Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Streaming platforms available for The Beatles Christmas – Les Echos

It is the turn of the Beatles leap streaming. A party this Thursday, December 24th at 00:01, discography of the “Fab Four” is available on no less than nine platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Slacker, Tidal, Groove, Rhapsody, Google Play and Amazon Prime.

This illustrates the wide dynamic streaming has become a major vector of the monetization of music ,” said Pascal Negro, President of Universal Music France and vice president of Universal Music International, which owns the registration rights of the Liverpool group since the acquisition of two thirds of EMI in 2012. A “ global deal ” was passed the staff and with the Sony-ATV structure which has the publishing rights of the Beatles.

For Christmas, streaming platforms and offer a welcome blow against the projector after-advertising Adele. The British singer has decided to boycott the marketing of his latest album “25″ available only on CD and digital download on iTunes, Apple’s platform. What has not affected sales, far from it.

“The streaming is a bit like disposable music”

Nearly a month after marketing, it sold nearly six million copies and broke a record in the US by making the best first week. A remarkable performance as the music industry struggling to take off again.

The streaming is a bit like disposable music (…) I know this is the future, but this is not the only way to listen to music , “said the star in” Time “this week, just to drive the point home. Prince, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Francis Cabrel: other diehards still resist and always calls the foot platforms.

But the dikes give way one after the other with the generalization of paid model dubbed by the majors. After having long been vetoed, bands such as Oasis, AC / DC or Metallica finally give the green light to different platforms. “ The arrival of the Beatles is a strong signal to artists who still refuse: it’s time to get on the train ” Judge Pascal Negro

On iTunes in 2010

It’s hard to go against the sense of history and especially the market trend. In the first half 2015, the streaming generated $ 1.03 billion of revenue, up 23.3% year on year, down when the download and the CD collapses.

By itself, streaming accounted for one third of the turnover of the US music market between January and July 2015, according to data from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) . For their part, the Beatles will once again took their time before making their work available on a new broadcast format.

After dragging their feet to pass catalog on CD in the 1980s, the group had landed in the download in 2010 and exclusively on iTunes, seven years after the launch of the platform. At the time, 2 million tracks were downloaded in a week. This time, the log will be cut at nine. But the shares should be plentiful for all streaming platforms.


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