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Charlie Hebdo: “Here we go again!” – Les Echos

The 1179 edition of the satirical weekly released on newsstands Wednesday, February 25th. Two new designers joined the team


“The rebuilding puzzle “could be read in the” M “magazine of the World released last Friday. The next issue of Charlie Hebdo is expected newsstands Wednesday, February 25th. On bright red background, a drawing signed Luz appears a small troop, collage, Marine Le Pen, Pope Francis, Nicolas Sarkozy, a team of BFMTV or armed jihadist represented as d a bad dog. All are on the heels of … Charlie Hebdo, a small dog running, the satirical newspaper between teeth. The title is clear: “Here we go again! “

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Eight absent and two new

After six weeks of interruption, the team completed Monday its 1179th issue in offices lent by the newspaper “Liberation” and resumes weekly basis. At the head of the newspaper is now Riss officiating; two new designers joined the team. Algerian cartoonist Ali Dilem, 47, who previously published in the Algerian daily “Liberté” and worked, too, in difficult conditions in Algeria, “with funk belly” . Recently interviewed on France Inter, he returned on the attacks in January and yet feel affirmed “more stashed in Algeria in France” . Also new to the team, René Pétillon, 69, cartoonist and comic book writer, who officiated at the newspaper “Driver” in “The Echo of savannas” and more recently in “Le Canard chained.”

TUNE L interview with France Inter Dilem [21 January 2015]:

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Dilem, Algerian cartoonist: “I would not … by franceinter
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But beyond this “rebirth”, it is also the uncertainty of the satirical weekly that resurface. Insecurity, first. The new director of the publication, recently released from the hospital, is affected by a fatwa ; the future premises of the newspaper, south of Paris, are being “ultra-secure”, by fears, many designers have refused to join the writing, all are now surrounded by police, how to continue in this atmosphere of doubt , fears?

Economic uncertainty, then. After the furore over the attacks in January, the special issue of Charlie Hebdo was torn to 8 million copies. Hard to say how this new issue will flow that will be drawn at 2.5 million copies, somewhere between the draw before the attacks [between 24,000 and 50,000 copies, Ed] the number “All is forgiven.” Before the drama, Charlie was not in debt but struggled to survive. Today, the log shows a better financial health: 10 million were received after the sale of the 14 January issue, “ € 1.75 million was donated by 24,500 individuals [...] Google paid 250,000 euros and the Association Press and Pluralism [...] has allocated 200,000 euros “, details” M “. However, Patrick Pelloux evokes a “nightmare” that can “kill us” and asks Luz “how to draw in this Charlie fantasized that overwhelms us? “. Dissension appear on the future of the newspaper business model.

So what to do and how to stick together? Not sure that all of the above come in the coming weeks …


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