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“The Awakening of force,” definitely the best “Star Wars” – The Obs

That’s it, that’s the big day The new “Star Wars” arrives this Wednesday, December 16th in French cinemas, first film since the franchise was bought by Disney.

fans were circumspect, both excited to get a response to the galactic saga and fearful to see the work of George Lucas betrayed by director JJ Abrams (“Lost,” “Star Trek”). They have no fear. “The Awakening of force” turns out to be a big “Star Wars” or even the best.

Where is Luke Skywalker?

The story picks up 30 years after the end of “Return of the Jedi” When Luke Skywalker defeated the Emperor brought his father Darth Vader of the light side of the force, and the Rebel Alliance over the reins of the galaxy. Except that, thirty years later, everything has not gone as planned.

Luke Skywalker undertook to train a new generation of Jedi, except that one of his students was attracted to the side Dark Force and turned against his master, killing all others. Feeling responsible, Luke Skywalker chose to go into exile on an unknown planet, as the wise old Yoda before him.

A new Republic was established and an elected Senate, except that the Empire’s heirs says First Order, have not surrendered and restore order along well Nazi way. And they will not hesitate to kill all who stand in their way, especially the Resistance led by Leia Organa, the armed wing of the Republic.

The political context remains quite unclear, but we know that the Resistance and the First Order have started in parallel on a quest to track down Luke Skywalker, only able to “bring peace and justice” and “last Jedi in the galaxy.”

The hunt for the adorable BB-8

“The Awakening of force” thus opens the pilot Poe Dameron rebel in search of a map leading to the old Jedi on the desert planet Jakku. While the First Order Stormtroopers arrive, led by the practitioner of the dark side Kylo Ren, the resistant hides the card in the lovely BB-8. The little robot will take refuge with the plundering Rey, strong and resourceful young girl who desperately awaits his parents return to Jakku.

On the Imperial ship, Poe captured Dameron will receive unexpected help from Stormtrooper a deserter FN-2187, nicknamed Finn. The two friends escape into a TIE ship, before crashing on Jakku. Poe Dameron presumed dead in the crash, Finn finds himself hunted by the First Order, before finally being rescued by Rey and BB-8. The equipped fled aboard a “dustbin” of space which is none other than the legendary Millennium Falcon, the fastest ship in the galaxy.

Hard to tell later without further reveal the plot. The two heroes, always accompanied by delicious BB-8, will cross the path of the leading figures of the Galactic Civil War, especially Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa, C-3PO and R2-D2. The opportunity to discover the Jedi have indeed existed. An adventure that will awaken the Force.

Thumbs-up for JJ Abrams

The film takes all the codes that have made the success of “Star Wars”. The same naive hero (Finn is looking like Luke before him), the same patter of space cowboy (there is Han Solo in Poe Dameron), the same old sage (Maz Kanata bluntly reminds Yoda), the even playful robot (BB-8 mignonitude rival for R2-D2), the same grandiose settings (from the desert to snow through the forest), the same family fight (not to say more .. .), etc.

Director JJ Abrams managed to take everything with a rhythm crescendo, offering sustained action and grandiose battles (both space that lightsaber). In addition, it introduces a touch of humor, entirely missing the last “Star Wars”. In the manner of a movie “Marvel”, “The Awakening of force” is seen punctuated with funny punchlines and well felt. The pilot of the Resistance who mocks the Kylo Ren mask just before being tortured, BB-8 Finn gratifies a thumbs-up …

We also appreciate that “The Awakening force “proves less Manichean than were the previous films. Certainly, there is a fight between kind of “resistance” and the wicked fascist traits (ranging up to salvation). At the same time, through the desertion of Finn, we understand that lurk behind the Stormtroopers disoriented humans, and that engaging the side of the good guys is not easy (Finn and Rey refuse to “be heroes “preferring to flee the fighting in the Resistance).

perfect mix between Episodes III and IV

“The Awakening of force” obviously plays the fans of nostalgia (what a pleasure to find this music, it generic pop), but manages to adapt to future fans of 2015. The film not only reuses past glory, but lays the foundation for a new galactic epic.

2:16, JJ Abrams managed brilliantly to continue the saga “Star Wars” and raise (two other films to follow). We thus find the paw of the director in his ability to absorb from a historical to revitalize a franchise (just see the example “Star Trek”). Better still, the movie gives to see strong women (rare in “Star Wars”), features a color hero, never abuse the special effects, and avoids the odd silly creatures (cuckoo Jar Jar Binks).

The viewer is propelled into impressive space battles, in a vast universe, while posing a reflection on the modern world. Indeed, the First Order means the force restore order and the superiority of the white man had imposed the Empire, in a sort of nostalgia-based “it was better before.” From there to see that the arguments used by the extreme right there is not a

Only default. Kylo Ren is not Darth Vader. While “Star Wars” must have its villain. Despite his helmet and his voice artificially distorted, the young Kylo Ren is far from reaching the mechanical ankle Sith Lord. If it appears torn, Kylo Ren generally gives an impression of weakness (even without a general knowledge of the Force can stand up to him.)

Nevertheless, “The Awakening of force” has the potential to emerge as the best “Star Wars” saga in the c œ heart of “historic” as newer fans. It presents itself as a perfect blend between the rhythm of “Revenge of the Sith” and the discovery of “A New Hope”. A mix capable of exceeding the success that was “against The Empire Strikes Back”.

Fans, like those new to the universe, enjoy the movie and will have only wait : see next. Indeed, while the end of the credits roll, dozens of questions jostle in the head of the spectator which multiplies the odds for Episode VIII.

Boris Manenti


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