Monday, February 23, 2015

The President of CRIF “hope the contact will be quickly restored … – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – The president of CRIF, Roger Cukierman, whose remarks on Marine Le Pen and young Muslims have controversy Monday denounced a “bad case” and hoped “that the contact will be quickly restored “with Muslims.

” The French Council of the Muslim Faith informed us this afternoon of his decision not to attend the dinner. I learned this decision with deep regret, “he -t he said at the 30th dinner of CRIF.

“I called Mr. Boubaker (the president of the CFCM, ed) to try to change his mind, I told him that it made us a bad trial, “he added.

But” I’ve only put light on the fact that all the terrorists who committed murders in the period recently claimed to represent Islam and that the first victims of these terrorists are Muslims, “he has insisted.

” I told Mr. Boubaker our friendship, which is old, sincere, should overcome this problem because what counts is living together, “he added, saying that” Jews and Muslims, we are on the same boat, and I hope that the contact will be quickly restored. “

Roger Cukierman had sparked controversy by declaring Monday morning on Europe 1 that” all violence today are committed by young Muslims. ” It was also found on the spot to have felt that Marine Le Pen was “personally blameless.”

Mr. Cukierman reiterated his updates on the president of the National Front by repeating that “Marine Le Pen is not a perfect person or a creep, as long as they continue to not come out of about his father for whom he was sentenced by the court. “

” I also note that it continues to accept the National Front personalities who are deniers of Vichy, of Petain. And so I say that we do not share the same moral values. So we will continue to not invite Ms. Le Pen at the dinner of CRIF and will continue to advise not to vote for the National Front, “he said to applause.


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