Friday, December 18, 2015

Nicolas de Tavernost “I do not think the role of the CSA was to undertaker” – Le Figaro

The sages of the Audiovisual Superior Council have decided: contrary to LCI, they refused passage on free DTT for Paris Première. A “incomprehensible” decision for Nicolas de Tavernost, president of M6 group to which it belongs. He decided to appeal to the Council of State to set aside the decision.

The decision of the CSA does it surprise you?
In all cases She strongly disappointed us. We had the opportunity to offer an intelligent chain currently received one third of the French at large. The CSA has not wished that they can benefit. It’s a bit of contempt for all French.

Will you understand?
It is especially full of inconsistencies. The previous refusal – we are in our third request for free passage – was motivated to protect the channel 23. Today, the CSA has decided its judgment for fraud. Now we are told that Paris Première is not in danger … I do not think the role of the regulator was to undertaker and see death!

You ‘ are not tender with the CSA
I believe that the regulatory authority with the help of its president [Olivier Schrameck, Ed] has the bazaar in a sector which worked pretty close properly, that is to say, the news channels and has not agreed to put a little more culture in a sector – the free DTT channels – which we can not say either excess! (laughs) It is somewhat paradoxical and inconsistent. Undoubtedly, Paris Première brought something different to offer for all television viewers who do not have the means to go to the theater, cinema, etc.

“Olivier Schrameck not me not known … “

The CSA believes that there is no economic emergency for … Paris First
This chain is fragile economic, nobody in good faith can deny it – including its capacity to develop. Today, the market is paying insufficient for a chain that has ambitions of making theater, performances. Besides its cultural contribution, that’s another reason why the CSA were to permit its free passage. He did the opposite. We’ll take the consequences.

In the challenging?
We will enter the Council of State as we have already done and hope to do again cancel this decision.

repeatedly, you said you want to close Paris Première if his free passage was refused. Will you put your threats into?
We will do anything as long as the Council of State does not comment and we will position according to its decision. This chain has no future on pay DTT. We can not operate a chain that has no future. I regret it because it is a string that denies anyone: the CSA had a real opportunity, almost a requirement.

You are not kind to the Wise …
When making a decision that is neither logical nor consistent with the public interest, there may be a lot of suspicion … This decision is purely incomprehensible that she has other reasons. In fact for the anecdote when he contacted Nonce Paolini to inform him of his decision, Olivier Schrameck did not call me …

Interview by Patrick Cabannes


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