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The Revenant: Birdman after the Oscars, the next challenge for Inarritu – Screenrush

While it has won the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director with “Birdman”, let’s look at “The Revenant” next film by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu: long-term project that looks like another tour de force.

After several hands, with a different cast each time, The Revenant is one of those projects that are aptly named, as the film has managed to disappear several times , only to return to the front of the stage. It all began in 2001, Goldsman lorsqu’Akiva obtains the rights of the novel by Michael Punke then unpublished manuscript form in which it is about a soldier left for dead by his friends after the attack of . a bear, and who undertakes to take revenge on them at the end of the nineteenth century

Shortly after, two names circulating to stage and interpret the film: Park Chan-wook and Samuel L . Jackson. But these were quickly made to leave the boat, which remains in port until the early 2010s when a John Hillcoat Arrive just basking in the critical success of The Road, with the most prominent actor of the moment , namely Christian Bale. A duo that does not take off the case so far, since the filmmaker goes out to the French Jean-François Richet in October 2010. But the filming can take place before Bale not find Christopher Nolan to conclude the Batman saga in April 2011 and the director also abandons this adjustment in favor of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

The project progresses … and stumbles

If the fourth director attached to the project will ultimately be good, the first task of the Mexican is a replacement for Christian Bale, who eventually disengage due to busy schedule. The name of his successor is not made to wait long since November 7, 2011, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn enter the dance to keep the two main roles in this story of revenge, and shooting seems imminent. Or so it is believed, as Inarritu prefer first turn Birdman between April and May 2013

Long post-production obliges the filmmaker does not return to The Revenant before mid-2014, and must first set a major problem: the replacement of Sean Penn forced to withdraw due to incompatibility of schedules. And so it is Tom Hardy as the villain returns John Fitzgerald, while Leonardo DiCaprio declined the offer from Sony to embody Steve Jobs in favor of this film, which begins shooting (finally) in Canada in October 2014, also with Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter in casting.

In the running for the Oscars 2016?

Having become, according to the weeks, the one of the favorites for the Oscars, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu must alternate awards ceremonies and photography and reveals, in January 2015, that they will extend until April. The reason? A desire not turn that natural light that reduces the number of hours of footage for the team. A marathon that requires, according to the official version, Tom Hardy to give up the Suicide Squad David Ayer, he was to be a hero, and proves that the director has not decided to take lightly a project passed through other hands before his own.

Oscar winner for Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Réalisteur with Birdman when Emmanuel Lubezki won one for Best Picture, Inarritu is therefore a candidate for his own succession to the Academy, with a feature expected on December 25 in the US and January 27, 2016 at home. After the humor contained in Birdman, it is in the darkest register his previous works he will return with a triple challenge to the key: to show that it can shine adapting the story of a another push back its own limits and aesthetic offer his first Oscar for Best Actor for Leonardo DiCaprio. But it will have to wait a bit to get to the bottom of the story

Fortunately, “Birdman” will be there to dazzle you from February 25.

Birdman Trailer


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