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Box Office France: “American Sniper” stronger than “Fifty … – Stars News







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 & quot; American Sniper & quot;

French Movie Poster © Warner Bros

[Box Office France] “Fifty shades of Grey “is no longer the head of the French box office. This is indeed the last film of C lint Eastwood “American Sniper” which was awarded first place in French cinemas between 18 and 24 February.

Thus, according to CBO Box office, this adaptation of the autobiographical book “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History” hit very hard with 1,083,056 viewers in its first week of operating at national level. This is the best start to the career of C lint Eastwood in our beautiful country.

In this film Bradley Cooper portrays the role of Chris Kyle , an exceptional marksman who officiated at the Navy for 10 years (1999 to 2009) and was dubbed the “Devil of Ramadi” by his enemies. A man with extraordinary destiny standards since more than 150 people have fallen under his balls

Synopsis . Sniper Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq one purpose: to protect his comrades. His surgical precision saves countless lives on the battlefield, while the tales of his exploits multiply, he earned the nickname “The Legend”. However, his reputation spreads beyond enemy lines, so that his head is a price and it becomes a prime target for insurgents. Despite the danger, and anxiety in which his family lives, Chris participates in four decisive battles of the most terrible war in Iraq, winning as well as the living embodiment of the motto of the SEAL: “No quarter! “But returning home, Chris realizes that he can not return to normal life.

” Fifty Shades of Grey “has not fallen so far. This adaptation of the first volume of the trilogy of erotic E. L. James has yet convinced additional 905 314 in the second week, bringing its accumulated nearly 3 million viewers: 2,986,952 to be exact! Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, the film is focused Jamie Dornan in the role of Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson in that of Anastasia Steele

Synopsis . Anastasia Steele must interview the wealthy businessman Christian Grey for his college newspaper to accommodate her roommate, Kate Kavanagh, who can not go herself. She realizes she is seduced by this man but he will propose an unconventional relationship. Innocent and naive, she is fatally attracted to this handsome, brilliant and intimidating.

“Redial”, the new comedy by Dominique Farrugia, took third place. The duo Franck Dubosc and Kad Merad is doing pretty well. After a difficult start in Paris, the film was laughed 602,462 viewers across France

Synopsis . Eric and Patrick are friends since high school. Over the years everyone took a very different path: a Éric side hedonistic unattached multiple conquests, and the other Patrice father “monogamous” to life tidy. After a drunken night, the two childhood friends find themselves propelled in 1986 when they only have 17 years.This back in time is the perfect opportunity to try to change the course of their lives. What will they do with this second?

Fourth positon there is the most famous sponge of the world, Bob. Inspired by the series to the largest audience of Nickelodeon, Paul Tibbitt film “SpongeBob SquarePants – The Movie: A hero out of the water” has convinced 582,073 people. A final score quite disappointing as we’re in the middle of the school holidays

Synopsis . For the first time, SpongeBob, the preferred invertebrate the planet, landed in our world for what will be his most super-heroic adventure to date. Everything is going to Bikini Bottom for SpongeBob, the eternal optimist and his friends Patrick Star of faithful sea Carlo selfish squid, Sandy the squirrel and Mr Krabs crustacean obsessed with money! But everything changes when the recipe crab pate is stolen by the evil pirate Steak Barbare (and seagulls, who never leave it …). To save their world, Bob and his friends will join forces (with the help of Plankton, the enemy always) and landed in ours. Transformed into superheroes, they will learn to control their super-powers, but … it will make waves

Surprise, if not disappointment for! “Kingsman: Secret Service” . Despite a fairly good start in Paris, this spy movie a bit zany has convinced 566,643 spectators throughout France. We expected better especially as the film was particularly accuelli by critics. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, he directed Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Taron Egerton in the lead roles

Synopsis . Harry Hart is a special agent “Kingsman”, the elegant elite independent British intelligence. While the secret society looking for new recruits, Hart is interested in Eggsy, a young man from the cheeky London suburb. Amazed by the talents of spy in three-piece suits, the boy agrees to undergo intensive training for the privileged young people who dream of becoming a secret agent. Surrounded by other super-spies young Eggsy, framed by his mentor Harry, is soon hired to counter the evil plans of Valentine, a genius of technology …



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