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LCI will become next year the 26th string free DTT and concurrent weight for BFM TV and iTV – News Eco .com

After a soap opera plot twists, the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) has finally said yes to LCI. The info channel TF1 will become next year’s 26th free DTT channel and a competitor for BFMTV weight and

After a soap opera plot twists, the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) has finally said yes to LCI. The info channel TF1 will become next year the 26th string free DTT and concurrent weight for BFM TV and iTV, but Paris Première and Planète + will pay.

A year and a half after saying no, the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) said yes this time: it approved on Thursday the move to free LCI, the news channel TF1 Group, on TNT. It nevertheless dismissed the claims of Paris Première (M6) and Planète + (Canal +). This time, the CSA “ found that the chain had no future Economic in the world of pay-TV and its free access help pluralism and the public interest , “he wrote in a statement. In July 2014, the bell sound was quite different: after several months of a fierce campaign whose main argument was “free or Death”, TF1 had dismissed his application on behalf of the equilibria of advertising time

The vision of CSA

Olivier Schrameck, president of the Superior Audiovisual Council which authorized Thursday, December 17 in the passage of the news channel LCI free, the “situation has changed” to the channel since the refusal of the CSA in 2014. Guest of issuing France 5 “C to you”, he explains his decision.

“LCI was virtually in a situation of cessation of activity as over no distributor agreed to broadcast it, said Olivier Schrameck. The second factor is that the change request LCI differs as to its theme, and its contextualisation in the share of newspapers “, which is now limited to 30%, he added. In addition, Oliver believes Schrameck BFMTV and i-TV are stronger economically than in 2014, which, according to him, LCI launched on DTT without adverse consequences for other news channels.

The recalibrated as LCI competitors immediately expressed their anger.

The CSA had refused twice free to LCI, TF1 subsidiary, in 2011 and 2014, but the regulator of audiovisual decided this time to offer a new free information channel to the French. For him, LCI had no future in the pay and “his complimentary contribute to pluralism.”

“The conditions have changed for LCI,” said AFP President of CSA Olivier Schrameck. “The need for information is greater than ever.”

In 2014, the CSA had blocked the road to LCI, believing that advertising revenues were insufficient to another news channel, alongside BFM TV and iTV. But since then, the situation has changed, according to the CSA. BFM TV and iTV are now both backed by large groups, Altice and Vivendi, which reinforce the

In addition, Delphine Ernotte, the new president of France Télévisions. – Chosen by the CSA – wants to launch a chain Public info from 2016. This made it difficult for the CSA to repeat not LCI, according to analysts. At the headquarters of TF1, the regulator’s decision triggered an explosion of joy and was celebrated with champagne. Hitherto threatened by a social level, 230 employees LCI, pioneer of information continuously enter a new era.

The TF1 group, which wants to LCI a “chain-driven on digital “will invest 20 million euros in this chain, deficit since its inception in June 1994. But it is a return to profit in 2019.

Wrath of dropouts

According to sources, the chain free pass early 2016. It was chosen Thursday a new director. Nicolas Charbonneau, hitherto deputy managing editor of TF1

obtain the approval of CSA, LCI has promised to stand out from other information channels with more magazines and reports, and less than JT. Come asked the Competition Authority, she also promised to give up for at least 2 years in any promotion on LCI and TF1 bundled advertising offerings.

The CSA in however refused free passage to Paris Première, cultural channel M6 Group and Planète + (Canal +), documentary channel created in 1988. Both had been retoquées repeatedly by the regulator. They “found their way on pay DTT” assured Olivier Schrameck.

The CSA’s decision therefore affects both Canal +, TF1 and M6, the three largest private groups in the French media , vying stagnant advertising revenues and audiences increasingly attracted to the Internet.

LCI recalibrated as competitors immediately expressed their anger. NextRadioTV, parent BFMTV, first French news channel, even accused the CSA of having yielded to “outside pressure” and endanger BFMTV and iTV.

The CSA “chose strengthen a dominant player in history to the detriment of new entrants and interest for the viewer, “found the group of Alain Weill, who had threatened to carry out” a hundred “of layoffs happening in BFMTV if LCI free. It has already warned it was considering an appeal against the decision of the CSA. “France is the country with the world more free news channels,” lamented Canal +, for its part, the owner of iTV but also Planète +. “The viability of all channels is threatened.”

iTV, which loses an average of 15 million a year, could lose 25 due to competition from LCI, according its leaders. As for Paris First, she feels “endangered” and is expected to become a deficit from 2017. M6 also plans an appeal before the State Council.

Nicolas de Tavernost” Paris Première will close if it does not have access to the advertising market “

Guest Thursday night and Company News on BFMTV, chief executive of M6, Nicolas de Tavernost, spoke in the wake of the decision by the CSA concerning the refusal of the passage of the First Paris chain – property of the M6. – free

About the Paris First closing?

“I find contemptuous enough to the French public had the opportunity to see a string that has ambitions,” he said . The chief executive of M6 group then spoke of “the absurd argument” of the Superior Council of Audiovisual:

“The argument that there would be no economic emergency for Paris First and there would be an on LCI is an absurd argument. The role of the regulator is still to anticipate difficulties that may have a chain and not just to go see that it is on the verge of bankruptcy, and then say ‘It would be nice it straightens ‘. It means that the CSA would aim than watching bankrupt chains to enable them to recover. “

Nicolas de Tavernost then stated that if the chain was unable to obtain Place plain, the only solution would remain closed it. “We, we anticipate very serious difficulties and possibly the closure of Paris Première if it has no access to the advertising market. Today, the market is paying insufficient for a chain that has ambitions to do theater, shows “

However, Nicolas de Tavernost not stop there.” Qu’est- we have left before closing? We still have to go again before the Council of State for the second time to censor the CSA again. And if the Council of State gives us reason for liability, for compensation before the CSA for lost time, “said he assured before concluding:

” This is a serious matter . Today when you see that there is a choice among the 25 DTT channels, saying it takes more than news channel when there are already a number that work properly, and tell there is a string that has a bit of cultural ambition and that one is not given him permission, it is the antithesis of regularization. “

The Higher Audiovisual Council authorized this time the LCI free passage because” conditions have changed “for the channel since the refusal of the CSA in 2014, claims to AFP Olivier Schrameck, its president Q. Why the CSA he changed his mind compared to 2014

A: “In a year and a half, the conditions have changed for LCI. First, 18 months ago, it was still possible to think that a news channel on pay DTT could find its way

Today, it’s over. The need for information is greater than ever, and this requirement is for free information, open and free for all.

I would add that getting LCI free in mid-2014 that would have weakened BFMTV n had not yet found the place that is hers today. Today, the chain is firmly established, as evidenced by its latest figures audience.

And listened to the CSA TF1. The project that was presented to us this year takes account of the remarks we made at the time: it is not in direct competition with I-Tele and BFM TV, but is positioned in a niche likely to maintain advertising revenues everybody. And TF1 has pledged not to abuse its dominant position: no coupled advertisements, no cross promotions

Paris Première and Planète + that they have found their way on pay DTT. no change in their files no justification, however, that the Council passes a no to a yes “

Q. The CFS he favors economic considerations or interest ? the viewer

A: “It is precisely the role of the CSA to combine these two aspects

The interest of viewers. is to look at the highest possible number of different channels, each of which must be able to find their business model to register sustainably in the landscape. The CSA also thinking of the editorial teams at the professional future of women and men who make up the “

Q. With the future of public news channel, BFM TV, iTV, France 24 LCP … there will he not much information channels in France

A: “The more chains of information and there will be more space for the dissemination of ideas and debate.

It is to be welcomed and I know we can count tomorrow on BFM TV, I-Télé and LCI, but also on parliamentary channels, to make it their full part in free DTT, accessible to the greatest number.

As for the creation of a public information system, it is a surprise for anyone: it was included in full in the strategic project Delphine Ernotte when it was chosen by the CSA

I have no doubt that France Télévisions, accompanied by Radio France. , France as well as World Media INA, will build a news channel that will find its place as quickly as possible in 2016 “.

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