Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lemmy, the sacred monster is you – ladepeche.fr

No doubt that this does not displease him to go straight to hell! Lemmy, bassist and “howler” Motörhead was swept to 70 years by a withering cancer, diagnosed Saturday, two days after his birthday on December 24.

funereal black-dressed, dark hat slouched, sideburns overflowing, dandy mouth as much as ghost pirate, cheek flanked by two large buttons witch, he was a living legend, a sacred monster, dragging in its wake much more or less verifiable legends. It would have swallowed amphetamines tubes because he was allergic to heroin, he would have swallowed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s day, before going to the screwdriver for health reasons , he would have collected a thousand girlfriends, preferring to be On the road again that family and worked as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix.

But it was above all a true showman who wowed his fans for a good forty years.

The tributes from around the world.

His unwavering fans, the director the Gespe, current music scene of Tarbes, Pierre Domenges.

“He played everything, everything that interested me, rock, hardcore, punk, and it was close to Ramones, which for me were just what I like in music. What was fascinating about Lemmy was his provocative, his black humor. It was a real character … “

The journalist Jean-Noël Levavasseur had just completed a collection of 24 new, dedicated to Lemmy Motörhead, in a collection White Truck with artists uncommon.

” For this collection, continues Pierre Domenges, I told a story based on the title of Motörhead Hammered , meaning hammered .” I imagined we discover in the old part of smashed skulls. A story that challenges Lemmy, who leaves the group and comes investigate. He will meet a priest, which we know that he was the killer. In fact, the two characters’ carry their cross. ” “There are in there a link between the violence of the music of Lemmy and hell, the devil …”

Motörhead was back on stage in January in England, but also Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Geneva.

“Motörhead, that’s it, that’s clear. Lemmy Motörhead embodied. We will do more touring “said Mikkey Dee, the drummer. Never mind, even when we go up the sound.


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