Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Depardieu: “The heart of Eating, a terrible hoax” – Le Figaro

In an interview with our confreres Nice-Matin , the actor regretted that the association created by Coluche plays a role that falls to the state and castigated the political class that is unable to stem poverty.

Gerard Depardieu does not lace. It is these individuals unable to understand, accustomed to rants and tirades full of irreverence. Now he recidivism. In full promotion for his autobiography last November 20 by Editions du Cherche Midi, the eternal interpreter of Cyrano de Bergerac was questioned by our colleagues from Nice Matin on the action of the heart Eating.

The 66 year-old actor did not hesitate to castigate the association became three decades after its creation, a symbol of solidarity in France. His words are tough. Vis-à-vis non of the association where it relieves the misery, but of French society and politics which makes its possible existence, “I hate the heart of Eating. A terrible hoax, “he begins by saying, before explaining.” Not Restless, the better it is. But it was a little ashamed. Not for people who are hungry, but to the State which should be addressed. Shame to those who govern. “A political class in his inconsistent unable to take the problem head on. “All these politicians are rude,” he loose. “It’s rude to want to do good for others when you are not honest. No, it does not interest me at all “

End observer, he regretted that poverty can see every day.” What I notice now is that there Some people leave the office suit and tie and make the trash. At eight in the evening, they are there to retrieve an orange to Carrefour Market . It’s amazing modern life. “

Mobilized more than ever this year end, Les Enfoirés just launched their winter campaign and is celebrating their 30th anniversary.


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