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Star Wars: The Force Wake starts in light speed in the US – Screenrush

The US startup Star Wars: The Force Alarm clock is on time these lines already a record. Released Friday, the film has already collected $ 120 million in an operating day. But what does that really mean?

Superlatives will go full swing in our articles and those of our colleagues from all countries to describe the start of Star Wars figures 7. Proof of this is that 24 hours operating in the US, the film has already grossed over $ 120 million *. And he made every second inputs flowing while you read this.

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120 000 000 for a first date, Star Wars dethroned record holder Harry Potter “7.2″ The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 who earned $ 91 million. He accumulated more than double the best start of the saga (Revenge of the Sith) who capped an already decent $ 50 million.

The first digits of the Force Alarm enable spécialistes consider a weekend totaling 246 and 254 million dollars of revenue. Either one of the best starts of all time for a film on American soil. It could therefore be close or even exceed the beginnings of Jurassic World, for now record holder with 208.8 million collected in a weekend (Friday included).

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The film thus overwrite probably score some revenue achieved by the end of blockbusters their US operations, including the last two parts of The Hobbit, in the example given by Deadline, which peaked at 258 and $ 255 million in total. What Star Wars is almost done in three days.

So The Awakening of the Force will he beat Jurassic World? Answer Monday morning. Remember that in France, the JJ Abrams film has achieved “only” the second best start of the year.

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* latest figures at the time these lines. The figures other than those of the Force are from Wake to Box Office Mojo.


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