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7 Star Wars: The Force is strong on the Internet – L’Express

Some movies make people totally crazy. So much so that they begin to say everything and anything. Star Wars is one of them. This saga is actually of e even finish this madness that engulfed moviegoers. More that Avengers 2 or Jurassic World , this Episode VII is expected as the messiah. The fans are there. And they want to know what it Force Wake will actually .

After each image, each piece of costume, each nail decor is studied acute, bad faith, fun, seriously. For internet and social networks allow fans of yesterday and today to speculate on what their reserves tomorrow. Sometimes in unexpected proportions. To live the film early. More than ever, Star Wars resonates loudly in pop culture. Studio Ciné Live has surfed the web to take stock of everything and anything.

Star Wars anti-white?

Monday, October 19, 2015. While arrives the ultimate trailer, the hashtag # BoycottStar-WarsVII spreads like wildfire on Twitter. The reasons for this sudden anger: the presence of the black actor John Boyega and the so-called lack of white actors in the cast. The hashtag quickly propelled the top of the social networking trends, is taken hundreds of times. The reactions are divided into three categories.

Those, minority, who agree: “There are things we can do right now, like not putting money into the pockets of those who produce the anti-propaganda white “writes Transpotter. Those then who disapprove, such as actress Audra McDonald: “So if I understand: no concern for the Wookiees, Ewoks and Droids, but a problem BLACK Go home you drunk?..” There are many, more than 90%, to turn this controversy into derision. But still using the same hashtag, helping to increase the popularity. Finally, there are those who are boycotting the film for other reasons, judging the example too commercial.

Still, the hashtag became the most popular in the US within hours. For the happiness of having launched two twittos. Trolls. Those who post messages on internet tendentious to fuel controversy. The latter, openly racist, started from the first trailer, when it appeared a black Stormtrooper. The actor John Boyega responded by posting “For those that bother … We’ll have to do it” on his Instagram account.

John Boyega and Oscar Isaac in Star Wars - The Awakening of the Force.

John Boyega and Oscar Isaac in Star Wars – The Force Wake

Lucasfilm Ltd. . & amp; TM All Right Reserved

This time, it’s JJ Abrams who stepped into the breach: “We look forward to sharing the trailer with you tonight . I do not care whether you’re black, white, brown, Jawa, Wookie, Jedi or Sith. I just hope that you’ll like, “can be read on the Twitter account of his production company Bad Robot.

saber discord

This is one of the revelations of the first trailer. From back and hooded Kylo Ren, new villain of the saga, advances in snow and pulls a double cross guard lightsaber. Unpublished. And an excuse to gut the web.

 7 Star Wars: The Force is strong on the Internet

Lucasfilm Ltd. & amp; TM. All Right Reserved.

Some fans greet the new, others are screaming foul. Renamed “crossguard lightsaber,” or sword guard cross, the object soon to be compared to a Swiss army knife. Even Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan in the prequels, is skeptical said in an interview with Vanity Fair “If you know how to hold a lightsaber, as we did You do not need a guard. ” But purists do not stop there. Dangerous for the user according to some, the sword was tested. In his video (800000 views) Thegn Thrand reproduces the weapon and combat mania.

Conclusion: the blade, longer, is more efficient, and custody is fatal during a clinch. The Warp Zone also maintains the debate in a video combining 1.6 million views.

The topic changes dimension in passing in the satirical show The Colbert Report . The facilitator asks, not without humor, on the making of the sword.

After the cloth round, the weapon begins Kylo Ren turn the media. Journalists commented with a vengeance. Enough for JJ Abrams takes the floor in Collider: “There have been many discussions [on the design of the sword, Ed] It was a drawing come true and it’s fun to see that people have the same conversations. we have had. ”

Good old Jar Jar Binks

For the title of most hated character in any the saga, called … Jar Jar Binks. Gungan his condition, it appears in the The Phantom Menace in 1999. The companion of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi Wan Kenobi is a delight for children with his cartoons jokes.

7 Star Wars: The Force is strong on the Internet

Lucasfilm Ltd

Fans of episodes IV, V and VI them, hate, saying it does not fit into the spirit of the saga. J.J. Abrams also seems to agree. So the director thought, the most serious of the world, make a “tribute” to posthumously Jar Jar. He even went further by describing Vanity Fair the scene he had in mind: in a stealth plane, the most attentive could see the character’s bones in the desert. An easter-egg (hidden reference in a movie) finally abandoned.

This idea has made humorous small. Visitors took the opportunity to parody the final poster that Jar Jar takes the place of all. Same for the trailer in which the film was renamed The Binks Awakens (over a million views on YouTube). Failing to please, the Gungan’s always talking.

Han Solo is dead

 7 Star Wars: The Force is strong on the Internet

Lucasfilm Ltd. & amp; TM All Right Reserved

The return of.. Harrison Ford in the new Star Wars trilogy could stop when The Force Wake . The first discussions on the death of the character maintain the forums. First, Internet users consider the actor too old (72 years on the clock when shooting). And his injury shortly after filming began, has reignited the debate.

But it was in February 2015 that the rumor takes another turn. The fansite MakingStarWars ad hold a reliable source, the information that will die Han Solo in the movie JJ Abrams. The site goes on to describe the scene, shot in Pinewood Studios. Information that remains make conditional. But MakingStarWars, following the development of the film from the beginning, has seen several of his information be verified.

Also in February, shortly after the announcement of the possible disappearance of Han Solo J. Abrams told the BBC: “There are a lot of rumors. Some are true, some are false. “Really? That’s nice, thank you. As for Harrison Ford, he already demanded the death of his character in Return of the Jedi .

Luke Skywalker aka Kylo Ren

Luke Skywalker is the question mark for this Episode 7. Where is he? What is he? Who is he? … Good question. No answer, of course. Some have quickly decided that the son of Darth Vader followed his father to the dark side. Luke is hiding behind the mask . The rumor of Kylo Ren was launched by fan sites from last winter

 7 Star Wars: The Force is strong on the Internet

Lucasfilm Ltd. & amp; TM. All Rights Reserved

If everyone has his little theory, Luke Owen, the English website Flickering Myth, describes his intuitions. It will draw directly from The empire against attack . On Dagobah, Luke faces a vision he beheads Vader. The Sith mask explodes and Luke discovers his own face. For Owen, the Jedi is afraid to go the same way as his father. It then refers to the pleasure of JJ Abrams to muddy the waters, as he did in Star Trek Into Darkness by masking the identity of the villain.

To maintain this theory, Internet users have unearthed an episode of Dinner for Five in 2005. Mark Hamill are talking about the possibility of seeing Luke switch to the dark side. And, believe it or not, the future director of Episode 7 was sitting next to him. The idea, tenacious on the Web, media power to question the absence of Skywalker in the promo images from the film.

When the Associated Press questioned the director on the fact that the Jedi is not the ultimate trailer, he replied: “It is not an accident.” Suffice to say that JJ Abrams has maintain the mystery until the end.

George Lucas this teaser

 George Lucas.

George Lucas.

Reuters / Paul Childs

In late October, several personalities ask JJ Abrams on the site Vanity Fair . The filmmaker lends itself to exercise, as it can dodging the inevitable questions. Until George Lucas himself appears on the screen and asks him, “JJ, what happened to Darth Vader’s grandchildren” “Oh, George … It’s great. To you tell me it was you who invented these things,” Abrams responds, smiling.

For through this, not so innocent resurfaced rumors of the supposed descendants of Vader. Kylo Ren is he the son hid Leia and Han Solo would have finally switched to the dark side? Member of the Knights of Ren, Kylo is it his real name or just a title?

Same questions for Rey, the main female character, whose name is mysteriously missing. Rumors always rumors. No doubt that George Lucas had imagined the family tree of this new generation of characters at Disney when he gave her ideas for this new trilogy. Unless another rumor, much stronger one, wants the founding father, now consultant of the film, has not really been consulted on the matter.


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