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Eddie Redmayne, the Oscar-winning actor becomes a woman [PHOTO] – Stars News







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 Credits: PR Photos

Credits: PR Photos

British actor Eddie Redmayne, who received the Oscar for Best Actor last Sunday, appears unrecognizable in a photo from her new film, “The Danish Girl,” in which it is in the skin of a transgender person.

In fact, Eddie Redmayne plays Einar Wegener, one of the first people known to have undergone a sex change surgery in the 1930s

The Wrap tweeted the photo of the Oscar-winning actor wife in “The Danish Girl” and we can say that the transformation is startling!

Eddie Redmayne plays a man born Danish artist but underwent “experimental surgery” to become a woman.

The film “The Danish Girl” is adapted from the novel of the same name by American author David Ebershoff, published in 2000. It is directed by Tom Hooper and should hit theaters in 2016




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“Game of Thrones”: a first poster and two teasers for season 5 – MetroNews

After nearly a year of waiting, there are only six weeks to wait before the return of Game of Thrones on the small screen on April 12 in the US, and 13 in France. And to reward fans for waiting so long HBO has decided to reveal some small information through a poster and two small teasers.

In particular learns more about the destiny of Tyrion . After killing his father, the dwarf is on the run and has obviously decided to take off on a ship, to an unknown destination viewers. Unknown or almost since, on the image, awards clearly a dragon. The youngest of Lannister would he decided to go in search of Daenerys

Jon, Brienne and Podrick , present in Season 5

The two teasers released by the American chain also deliver valuable information. As we see Brienne and Podrick in one, and Jon Snow along with Mance Ryder in the other, we doubt that these characters should be crucial in the coming episodes.

Still a little patience Season 5 Game of Thrones , is very soon.


VIDEOS. Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock in “Star Trek,” has died – Le Parisien

27 Febr. 2015, 6:20 p.m. | Update: Feb. 28. 2015, 9:48

Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock in the famous “Star Trek” has died, said The New York Times .

The American actor died Friday morning at his home in Los Angeles. He was 83 years old.

This is his wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, who confirmed his death. He was terminally ill with chronic lung disease, says the US newspaper site. Leonard Nimoy had announced last year that he was seriously ill, due to many years of smoking. Yet he had stopped smoking for thirty years. The actor was hospitalized earlier this week.

Mr Spock, the role of his life

His career was profoundly marked by the character of Mr. Spock, a person half-man, half Vulcan with pointed ears, tortured between reason and emotion. A character series that was born in 1966 from the imagination of Gene Roddenberry, the author of “Star Trek.”

Born in Boston March 26, 1931, Leonard Nimoy left the New England Hollywood at the age of 18, where he performed a host of small roles in American TV series of the 1950s gets the role of his life in 1966, which will make him a legend in science fiction for breakfast and the big screen.

Spock was cold and extremely rational counterweight to impulsive Captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, and calm doctor and asked the vessel Leonard “Bones” McCoy, played by DeForest Kelley.

An accomplished director

In addition to his work as an actor, Leonard Nimoy was an accomplished filmmaker. He directed two feature films Star Trek, including “Star Trek IV: The land” which was one of the better received by critics. He also directed in 1987 the film “3 Men and a Baby” based on the French film “Three Men and a Cradle,” starring Tom Selleck.

Like other heads of poster for “Star Trek”, Leonard Nimoy, however, had great difficulty in finding other roles because he remained strongly associated with the series of science fiction. In 1975, he tried to distance himself from Spock, still popular with many fans, writing an essay entitled “I am not Spock.”

The tribute to Barack Obama: “I loved Spock”
“I loved Spock” Barack Obama paid tribute Friday to Leonard Nimoy. “Leonard was a lover of the arts and letters, passionate about science (…) and, of course, Leonard was Spock,” said Bush in a statement.

Speaking of his meeting with the actor in 2007 Barack Obama remembers giving her “a Vulcan hi, universal sign for -Long life and prospérité-”. “After 83 years on this planet – and his visits to many other – it is clear that this is exactly what Leonard Nimoy,” said the US president. “Michelle and I are joining his family, friends and countless fans who are missing terribly today.”

VIDEO. Best of Mr. Spock

VIDEO. Spock used to say

& gt “Fascinating!”; Come discuss and ask questions on our forums!


Star Trek: Spock why he has pointy ears? – BBC

SCAN THE TELE – The American actor died at age 83 from lung disease was made famous thanks to these two strange appendages. Here are the origins.

Mr Spock pointed ears are an integral part of the mythology of Star Trek as well as the famous Vulcan hi imagined by the late Leonard Nimoy, who died February 27, 2015 at the age of 83, as a result of lung failure in Los Angeles.

But what mystery behind these strange appendages hearing? What exactly are the origins of the famous ears? In short, why Mr. Spock he has pointy ears? All this goes back to the early 60s.

In 1963 to be precise, Gene Roddenberry, a former bomber pilot who had participated in the Pacific War imagine the series Star Trek . Next to the fiery T.Kirk Captain James (played by William Shatner), it added a character named Spock in the first version of the scenario is a Martian red hair. The producers of the NBC quickly forced to humanize this landed alien from the planet Vulcan.

optempère Roddenberry. But he wants to keep the character a singular side. Pointy ears are the gadgets of the time that bloom in television shows like The Fourth Dimension ( The Twilight Zone ) when it comes to representing an alien, a time to aillleurs monster. This is sort of a convention.

In American folklore, and in the tales and legends, specifically to Halloween time, vampires and evil elves wear this kind of oversized ears reminiscent of the big bad wolf. We still remember the nursery rhyme “What you have big ears, big mother.” “It’s better to hear you, my child,” replied the wolf inside his disguise.

For Spock, Gene Roddenberry chooses pointy ears in order to preserve the character a worrying aspect. Technically, this is not expensive. And visually, the effect of strangeness is guaranteed. This is the special effects designer Fred Phillips who is responsible for creating these Vulcan ears.

Initially, Leonard Nimoy does not appreciate everyday poses of these two pieces of plastic that sticks to him before every shoot. Roddenberry even promises to find a scenario tip for planing him over the episodes … which is never the case.

More recently, in an interview occurred during the release of Star Trek Into Darkness released in 2013, Leonard Nimoy returned on this famous pair of ears which has made his fame as well as his blue pajamas and her bangs Roman emperor.

Nimoy had not fired his ear to tell a little known story “Trekkie”: “At the time I was playing in the series Star Trek , had he remembered. And a small special effects guys had seen fit to make me a joke. He had changed the glue used to fix my Spock ears against super glue. At the end of the day, impossible to remove these prostheses pointed. So I left home with. Hoping to loosen them under a hot shower. This is ultimately what happened, thanks to the help of my wife rubbed for hours. In the 60s, we used make-up and pretty rudimentary adhesives. We were pioneers! That’s why, over the episodes, I developed all kinds of skin allergies. “


Spock, the Vulcan with pointed ears of “Star Trek” has joined the … – The Obs

Los Angeles (AFP) – The icon of science fiction on television, Leonard Nimoy, who became a legend for his role as Mr. Spock pointed ears in “Star Trek”, died Friday at the age of 83 years in Los Angeles.

“As you know my grandfather died this morning at 8:40 (4:40 p.m. GMT) … Thank you for your warm condolences. May you all experience a long life and prosperity, “writes Dani, the granddaughter of Leonard Nimoy, taking the famous greeting prized by Mr. Spock.

Reflecting the huge role that the character and the television series that made famous played for millions of enthusiasts and professionals of space exploration, NASA was one of the first to pay tribute to the deceased.

“RIP Leonard Nimoy. So many of us to Nasa to have been inspired by Star Trek. boldly explore … “wrote the US space agency on Twitter, referring to the credits of the TV series.

US President Barack Obama, who “loved Spock”, also paid him a tribute. “Leonard was a lover of the arts and letters, passionate about science (…) and, of course, Leonard was Spock.”

With his square jaw and his hard features, Leonard Nimoy, born Boston March 26, 1931, became a place by simply first to play on all fronts, from cowboy to the lawyer, in 1966 before donning skin Spock, an alien ears pointed, the planet Vulcan.

The character, created by the American director Gene Roddenberry will make him a legend in science fiction for television and cinema.

His mission “Star Trek”. explore the reaches of the galaxy to discover new worlds risking his life aboard the starship USS Enterprise

On the screen, Spock embodies the cold counter and rational impulse to Captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, and calm doctor and asked Leonard “Bones” McCoy, played by DeForest Kelley.

Friday, Captain Kirk has expressed its sorry for the loss of one he loved “like a brother”. “Your humor, your talent and your ability to love are all going to miss us,” tweeted William Shatner.

Fans of all ages were also paraded before the star Leonard Nimoy on the “Walk of Fame “in Los Angeles.

” Before Obi-Wan, Yoda before before Star Wars, there was Spock, “said British actor Gregg Donovan, after placing a wreath flowers on his star

-. The “Trekkies” –

The character Spock marked the collective imagination, particularly with her legendary replicas for “Trekkies”, a club World of amateurs who greet with a very recognizable hand gesture pronouncing this formula “Live long and prosper.” Among the replicas include “Fascinating,” Spock said when learning something new, or “it is highly illogical”, which was accompanied by a raised eyebrow.

In the 1970s and 1980s after the end of the series, the character resurfaced in six feature films, both directed by the actor himself. With “Star Trek IV: The earth”, he received critical acclaim. In any other field, he directed in 1987, the American adaptation of “Three Men and a Cradle”, “3 Men and a Baby” with starring Tom Selleck.

Leonard Nimoy as d Other headliners of “Star Trek”, however, have had great difficulty in getting rid of this role. In a desperate attempt to distinguish themselves from the alien, he signed an essay in 1975, “I am not Spock.” It will eventually abdicate in 1995 by publishing “I am Spock.” The role fits her too much skin

In fact, this global popularity has fed the rest of his career. He lends his voice to documentaries, video games and television series. He sells an astronomical amount of derivatives and regularly occurs during conventions “Star Trek” where he welcomes legions of fans with the Vulcan gesture.

In 2009 and 2013, he made a comeback in the new franchise “Star Trek”, adapted by JJ Abrams in 2009. Until the end, Leonard Nimoy remained active publishing photography and poetry books. From 2008 to 2013, he played in the science fiction series “Fringe”, also produced by Abrams and made some appearances in the US series “The Big Bang Theory,” which praises geek culture.

Nimoy had two children and was still married to his second wife since 1989.

He had announced last year a chronic lung disease, having yet stopped smoking for thirty years.


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Box Office France: “American Sniper” stronger than “Fifty … – Stars News







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 & quot; American Sniper & quot;

French Movie Poster © Warner Bros

[Box Office France] “Fifty shades of Grey “is no longer the head of the French box office. This is indeed the last film of C lint Eastwood “American Sniper” which was awarded first place in French cinemas between 18 and 24 February.

Thus, according to CBO Box office, this adaptation of the autobiographical book “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History” hit very hard with 1,083,056 viewers in its first week of operating at national level. This is the best start to the career of C lint Eastwood in our beautiful country.

In this film Bradley Cooper portrays the role of Chris Kyle , an exceptional marksman who officiated at the Navy for 10 years (1999 to 2009) and was dubbed the “Devil of Ramadi” by his enemies. A man with extraordinary destiny standards since more than 150 people have fallen under his balls

Synopsis . Sniper Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq one purpose: to protect his comrades. His surgical precision saves countless lives on the battlefield, while the tales of his exploits multiply, he earned the nickname “The Legend”. However, his reputation spreads beyond enemy lines, so that his head is a price and it becomes a prime target for insurgents. Despite the danger, and anxiety in which his family lives, Chris participates in four decisive battles of the most terrible war in Iraq, winning as well as the living embodiment of the motto of the SEAL: “No quarter! “But returning home, Chris realizes that he can not return to normal life.

” Fifty Shades of Grey “has not fallen so far. This adaptation of the first volume of the trilogy of erotic E. L. James has yet convinced additional 905 314 in the second week, bringing its accumulated nearly 3 million viewers: 2,986,952 to be exact! Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, the film is focused Jamie Dornan in the role of Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson in that of Anastasia Steele

Synopsis . Anastasia Steele must interview the wealthy businessman Christian Grey for his college newspaper to accommodate her roommate, Kate Kavanagh, who can not go herself. She realizes she is seduced by this man but he will propose an unconventional relationship. Innocent and naive, she is fatally attracted to this handsome, brilliant and intimidating.

“Redial”, the new comedy by Dominique Farrugia, took third place. The duo Franck Dubosc and Kad Merad is doing pretty well. After a difficult start in Paris, the film was laughed 602,462 viewers across France

Synopsis . Eric and Patrick are friends since high school. Over the years everyone took a very different path: a Éric side hedonistic unattached multiple conquests, and the other Patrice father “monogamous” to life tidy. After a drunken night, the two childhood friends find themselves propelled in 1986 when they only have 17 years.This back in time is the perfect opportunity to try to change the course of their lives. What will they do with this second?

Fourth positon there is the most famous sponge of the world, Bob. Inspired by the series to the largest audience of Nickelodeon, Paul Tibbitt film “SpongeBob SquarePants – The Movie: A hero out of the water” has convinced 582,073 people. A final score quite disappointing as we’re in the middle of the school holidays

Synopsis . For the first time, SpongeBob, the preferred invertebrate the planet, landed in our world for what will be his most super-heroic adventure to date. Everything is going to Bikini Bottom for SpongeBob, the eternal optimist and his friends Patrick Star of faithful sea Carlo selfish squid, Sandy the squirrel and Mr Krabs crustacean obsessed with money! But everything changes when the recipe crab pate is stolen by the evil pirate Steak Barbare (and seagulls, who never leave it …). To save their world, Bob and his friends will join forces (with the help of Plankton, the enemy always) and landed in ours. Transformed into superheroes, they will learn to control their super-powers, but … it will make waves

Surprise, if not disappointment for! “Kingsman: Secret Service” . Despite a fairly good start in Paris, this spy movie a bit zany has convinced 566,643 spectators throughout France. We expected better especially as the film was particularly accuelli by critics. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, he directed Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Taron Egerton in the lead roles

Synopsis . Harry Hart is a special agent “Kingsman”, the elegant elite independent British intelligence. While the secret society looking for new recruits, Hart is interested in Eggsy, a young man from the cheeky London suburb. Amazed by the talents of spy in three-piece suits, the boy agrees to undergo intensive training for the privileged young people who dream of becoming a secret agent. Surrounded by other super-spies young Eggsy, framed by his mentor Harry, is soon hired to counter the evil plans of Valentine, a genius of technology …



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Death of Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock – The World

Le Monde | • Updated | By

Leonard Nimoy and his wife Susan Bay in May 2013.

He had already crying fans Star Trek at the end of The Revenge of Khan, when his character, Spock, sacrificed himself to save the Starship Enterprise. Leonard Nimoy died this February 27 at the age of 83 years, announced his wife in New York Times . He had been hospitalized earlier this week for chest pain.

Married for 33 years to actress Sandra Zober, whom he divorced in 1987, he had married the day of the year 1989 Susan Bay, cousin of director Michael Bay action movies. He leaves behind two children, Adam and Julie Nimoy.

Born March 26, 1931 in Boston, Leonard Nimoy is the son of a couple of Ukrainian Orthodox Jews, a confession in the heart of his life. Encouraged by his grandfather, he made his first steps as an actor at the age of eight, and landed his first role at age 17 in an amateur production. He returned to Boston University but does not finish his theater courses. – Which does not prevent him from receiving several honorary degrees during his life

He connects many roles before drill, accumulating fifty appearances in series B movies, including Perry Mason , Bonanza , Two Faces West . It’s on a shoot in 1954 he met his future fellow Star Trek William Shatner, aka Captain Kirk. Leonard Nimoy takes the risk paying more in his career. At the time, science fiction is for smaller budgets and a young audience, it will nevertheless integrate the cast of a small series of declining Desilu studio (Paramount soon), called Star Trek.

It is this series of science fiction, originally aired from 1966 to 1969, which will give it its key role: Spock, alien half-man half-Vulcan, a race characterized by its logic and its first excessive degree. Its human roots, more emotional, sometimes resurface and do all the salt that character extraterreste, tortured and often unintentionally funny. Every Star Trek fan can recite his characteristic ability to fall asleep anyone with a push on the shoulder; pointed ears; and the famous Vulcan sign a painful “V” of the hand that opens between the middle and ring fingers. An iconic sign, inspired, he said, a sign of Orthodox Jewish prayer. The Vulcan gesture is accompanied by the maxim “live long and prosper,” he appropriated, signing each of his tweets with.

Leonard Nimoy Spock will figure throughout his life in its many adaptations and variations: an animated series, a series of films derived from the series in the 80 … Meanwhile, after the end of the original TV series, he pursued a prolific filmography where he met including Yul Brunner Catlow (1971). In the 1980s, he began a long career on stage he played especially in the theatrical version of One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest , Caligula , Sherlock Holmes and My Fair Lady . Jack of all, he tried many forms of art, including photography and song – he released several albums in the late 60s

Leonard Nimoy has written two autobiographies curious titles: I am not Spock and I am Spock . Signs of a complicated relationship with his “double” film, and carefully maintained before finding a kind of peace with his double – and hordes of fans who call themselves “trekkers” or “Trekkies”. Initially hesitant to embody Spock, cultivating a fixation on his famous ears, Nimoy has always been the face of Spock. The character steals the show Captain Kirk William Shatner, with less pay. The actor becomes the character gradually, and attends to the popularity of the series that takes off only a few years after its end.

In the mid 1970s, Star Trek is a cultural phenomenon, lasting part popular culture. Dedicated conventions are born in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York … and acceuillent tens of thousands of fans. He struggles while to forget his alter-ego poinutes ears. “I went through an identity crisis. Kissing Mr. Spock or suffer the wrath of the public? I had no choice. Spock and Star Trek were alive, I could not help it. “ After long negotiations, he returned to the character better suited to bury him in the films. It will have an increasing role in the production of the following, using Spock as a negotiation tool.

I am Spock , he held imaginary dialogues and somewhat schizophrenic with his character -title. “ Spock, do you know how lucky we are to have us? – I do not believe in luck, I think every event is statistically … – We are both very lucky, Spock. Lucky to have lived this life. – Yes, I suppose so … “

In 2010, he announced his retirement and passes the baton to Zachary Quinto, who plays the” young “version in two films by JJ Abrams, Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013). Leonard Nimoy continues to play, including realizes dubbing for Disney cartoons and niche video games. until his health deteriorated in 2014, where he was diagnosed with chronic obstructive lung. “ I quit smoking 30 years ago ” he tweeted. “ No early …


Eddie Redmayne in the skin of a woman for a movie – it

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“Timbuktu” is no longer in Africa – The World

Le Monde | • Updated | By

Abderrahmane Sissako, headphones on, during the filming of & quot; Timbuktu & quot; in Mauritania in January 2014.

Show Timbuktu in Africa: it was to be the completion of the crazy business launched by Abderrahmane Sissako winter 2013-2014, when he went with his team, on the border between Mali and Mauritania, turning his fourth feature film . The evocation of occupation of the holy city of northern Mali by jihadists in 2012 was first presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2014. Released on 10 December in French cinemas, Timbuktu exceeded 800,000 entries, an unprecedented figure for an African work.

Nominated for an Oscar for foreign language film, he won seven Caesars February 20 in Paris. This left to present the African soil, where it has so far been projected that very quietly, in Nouakchott and Bamako. Fill a gap that had timely selection of the film in the competition of the Pan African Film Festival of Ouagadougou cinema (FESPACO) in Burkina Faso, the oldest film festival in the south of the Sahara, held from February 28 to March 6. The filmmaker saw the opportunity to show his film – which was scheduled on March 5 in Burkina cinema, like all the titles in competition -. In a “showcase for all Africa” ​​

But this projection is now being challenged in Burkina Faso. As early as February 25, removal of the film by Abderrahmane Sissako competition FESPACO for “security reasons” seemed inevitable. The festival had said that this decision was made …


Brunner: “It was very elegant on stage,” said Julien Lepers – The Point

Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice

“A thought for my friend Pascal Brunner who left us, Christian Estrosi posted on social networks. He was an amazing, a very good friend.”

Laurent Ruquier, host and producer

“Someone very, very, very nice all, this is what we could tell. Very, very, very friendly. Someone one that had a very simple environment. Someone who had a desire to absolutely incredible success he has had. When we started together, it really was the best of times. He told j have done this job for the public, to the point, I can tell you, when we were leaving on tour at the time, he never stopped. That is to say that once the microphone was off, it was not will I stop being imitator. We went to the restaurant, it was still his show for all guests of the restaurant, it was even drunk, I can tell you, but at the same time, it was of such generosity. That is to say that there were 15 people in the restaurant and he remade his show for 15 people in the restaurant. So that was that, Pascal Brunner, “he told RTL Laurent Ruquier.

Julien Lepers, animator

“It all started in France 3 says Julien Lepers, Questions for a champion , FranceTV Info . Pascal knew everything: radio, television, song, theater … It was very elegant on stage. It was also a great imitator of Inspector Columbo particular. “

Laurent Cabrol, weather presenter

” He enchanted Europe 1. Pascal Brunner, a true friend as I love, fun, warm, generous, “tweeted the facilitator.


The Snow Queen: images More [VIDEO] – Ciné Series Direct

You will be publication are from 25 March 2015 to the cinema and a preview of the new Disney film “Cinderella”. It is the new short film from Walt Disney Animation Studios entitled “The Snow Queen, a frosted party.” After a few photos, he reveals more today in a first trailer we offer course to find out.


In this short film, the first project to bring together the Oscar-winning team of the film” THE QUEEN OF SNOW “, is the anniversary of Anna. To feast this “great” opportunity Elsa and Kristoff are determined to offer the best party anyone could ask for. Except that the powers …. “chilling” Elsa could well cause a disaster …

In the realization: Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee; A production: Peter Del Vecho and Aimee Scribner. As for the original song, it was written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez

Videos World News |. US News Videos


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Television: Pascal Brunner died of cancer at the age of 51 – Le Parisien

JD | Feb 26. 2015, 10:25 p.m. | Update: 27 Feb. 2015, 0:08

The former host of “Fa if singing” Pascal Brunner, a musical program of France 3, is died Thursday at Nice Archet Hospital, will we learned from writing the string.

The leader, aged 51, suffering from tongue cancer and throat.

He died around 17 hours in the hospital, is it the same source. It is the leader Julien Lepers, his friend, who warned of writing, is it added.

In October 2012, he had testified in a book “Glory, galley, cancer, I pays the bill “of his descent into hell and his fight against cancer that eventually lost. In 2010, while preparing a musical at the theater initulé Brunner’s case that he had suddenly disappeared from the scene after learning he was struck by a throat cancer. He told his operation and hope because his vocal cords were not affected to resume his job.

His real name Pascale Francis, he grew up in Sarcelles (Val d’Oise) its hometown, where he caught the virus by winning song at the age of seven first radio talent and provide a light disk of a Thierry Le Luron show at the Olympia. This will be the reference for him to follow. “It was he who gave its pedigree in imitation,” he would say years later.

Discovered by Guy Lux

After a teenager in Picardy in Saint-Quentin (Aisne) where his parents had opened a bazaar will begin his career in 1983 when a regional imitation contest opened the doors of a local radio program which will give him the boost to get started in a cafe theater show in Paris rue des Ternes. There will moderate the evening the restaurant Nostalgie show, so named because of the presence of many artists from the Sixties try their return.

Moderator then the Clud Med is Guy Lux who first recognized his talent and sends participate in 1989 on France 3 in The Class, which then showed Fabrizio. It was at that moment that he chose the pseudonym Brunner, in homage to the bald Yul Brynner, because he himself had no hair at birth.

1991, he became a columnist on France Inter in “Nothing to wax” alongside Laurent Ruquier and it is found in 1995 on Europe 1 with his own show “Brunner raw” before then integrate RTL The Big Heads.

VIDEO. Excerpt from “The Singing If Fa

5 million viewers

But it is especially television, which will bring him public favor. In 1993, France 3 called on him to lead the entertainment Yakapa the weekend before handing him the game “if the Fa sings” r, to succeed the class. A success that he will share nightly from October 1994 to June 1998 with an average of about five million viewers and for special evenings in prime time will be worth it to receive in 1997 the Seven Gold the best entertainment show.

The wheel will turn, however, for him on television. Hired by TF1 he hosted for six months before A Golden Family to fail in prime time with Cheri Cheri entertainment that audiences have never taken off. It not be happier returning to France 3, where the new version of F if the fault stop singing still there sufficient hearing after less than a year.

In the 2000s, his career then turned to the stage. In plays including “A woman too”, a play in which he plays the famous Lieutenant Columbo and musical shows himself as he writes, “And now,” a tribute to Gilbert Becaud or “One for All “devoted to French songs from 1960 to 2000 and came up with the team of” Fa if the singing. ” A team that after three years of medical care, he prepared his return by working on a three-month tour which was to begin in June

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“The Snow Queen, a frosted party”: the trailer VF (VIDEO) – Stars News







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You like us want to return to Arendelle? So here’s good news for all fans of the animated film from Disney, “The Snow Queen”. Disney has just unveiled the first trailer for his new short film called “The Snow Queen: a frosted party.” It will be broadcast on March 25 next opening for Cinderella, the Kenneth Branagh film live-action inspired by the timeless fairy tale.

To the delight of young and old Anna Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf therefore are back on the big screen in this short film directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and produced by Peter Del Vecho and Aimee Scribner, with an original song written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. “The Snow Queen, a frosted celebration” is the first project to bring together the Oscar-winning film crew Disney’s “The Snow Queen”

 ICED CAKE -Olaf a little too greedy taste the cake Anna © Walt Disney Studios

© Walt Disney Studios

Immediately discover without waiting for the trailer of the new short film “The Snow Queen – A Day Frosted”! From March 25 cinema

In “The Snow Queen: a frosted party,” it is the anniversary of Anna and Kristoff Elsa and have decided to offer him the best party anyone could ask for, but the authorities ” chilling “Elsa could well cause a disaster …

The Snow Queen: Blu-Ray sellers from history in the US

Not enough to be the most lucrative animated film in the history “The Snow Queen” has set a new record which should fully satisfy Disney! With 7 460 592 000 000 Sales – since its release in March 2014 – it became the Blu-Ray’s best-selling of all time in the US

The Snow Queen boosts benefited from Disney

Disney can say a” BIG THANK YOU “to Elsa and Anna and all their friends. With this film, the US firm saw its net profit increase by 19% ($ 2.18 billion) over the last three months of 2014.

“Our results reflect again the strength of our brands and our high quality content, and demonstrate that our strategy creates long-term value through our activities, “said Bob Iger, the big bosses at Disney. And added that “The Snow Queen” was a perfect example.

And according to the fan forum ED92, Bob Iger also indicated that madness “Frozen” would not stop in so right path with an increasing presence in the various Disney theme parks stamped. In Paris and in the absence of an attraction worthy of the name, it’s a show that should be offered to visitors this summer, and as part of a new season articulated around the Snow Queen. A first summer season for the Paris resort in which Anna and Elsa will perform on stage in a winter wonderland and offer their guests a chorus with them the most beautiful songs of the film. A summer season so completely frosted discover from June 1 to September 13, 2015


 trimmed'S DAY SURPRISE! © Walt Disney Studios

trimmed’S DAY SURPRISE! © Walt Disney Studios

About The Snow Queen

Released in 2013 in cinemas, the film “The Snow Queen” around the world is:

2 Oscars: one for Best Animated Feature and one for best original song with “Freed, Freed “;
1 Golden Globe® for Best Animated Film;
1, $ 27 billion in worldwide box office and the 5th biggest movie of all time
The best selling Blu-ray / DVD for 8 weeks;
The best selling CD 2014 certified triple platinum, selling over 3.6 million units;
The video for the song “Let It Go” was viewed over 370 million times on YouTube;
Over 3 million role play dresses were sold only in North America;
The application “Disney Karaoke: Queen Snow “was number 1 Ipad downloads in the entertainment category in more than 100 countries

And France is …

sold 746,000 DVDs and Blu-Ray;
216 000 Albums;
Elsa’s favorite princess girls 4 to 11 years;
Nearly 40 million Youtube views “Freed Freed,” the French adaptation of the song “Let It Go “;

 FAMILY PORTRAIT! © Walt Disney Studios

FAMILY PORTRAIT! © Walt Disney Studios

When the director of The Snow Queen apologizes

In December the director of “The Snow Queen” Jennifer Lee, presented his apology to parents whose children continue to sing “issued Freed” and / or “Let it go” all day long.

“There is one year, I met people who, when they discovered who I was, told me they liked my songs and they listened to them all the time, “said Jennifer Lee in for the Hollywood Reporter about the soundtrack of this film event.

And add “Now they tell me that they always listen and I went from ‘thank you’ to ‘sorry,’” she said, not without humor. “I apologize to everyone of all the parents who now gives the song nausea “

About Cinderella

And since” The Snow Queen: a frosted celebration “will be broadcast just before” Cinderella “, back a few moments on this film promises to be one of the major film events of spring 2015.

The cast note that this is the actress Lily James (Downton Abbey), which has a heavy responsibility to embody innocent and sweet Cinderella. In the role of Lady Tremaine terrible stepmother include the Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett. And this is Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) who portrays the role of the Prince, sensitive and caring that hides its true Ella identity. The role of the fairy godmother, a must in this beautiful story, he returned to the Oscar-nominated actress Helena Bonham Carter (The King’s Speech, Alice in Wonderland).

At their side, and in the role of Anastasia and Drisella, half-sister Ella, Holliday Grainger (Great Expectations, Anna Karenina) and Sophie McShera (Downtown Abbey, Waterloo Road). Stellan Skarsgård (Avengers, The Girl with the Dragon women) and Nonso Anozie (Game of Thrones, The Grey) respectively play the Archduke and faithful friend of the Prince, Captain. Derek Jacobi, crowned with the Tony Awards, is the King

The story. In this story, the father of the young Ella, a merchant, remarried after the tragic death of the mother of the girl. For the love of his father, Ella welcomes with open arms the new stepmother, Lady Tremaine and her daughters Anastasia and Drisella. But when Ella’s father disappears too a sudden and unexpected way, the girl is found to thank you for his new family, jealous and cruel. The three wicked women make it their servant, and the contemptuously nicknamed Cinderella because she is still covered with ashes. Yet despite the cruelty she suffers, Ella is determined to fulfill the promise made to his mother before he died, it will be brave and good. She will not let go or despair or contempt for those who mistreat. One day, Ella meets a handsome young man in the forest. Unaware that he is a prince, she used believed the palace. She has the feeling of having found a soulmate. A glimmer of hope burning in his heart, for the Palace invited all the girls in the country to attend a ball. Hoping to meet the charming again “Kit”, Ella is looking forward to go to the party. Alas, his stepmother defends attend and reduced his pieces dress … Fortunately, as in any good fairy tale, a chance eventually to smile: a beggar old emerged, and using a pumpkin and some mice, it will change the fate of the girl …

“Cinderella” and “The Snow Queen: a frosted party,” to discover in the French cinemas March 25, 2015.



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Real estate: the price of existing homes fell 2.2% in 2014 – Les Echos

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This is good news for future owners and poorer for those wishing to sell a property. According to the index Notaires-INSEE released Thursday morning the price of existing homes in France fell 2.2% in the fourth quarter of 2014 over a year.

The decline was almost same for the apartments, the price fell by 2.3% over the last three months of last year, compared to the same period in 2013, and home (-2.1%), according to these provisional data.

In detail, INSEE and notaries note that the price decline is more pronounced in the provinces than in Ile-de-France. In the province in fact the decline was 1.1% in the last quarter of 2014 and 2.3% throughout the year.

At the same time, in the Ile-de-France, falling prices for existing homes continued in the fourth quarter “almost at the same rate as the previous quarter,” said INSEE. A decrease of 0.5% over three months and 2.0% over one year.

Similarly, the number of transactions declined in 2014. INSEE and notaries have indeed recognized around 700,000 last year, against 717,000 in 2013.