Thursday, February 26, 2015

Madonna dramatic fall at the Brit Awards – BBC

VIDEO – The singer fell back by trying to remove part of his stage outfit during the presentation of the British music awards ceremony. The video sparked the laughter of Internet users.

Madonna made the show during the evening of the Brit Awards last night with his performance, and especially in the fall.

The singer of 56 years was wearing a long, too long, black train in the interpretation of its latest title, Living For Love . After traveling majestically path to the stage with this outfit, she decided to take it off the top of a small staircase. But not everything goes as planned. The cape does not come off and the dancers who were to remove by pulling back are falling star who finds himself down the stairs a second later. What does failed to trigger the laughter of Twittos to render the viral video. They pointed out that the age of the singer could be an obstacle to his career.

The singer was also worried fans that Madonna was quick to post a message on Facebook and Twitter to reassure them.

His fans defended by pointing out that the fall has at least been able to show that Madonna did not playback, which is not quite true. Music with lyrics the singer was broadcast simultaneously with the delivery of the singer even if the sound was much lower than the latter. They also point out that it acted true professional going up on stage to continue his performance: “The show must go on.”

The buzz surrounding the fall of the singer, has overshadowed the results of the ceremony. Sam Smith, who had already triumphed at the Grammy Awards won trophies revelation and success of the year. Taylor Swift took home the Best International Female Artist and Ed Sheeran with those of British singer and best album.


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