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Box office France: Star Wars is the biggest hit of 2015 – Screenrush

By attracting 6,803,351 in just two weeks, Star Wars The Force Reveil becomes the biggest hit of 2015 in France, exceeding the Minions.

Box Office France from 23 to 29 December 2015: Top 5

The success of Star Wars The Force Awakens (original version) is undeniable! With 3.8 million viewers its first operating (the third best performance of all time), are added 3 million fans. Peaking at 6.8 million viewers in just two weeks, JJ Abrams’s film is already the second biggest hit of 2015, before the Minions (6,401,791 viewers). Considering its stride, the 7th installment of the saga of George Lucas can dream the peaks … and already ranks in 3rd place of the greatest successes of the saga in France, behind Revenge of the Sith and 7,247,809 entries .

Star Wars The Force Wake is the biggest hit of 2015!

Behind the behemoth Star Wars there are 3 French films! Babysitting 2 did better than resist drawing in 4th week of 500,000 new converts. Better: this second component will record more entries than the 1st (2,358,733 in 2014). Is that given the success the duo Nicolas Benamou / Philippe Lacheau will leave for a third number?

Babysitting 2 will exceed the score of the first part …

From side of the Great Divide, given the influence of Star Wars on the box office, we can be welcomed 400,000 spectators attracted for its first week. The film Alexandra Leclere should reach the symbolic million medium-term inflows, a course that has just crossed Belle and Sebastian 2 in 3 weeks. Finally Arlo The complete travel of the top 5. The Disney production rose 2 million entries on the occasion of the holiday season. Globally, The Good Dinosaur (original version) has raised more than $ 215 million …

Do you know the episode 4 and a half of “Star Wars “?

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