Sunday, February 22, 2015

VIDEO. ZAD, police violence: tense events … – FranceTV info

Both demonstrations degenerated into clashes with police. Twenty-five people were arrested on the fringes of two events that took place Saturday, February 21 in Nantes and Toulouse, against police violence and for “defending zones” (ZAD). The manifestation of Nantes gathered a thousand people; that of Toulouse nearly 500 people, police said.

“The police have made 10 arrests in Nantes 15 in Toulouse” announced on the evening of Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve. “The ongoing investigations and future help to identify the perpetrators of such unacceptable violence and bringing them to justice” , has he said.

In Nantes the demonstrators marched behind a banner “Against police violence, social, economic strength …” , from 14 hours. The tension rose a notch just before 16 hours when masked demonstrators threw stones at police, who responded with water cannons to try to disperse them.

In total, according to Bernard Cazeneuve, “13 policemen and gendarmes were injured in Nantes, including a policeman, seriously affected, suffering from a rib fracture” . According to police, two protesters were injured in Nantes. Damage has been reported in the city, including the destroyed bus shelter, deteriorated roads and burned garbage.

In Toulouse, a support event for “areas to defend” (ZAD) and in memory of Rémi Fraisse, young environmentalist killed on the Sivens dam site, was held at the same time against “intensive agriculture and the world of concreters” . Again, the situation escalated from 16 hours and the security forces responded to paint jets demonstrators with tear gas. Breakers have also begun to crack. “In Toulouse, three policemen were hit, fortunately without gravity” , said Bernard Cazeneuve.

At least two windows were completely destroyed. The rioters were “fifty masked against tear, they intended to break with the masses, hammers, pebbles” , said the vice president of shopkeepers which have held these degradations, Laurent Lopez.

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