking notorious tantrums. Motörhead, Lemmy does not tolerate half measures or sagging. In 1981 appears the album recorded live No Sleep’Til Hammersmith, Game Group impeccable testimony at concerts.

  • Video clip of “Killed by Death “(1984) by Motörhead.

Eddie Clarke left the band in 1983, a time replaced by Brian Robertson, and then by Phil Campbell from 1984, still Motörhead in concert until the recent past. Changes drummers are more common until the arrival in 1993 of Mikkey Dee. The purpose and strength of Motörhead themselves remain stable (the band will play a while with two guitarists). With regularity, Motörhead recorded new albums (his discography studio into account more than twenty, including the latest, Bad Magic, released in August), preceded or followed by a long tour which in some years show up to 200 concerts. That of 2016 was due to begin January 23 in Newcastle, England.

  • Video clip of “Get Back in Line” (2010) by Motörhead.

Lemmy few dates

December 24, 1945 Born in Stoke-on -Trent, England

1960 Guitarist in various bands

1971 Summer end of 1975 Hawkwind bassist and singer

1975 form the trio Motorhead, still active in 2015

1980 Output of album “Ace of Spades”

December 28, 2015 Death in Los Angeles, died of cancer diagnosed two days earlier


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lemmy, the sacred monster is you –

No doubt that this does not displease him to go straight to hell! Lemmy, bassist and “howler” Motörhead was swept to 70 years by a withering cancer, diagnosed Saturday, two days after his birthday on December 24.

funereal black-dressed, dark hat slouched, sideburns overflowing, dandy mouth as much as ghost pirate, cheek flanked by two large buttons witch, he was a living legend, a sacred monster, dragging in its wake much more or less verifiable legends. It would have swallowed amphetamines tubes because he was allergic to heroin, he would have swallowed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s day, before going to the screwdriver for health reasons , he would have collected a thousand girlfriends, preferring to be On the road again that family and worked as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix.

But it was above all a true showman who wowed his fans for a good forty years.

The tributes from around the world.

His unwavering fans, the director the Gespe, current music scene of Tarbes, Pierre Domenges.

“He played everything, everything that interested me, rock, hardcore, punk, and it was close to Ramones, which for me were just what I like in music. What was fascinating about Lemmy was his provocative, his black humor. It was a real character … “

The journalist Jean-Noël Levavasseur had just completed a collection of 24 new, dedicated to Lemmy Motörhead, in a collection White Truck with artists uncommon.

” For this collection, continues Pierre Domenges, I told a story based on the title of Motörhead Hammered , meaning hammered .” I imagined we discover in the old part of smashed skulls. A story that challenges Lemmy, who leaves the group and comes investigate. He will meet a priest, which we know that he was the killer. In fact, the two characters’ carry their cross. ” “There are in there a link between the violence of the music of Lemmy and hell, the devil …”

Motörhead was back on stage in January in England, but also Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Geneva.

“Motörhead, that’s it, that’s clear. Lemmy Motörhead embodied. We will do more touring “said Mikkey Dee, the drummer. Never mind, even when we go up the sound.


Lemmy Motörhead, the unpublished interview: “I am loyal to rock’n’roll, he never disappointed me” – Télé

In June 2006, the day after a triumphant set of Motörhead at Hyde Park, London, Lemmy confided in “Télérama” in an unpublished interview to date.

June 2006, Hyde Park, London. Motörhead, special guest Foo Fighters, playing in front of 85,000 people which we have sworn they were coming for him. The bikers steelworkers trio had beautiful precede the true heads posters of the day, Queens of the Stone Age and then the group of Dave Grohl, the star of the event was undoubtedly Lemmy: the godfather, the patriarch, the so indestructible model a “rock’n’roll way of life” that some have tried to imitate and so many others were content to admire from afar.

Lemmy still claimed, at age 61, so that it does carburait that speed and Jack Daniels, he had a baby liver. Other, more realistic, claimed that his altered body had grown accustomed to this radical diet and a change would have killed him. Whatever. The bottom line for Lemmy was always booze at his permanent place in his favorite bar (the Rainbow, in Los Angeles) and rock grognard head while warts and sideburns to scream into his microphone always set very high but, above all, never slow down. His life was to burn albums to its unique racket smash a metronomic pace to soon start touring with his two acolytes faithful – Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee, always at your service for ages, worthy replacements for the two historical founders Fast Eddie Clarke and Philthy Animal Taylor (RIP).

The day after the concert in Hyde Park, Lemmy had received us for an interview, remained almost unprecedented to date. His sad demise is the opportunity to publish this conversation with a man of rare constancy in his words as in his life.

85,000 people cheering you a hero, it affects you ?

Obviously. 85,000 is insane. And London, England, at that. Suffice to say, my home. However, the back side of the prodigal son or even homesick, that’s not my thing. Only the road before me is important, not that I have already borrowed. But it was cool, concert. Especially that everyone came to tell me that was the best. Even Dave Grohl! It was very classy. It is rare from a headliner. Yeah, it was a great show for everyone. Except maybe for the poor guys stuck in the middle of the crowd. It must feel good piss …

To the end, you and the Foo Fighters were joined on stage by Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen … Around 76/77 Queen and Motörhead were light years, right?

Pffff … The music was never created to separate, to oppose the people. It is marketing and stupid labels that have generated divisions, clans. The only criterion that is worth what one feels. One likes or dislikes, whatever the genre. The problem is that, very early, the kids did not dare to love, much less buy records that were not listening to their friends. This is stupid. There is no rule. It is precisely to oppose rules that rock’n’roll was born. Comply with labels is to bow to the dictates of record companies who do not care much for music. A record company only used to two things: signing the artists and being swallowed by the competition

On Kiss Of Death, your latest album (in. 2006, editor’s note), there is a song called God Is Not On Our Side

God is not on our side, ha ha , Ha !!! Nothing has changed on that side, I think. There is not an army, a war that the belligerents do not claim that God is with them and that their fight guide. It does not even their fear of a tank or bless their weapons. “Thou shalt not kill” … My ass, yes! How to believe in any religion when we see the millions of deaths that it generates has always and still today? It is monstrous, what need of so many people need that crutch to live.

“I never let people record companies put one foot in the studio, they have nothing to do there “

You, you chose to believe the rock’n’roll …

Exactly. Because rock’n’roll, is freedom. And you have to fight to preserve it. For they have always sought to tame, to enclose the rock’n’roll, to clip his wings. And people of head record companies once again. They killed so many good bands. I never let them get a foot in the studio. They have nothing to do there. Do I hang in their offices rotten, me? They come to us, with guests as if they were visiting the zoo. The worst is when they bring their kids horrible they stick us in the legs. Outside !!!

I’m not nostalgic, certainly not, but it must never lose sight of the essence of rock’n’roll, its original power. Do not be clouding the mind. It’s like love or a relationship. We must never forget the wonderful times of the beginning. Remember that one has loved a woman deeply. But we forget that then could no longer endure it, we had his back to bed and all these terrible things that install inexorably … The question is: should we persevere, to hold on to some thing which is no longer, or always find the initial passion? For the rock’n’roll, there’s no question.

For couples, I do not know … But I do not think people are made to stay together long. They do so only to protect themselves, for fear of being alone, or because of religious beliefs … But when the world is yours, as now, why stay cloisonné prisoner?

You do not believe in loyalty …

I am true to rock’n’roll. He never disappointed me, I owe him that. I have never lost sight, just know to look in the right direction. He has not moved. We did everything to kill him, but that’s impossible. Its root is too deep. Because there is nothing artificial: the depths of their being, most people love the vibration energy. Boogie AC / DC moves people around the world. Because it’s rock’n’roll, simply. As Elvis once. Before it got morons movies. But it remains the heart of rock’n’roll that has not finished beating. All these depressing of awards shows or institutions have tried to sanitize, but in vain. I once went to one of these routs and it was depressing. People are drinking that cider! Ugh !!!

A rock band model for you?

The Ramones. Sorely underestimated, in my opinion. They had all inclusive rock’n’roll, his ethics to build the perfect song. Joey And more than any other. The Ramones were the embodied excellence. And they have all been decimated. We knew that Joey was seriously ill, but Johnny and Dee Dee, damn !!! Well, Dee Dee also wrote it was a little too ….

What did the most harm to rock’n’roll?

Radios certainly almost never do in the way of the authentic. Once a DJ arrives with the desire to spread the true rock records, he got fired. Or he adapts to the ambient consensus by scheduling crappy songs. I know, we can not blame anyone for fear of losing his job, but at the same time, if it means denying oneself completely, not to fight for his beliefs … Lick the line of his boss, this is five minutes …

You have a deep respect for the Beatles …

Because they are the source of a global phenomenon unprecedented. I think people do not realize how they are revolutionizing society 60s at the time, we lived on a totally different planet. Really. A Cavern, Liverpool, no alcohol was used. Just coffee and sandwiches. The only drug available was music. So powerful. There was a small cachet or capsule swallowed by it here and there, but it’s the music that smashing us, made us take off. The world was better in those days because we were all still very naive. This candor gave us wings. And then disillusionment, cynicism settled. And it contaminated.

“You can not triumph over a superior enemy too. But that does not mean that one must bow to their law. “

But you’ve lost your illusions very early, at boarding school …

Yeah, and then the plant then. You can still beat you, take over one, two or three, but after? There are still hundreds behind, so why bother? We can not triumph over a superior enemy too. But that does not mean that one must bow to their law. Adversity teaches you to believe in yourself and a little luck.

You started with the guitar?

Yes. Just the bare minimum to please girls. After, it was the hard way, night after night. Like the Beatles in Hamburg. It was even kids starting there. They found love with prostitutes Star Club that have adopted them. And then drugs, mainly to keep up, because they were doing four sets a night. I also learned like that, at clubs where chained in concerts.

“My memories of Hendrix are fuzzy because it was constantly under acid “

You are one of those who rubbed Hendrix closely …

I was his roadie, his assistant, we shared an apartment in Holland Park. It was cool. After the clear memories are fuzzy because it was constantly on acid! Some bits, some images come back to me, but that’s it. Strange, why we retain certain things and not others? As if someone else was controlling our memory for years … It is said that those who claim to remember 60 were not, and that is somewhat true. But I was still aware enough, even totally stiff, of what was happening around me.

This is what allowed you to survive?

Perhaps. Recently, with Motörhead, we played at a festival in Poland with Pete Doherty. Poor boy, he was completely in the west. I had heard that he was a genius, I just saw a guy who sang rétamé as a Gifted with a band playing bad. It would have to act together when I did not give him six months. I saw so many guys like him … Many people find it romantic, for me it is rather shabby. Just a guy who gives pathetic sight. Ah, you take dope? Sorry, but many others are doing before you. And with more talent!

You have remained close to Phil Taylor, your first drummer [died November 11, 2015, ed]?

All world think it is angry to death. I said, as always, what I thought of him and his behavior, but I’m not resentful. Despite our differences, Phil and I have always remained on the same wavelength. It is the horrible little brother that I did not have and I am his infamous older brother. I parted from him because he no longer secured to the battery, but his sense of humor, very special, never left. And whatever he does, wherever he goes, we will always be welded like the two fingers of one hand. Until we die.

You have a fascination with military uniforms …

Like everyone else, right? Not wearing a uniform? Anyone who dresses, even one who claims to fuck, wears a uniform. Whether the difference or conformism mat. The only nuance is that everyone chooses his uniform. What is still more fun and, provided you have the style or taste, more fun.

The audience cheering you do not live in its vast majority, like you. Most work in offices, have fairly conventional lives …

I think it’s still somewhat the case. Actors, artists or musicians embody a kind of ideal that feeds their fantasy, their feelings actually live vicariously …

You feel a bit player sometimes?

Yes, it happens. Let’s say we do not always want or head to go on stage, but it is something that we owe to all those people who have paid to come see you. So, yes, sometimes we did some pretend to be happy to be there when we are in the sixth dessous.Ça is called to play a little comedy, but this is not the scam. On the contrary, it is respect. I sincerely believe to be an honest person.

You appear in any case on the same stage as in life …

I do not pretend. Already, I dress like this. Most artists feel compelled to constantly changing costumes. I think this is a mistake. They still believe that the “new” is always better. They are wrong. Most often, it was the former. I saw passing fashions and looks filthy shit all these years. So why change at all costs?

Ace of Spades has become your anthem, your only tube …

C ‘is both annoying than either alone, but at least we got lucky. Not only to have a tube, but it fell on such a great song. There are so many groups who drop a hit with a foul as he hate and they have to play until the end of their lives as the highlight of their show! Ace of Spades, okay, what is worthy and it rocks. If we do not always tired. It’s cool to be famous for that.


Death of Lemmy, the leader of the legendary British band Motörhead – The Point

The leader of the British heavy metal band Motörhead, Ian “Lemmy “Kilmister, rock legend, died of cancer at the age of 70, the company said in a message published Tuesday on its Facebook page.

The legendary rocker, founder, singer and bassist of Motörhead, was one of the great survivors of rock’n roll, although inveterate partygoer. His cancer was diagnosed Saturday, two days after his 70th birthday, and he died Monday.

“Our powerful and noble friend Lemmy died today after a short battle against an extremely aggressive cancer,” the group said in his message.

“He had learned that he was suffering from the disease on December 26, and he was at home, sitting at his favorite video game, along with his family” , said Motörhead. “We fail to express the shock and sadness we feel. There are no words for it.”

An emblematic figure of the rock, the singer, who lived in Los Angeles, had an inimitable look, with his favorites chops, his protuberant moles on the face, head covered with a black hat like the rest of his clothes.

On stage, he sang with an abnormally high micro, a habit he had kept the beginnings of the group. This unusual position required him to sing the head turned upwards, which, he said, kept him at the time to see how the spectators were few.

He was considered as one of the pioneers of heavy metal, although it has always ensured that Motörhead was a rock’n roll band.

Ian Kilmister was born December 24, 1945 to Stoke-on-Trent in central England, and raised on the island of Anglesey, in the extreme north-east Wales

He worked as a roadie. – field technician – the legendary American guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Joined the space-rock band Hawkwind, it is excluded after a drug case. Motörhead he founded in 1975.

The group released over 20 studio albums. One of the biggest hits of Motörhead was the song “Ace of Spades”, released in 1980.

Lemmy’s death comes a month after that of Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, former drummer of Motörhead , died at age 61.

The singer’s health had recently deteriorated, but the group continued to play.

– ‘A warrior and a legend’ –

Kilmister attributed his longevity to the fact that I never took heroin, drug he had seen take many friends.

However, it was very far from being hostile to other drugs, and claimed to be once stayed awake for two weeks on speed.

His alcohol consumption was also impressive : a bottle of whiskey a day. But he said he was spending the last years of vodka-orange, to spare his diabetes.

Lemmy claimed to have slept with more than a thousand women. He explained that he had never married because he had to choose between family life and life on the road. He had a son, Paul.

The death of the founder of Motörhead aroused sadness and consternation among his fans and fellow rockers.

“Lost Lemmy today, the one of my best friends, “said Ozzy Osbourne, the lead singer of Black Sabbath. “He will be sorely missed. He was a warrior and a legend.” “I’ll see you on the other side,” added Osbourne at the deceased

Nikki Sixx, the American band Mötley Crüe. “I’ll miss you, buddy You were always one. . pillar of dignity Rest in peace, Lemmy “.

The British rock band Judas Priest tweeted:” Words for Lemmy will never be sufficient, then we simply say: farewell Lord Lemmy, thank you for Music for concerts. “

Brian May, the Queen guitarist, said Kilmister was” absolutely unique “.

Motörhead was back on stage in January with a tour in the UK and Europe. It was to begin January 23 in Newcastle and the group had to travel to Glasgow, Manchester, London, Lille, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Geneva and Basel.

But the death of Lemmy also means that the group, said Tuesday his drummer, the Swede Mikkey Dee, the daily Expressen. “Motörhead, that’s it, that’s clear. Lemmy Motörhead embodied,” said the musician, who joined the group in 1992.

“We will do more touring or whatever. And it . no more disks but the brand survived and Lemmy continues to live in everyone’s heart, “he added

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