Humanity Site Screenshot announcing the return of “Pif”. – Screenshot / L’Humanité

20 Minutes with AFP

Here, (rerere) are again Pif! The mythical magazine Children of 1970-80 comes on newsstands Wednesday, this time under the name Super Pif , as this summer. This is the newspaper L’Humanité , owner of the title, who announced Monday.

In a format of 164 pages, sold 6.50 euros and fired 90,000 copies, the magazine will offer a course gadget – fir seeds for this first issue – but also reissues of comic cults like Rahan , human adventures of the eponymous caves, or heroes back as the Pif the dog.

The character reborn under the pen of Richard di Martino, who walks in the footsteps of a dozen designers. Starting with the famous dog creator, José Cabrero Arnal, which has penciled in 1948 in L’Humanité , followed by Roger Mas, Louis Cance, Michel Motti or Giorgio Cavazzano.

New boards will propose including stories about the reports of children with new technologies (“e-kids”).

The fans also find characters from their childhood in The Jungle madness , Dicentim , Placid and Muzo , Corinne et Jeannot , The Rigolus and Tristus or still The Tiny .

Super Pif , already back in the form of a special issue last summer fired 100,000 copies with the designs of Richard di Martino, revived the magazine born in 1969 under the leadership of the Communist Party. Real phenomenon release of 70-80 years, with 500 000 copies on average draws, Pif Gadget disappeared in 1993. Humanity, brand owner, had then risen between 2004 and 2009 with a new formula, but Pif , heavily indebted, had closed again.

With the new Super Pif will be distributed 2.5 million tree seeds, said the magazine, which also went to investigate what had become of the Sapif these pines planted 40 years ago when Pif Gadget had offered a similar gadget.