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Islam in France: the government’s plan to “promote … – Les Echos

The French Council of the Muslim Cult created by Nicolas Sarkozy will be expanded and diversified, announces Bernard Cazeneuve. Imams will be encouraged to follow a civic education


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The government will launch a major consultation to reform the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), the body representing the Muslims of France who never really managed to impose since its creation in 2003. This is a key part of plan to promote dialogue with Islam, Muslims and security training their representatives which was presented Wednesday by the Cabinet, a month and a half after the Paris attacks.

Proposals to expand and diversify the composition of the CFCM will emerge from this consultation before Ramadan around June 17, says one in the entourage the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve. In The World, released Wednesday says Bernard Cazeneuve want to set up a forum for dialogue which will meet twice a year around the Prime Minister “to discuss very specific questions.”

Some Muslims “are involved in the CFCM, some not, while being willing to participate in the expression of a tolerant Islam in France. The CFCM remains the cornerstone of this instance. It will only build on the momentum thus created, “he said.

Ending” mass hysteria “

Asked if he stood out of “Islamofascism” used by Manuel Valls, Bernard Cazeneuve explained that the prime minister wanted to “denounce the perversion of Islam” with “a handful barbarians “. But he hoped for an end to each subject in France “mass hysteria Used” and calls for “public speaking ball, precise, soothing” about Islam. “It’s not a takeover, the state is only on the initiative,” it is added in the entourage of the Minister, adding that the idea is to open the current instance to personalities and autonomous mosques, for example.

The CFCM is involved in relations with the French political power in the construction of mosques in the halal food market in the training of imams and the development of Muslim representation in prisons and in the French army. This body set up by Nicolas Sarkozy when he was interior minister has never found its stride, the various federations and nationalities that comprise having trouble getting along.

To ensure that the imams who have” a fundamental role to play “to meet the challenge of radicalism of some young Muslims, including prisons, the state will encourage them to follow the civic training and civilian universities that also offer them opportunities.

No way to touch the 1905 Act

However, it is not about to touch the 1905 law separating state and religion. This training will be optional, on a voluntary basis, and do not address the theological questions of the second religion of France.

The government also wants to encourage more establishments Muslim teaching to be under the contract system with the state. Meanwhile, the thirty Muslim faith schools will have their contracts out stringent checks.

It intends to encourage the development of research on Islam in France and develop a promotional tool, d Hence the revival of a foundation project launched in 2005 and remained a dead letter.

The government is also committed to enhancing the security of Muslim places, all of Islamophobic acts have been committed since the attacks that throughout January 2014. Already, a thousand Muslim places of worship are protected and funds will be released to develop the security elements, such as video surveillance.

In Pau, a mosque imam without

The Rector of the Bordeaux Mosque Tareq Oubrou, considered “serious” Wednesday the absence of imam at the mosque in Pau, Pyrenees-Atlantiques prefecture in denouncing Islam in France one of the imams recruitment problem and the absence of the project particularly in terms of religious education.
“This is serious to have a mosque without religious references” felt he was about the example of Pau. And add more generally, “Many mosques are built, unfortunately without thinking about the content of education, without thinking about the imam who has to manage the cult.” “This race to the construction of mosques, without preparing a project for the religious education of children, can lead to situations like that of Pau without an imam mosque,” he warned
L ‘. Bordeaux imam has once again pointed to “one of the imams recruitment problem” in France, explaining that “it is based on his profile, his charisma, as associations (worship) choose” an imam. “So there is not a scheme, there is no universal goals that allow the recruitment of Imam criteria,” he continued.
“There is a responsibility that falls to religious associations and religious themselves to clean, to work in their endogenous Muslim traditions, “said the rector of the Mosque of Bordeaux.
” But there is also the Republic and authorities that should not issue permits to build mosques without a project, content and people designated trusted “to manage the cult
concluded:.” Sometimes the policy, to buy peace, affects prayer rooms without taking care of the content and appointed Imam’s profile. “

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