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See the new “Star Wars” worthy of a “Mission Impossible” – The Obs

Being a journalist has some advantages, especially that of seeing movies and series before their outputs. As emphasized François Forestier, projections say “press” take place a few weeks before the launch, the time critical “digested” and publish the works in time for the outputs. Except that, in recent years, large production companies are trying to regain control of the tempo.

In the vein of the video game sector (for journalists the new titles the day of release) movie blockbusters are screened increasingly later to the press. And under surveillance. The finding is valid both for the new James Bond that “The Hobbit”.

The arrival of a new “Star Wars” movie waited for 10 years by fans, was not going to exception. And it was very hard. Attend the screening premiere of “Wake force” more relieved of “Mission Impossible” as a galactic journey


Friday, December 4, at 5:23 p.m. precisely, I get e-mail of a certain “StarWars-ProjectionPresse”. Large print and capital letters, it prompts with some authority to “READ CAREFULLY THIS EMAIL”. The good news, however, falls:

The Lucasfilm studio is pleased to [me] to invite to the screening of ‘Star Wars: The Awakening of force’ and [me] be among the first people in France but also around the world to discover this much anticipated film. “

A discreet “Yay!” escaped me. Then I found out the terms on which I had to submit myself to discover the new film by JJ Abrams Tuesday December 15 Among others:.

  • “Do not make any record of the film;
  • Follow the critical film embargo until Wednesday, December 16 at 9:01;
  • Do not reveal key elements of the film’s plot in order to leave intact the pleasure of future spectators;
  • Leave the dressing room my cell phone or other recording device during the film. “

This is not the first time that I am faced with stringent conditions to access a work or a product, not yet disclosed, but here the production company sets the bar high. Especially once accepted and signed terms, I find myself with a dark QR Code.

LucasFilm says “the place and the exact timing will be communicated on the eve” of the projection ” SMS “. “Without this QRCode, access to the room will be denied me,” said does on me. This SMS is he self-destruct as in “Mission Impossible 3,” also directed by JJ Abrams movie?

” Do not forget your QR code “

Monday, December 14, I prances in the Waiting SMS giving me a time and a place. By dint of trailer, I really want to see what is going to give it “Revival of force.”

But also to organize myself a little bit. “Boris, you’re free for lunch tomorrow?” ; “Boris, we’ll have a drink Tuesday at 19h?” Could not hire me. I have to make a review of the movie in the wake of viewing so that everything is ready for publication on Wednesday at 9:01. What if the screening takes place at 18h in the suburbs (at random, say, Disneyland)?

At 3:17 p.m., I’m relieved. I receive an SMS with a “Star-Wars” telling me:

Projection single press Tuesday, December 15 [cinema] Pathé Quai d’Ivry. Projection: 10:30. Doors open at 9:30. Remember your QR Code. “

The QR code! I find the email, click on the link, which refers to a site saying” Sorry, but the confirmations for the premiere of ‘Star Wars’ are closed. “M ****! After a search in due form of my office, I found the precious.

” Night Vision Binoculars “

Tuesday, December 15, it is 9:34 when I arrive at the cinema Why it is ultimately the answer obvious.? it is equipped with a large room and Imax is located close to the French local Disney

Dozens of security guards. are distributed in the cinema. rigor Costume and headset, they frame the flood of journalists begins to flow. I’m routed to the people behind a desk that scan my QR Code and allows me to continue to the Grail that is the en

Last step:. I have to leave my mobile phone to people who lock him in an orange bag, handing me a single ticket. That’s it, I push the door, here I am in the room.

Except it was only 9:45, and the film starts in about an hour. I carefully selected my place (remembering Sheldon Cooper techniques). Just have to wait listening loop cult music from “Star Wars” and observing the details of the poster of “Wake force” projected. The time, however, proves long when one is deprived of his mobile …

With the approach of the screening, security guards are positioned in the room. LucasFilm warned that “security agents [are] equipped with night vision binoculars.” It’s like a spy novel. After a final reminder projection conditions, the film starts.

Beware of spoilers

After the press screening ended, while still a tricky part: write a review of the film” keeping confidential information relating to scenario and the links between the characters, “such that the conditions I signed the spécifiaient. Disney and LucasFilm thus warned:

Any revelation from me on this film to people who have not attended the screening would be a detriment to Disney / Lucasfilm giving rise to compensation “


The “Mission Impossible” phase, while leaving room for creative threat of self-censorship. The exercise is not easy, and was even denounced by “the world”.

Especially Disney recently proved that he is not one to joke with spoilers on “Star Wars”. Last week, fans have relayed the packaging of a new toy adapted from “Réveil de force,” which contained an important revelation about the plot. Disney then sent them (and other social networks) threats of legal action on the basis of copyright if they did not remove the photograph of the toy.

The studio itself acknowledges that “these measures [are] a little strict,” before justifying that this will “offer us to see this film the day before its theatrical release.”

At least with this paranoia, Disney is directly in the footsteps of the creator of the saga of George Lucas. Indeed, on the set of “The empire against attack” (released in 1980), no actor or technician knew that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father. Not even David Prowse, the actor as the villain of the mask that said while filming “Obi-Wan killed your father” before the phrase be amended to dubbing.

Boris Manenti


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