Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Angoulême Festival 2016: a larger program that the stomach? – Télé

Katsuhiro Otomo Tribute to retrospective Morris, enticing exhibitions, guest authors 1500, 200 scheduled meetings … The program of the 43rd edition of the festival promises the beautiful, good, heavy.

Rich. With some one thousand five hundred invited authors, over two hundred planned meetings, dozens of exhibits and countless book signings, the International Festival of Angoulême comics (FIBD) has Gallic banquet paces. Unable to go to the end of the meal, or even hope to taste all the dishes … In this cornucopia that will run for four days – from 28 to 31 January – each choose his path. It will be difficult to escape Katsuhiro Otomo. The author of Akira – a manga which, since its first publication in 1982, revolutionized the world of the 9th art and permanently changed the imagination of generations of readers and designers – will be on the honor of the 43rd edition. On the menu: an exhibition where forty authors (Tanino Liberatore, Jiro Taniguchi, Vincent Perriot, Juan Giménez, Matthieu Bonhomme and the spectacular Kim Jung-gi) pay homage and especially an exceptional meeting where the usual master little to say, explain for more than two hours the genesis of his work to his fans. Attention there are only 700 seats in the auditorium!

Another highlight, a retrospective of Morris and his favorite character was born there just seventy spring, Lucky Luke. One hundred and fifty drawings, original drawings and articulated toys designed and manufactured by the author as rare as great, be visible for the first time at the Museum of Comics of Angoulême and that until September 18. See also: an interactive exhibition on Last man , and supercharged hybrid series designed by Vives, Balak and Sanlaville, and if one is always attack, an introduction to the amazing work the Hong Kong Li Chi Tak, a dive in the Dry Jean-Christophe Menu or German collective InterDuck amazing, and of course, smooth sailing in the world of literary references of Hugo Pratt and Corto Maltese. And we will be far from having seen everything! Why this profusion a bit frustrating? Because the festival has a rank to hold. Considered one of French cultural events the most prominent in the world, FIBD was incorporated this year as well as the festivals of Cannes and Avignon in the “Grand Tour”. Led by the Foreign Ministry, this large-scale communication operation is intended to give abroad the image of a France open and attractive highlighting thirty major events. An “official” recognition is timely to reassure the organizers of a festival continually shaken by local storms. Will this be enough to finally stabilize? Answer late January.


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