Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Star Wars VIII: Harrison Ford cast according to the producer – Le Figaro

When the first European film, the president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy announced that “the entire cast would be back in the eighth episode of the saga,” and this in the presence of actor who plays Han Solo from the beginning.

We now know that the release date of Star Wars VIII is planned May 7, 2017 in France.

But a new size for the eighth episode of the saga has been delivered by Kathleen Kennedy, producer Lucasfilm at the European premiere of the film “Of course we will find new players . Generic eighth episode, but all the cast members you saw tonight will be back “

This phrase apparently so simple reveals surprising information: Harrison Ford is an integral part of the next Star Wars . In what way? No one yet knows … But the assumptions are rife on social networks. Between his return in a way linked to flashback, or the fact that some think that Han Solo was “melted in the Force” as before Alec Guinness, explanations are legion.

Nevertheless, the filming of this eighth part begins as early as January 2016. At barely recovered from the mammoth output of Force Wake , many Members of the crew of the seventh episode will have to go back on the shelf.

This is the promising director Looper Rian Johnson, who took control of the film, some sequences will be canned in Pinewood Studios in London, where the seven previous episodes have also been filmed in part. The first scenes were also shot in September on the island of Skellig Michael in Ireland. The scenario is obviously about her well and truly over. Time will tell how Han Solo will again talk about him. After all, he came out of the carbonite Return of the Jedi


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